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Order online Quality Acrylic Enamel Basecoat, Urethane, Lacquer Paints Find Car Parts, Accessories, Tools. Garage Equipment, Car Care & Mor 1964 Ford Paint A Raven Black, B Pagoda Green, D Dynasty Green, F Guardsman Blue, G Prairie Tan, H Caspian Blue, J Rangoon Red, K Silversmoke Gray, L Samoan Coral, M Wimbledon White, P Prairie Bronze, R Phoenician Yellow, S Cascade Green, T Navaho Beige, V Sunlight Yellow, W Rose Beige, X Vintage Burgundy, Y Skylight Blue, Z Chantilly Beige, MX70219 Tan, MX70345 Gray, MX70650 Orange, MX700396. 1964 Color Codes - ford Paint Cross-Reference : year: 1964 → manuf: ford Page 1 of 3: found 293 paint color chips with a year of 1964, manufacturer of ford Reduce search to model: Comet Fairlane Falcon Fleet Ford Truck Galaxie Lincoln Mercury Mustang Thunderbir AutomotiveTouchup paint products are custom mixed to perfectly match the color of your 1964 Ford All Models using a basecoat/clearcoat system just like factory specs. To insure a proper match, you'll need to know your vehicle's color code so you can find it on the chart below. The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb

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  1. Exterior paint colors for the 1964 Ford Thunderbird include Samoan Coral, a 1964-only color. 23 other acrylic enamel paints were also available
  2. 1964 Ford Falcon, Fairlane, and Ford Full-Size Cars. Paint Color Codes. Included here are 1964 1/2 Mustang paint colors. They were sold as 1965 models, but are sometimes referred to as early 1965 Mustangs. Code: Color Name: PPG Code: Availability Remarks : Silver: 8568: Side mouldings for Galaxie 500, Galaxie 500/XL and Country Sedan:
  3. The 1964 Ford DuPont paint code book lists a code number of 1738, with Lucite code 4603-L, Duco Code 4603, and Dulux Code 181-97250. Maybe some of this information will be useful to you
  4. 1964 Ford Group Paint Charts and Color Codes: For correct identification, please refer to the colour code listings on this site. Two-Tone Combinations - The first letter of a two-letter paint code identifies the body colour. The second letter identifies the roof colour. For example, the combinatin FM on a Ford would indicate the body finished.

The 1964 Ford body plate data decoder enables you to discover the vehicle's build information including paint color, body style and trim. FORD 8- Two year code letters to be used if 1964 models exceed 12 months. 9- Falcon only. 10- Fairlane & Galaxie Ford Digital Color Code Chart Library Database 1930 - 2018. These color code charts are every year from 1930 to 2018 (19 and 20 will come soon). Click on any of the photos and it will pop up and you can scroll through them. You can also hit Ctrl + F (hit the control button then hit the f button) and a search button will pop up

Whether you're restoring a classic Ford Bronco or just in need of a little touch-up paint, having the paint code can make it a lot easier to find an exact match for your Bronco. If you're trying to get a perfect match, it is important to order a small sample and do a spot check first. Even if you get an exact factory match, it's likely that. Ford managed to sell more than 417,000 1964 Ford Mustangs in one year, a record for Detroit automakers. The 1964 Ford Mustang could be outfitted with a 289 V8 which could put out 271 HP. Code 1964 ford Color Codes - thunderbird Paint Cross-Reference. year: 1964 → manuf: ford → model: thunderbird. found 22 paint color chips with a year of 1964, manufacturer of ford, model of thunderbird. thunderbird paint collections: yellow red blue green black white orange gold silver brown gray pink purple

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  1. Ford F-100 Paint Codes (1948-1984) With dozens and dozens of paint colors used over the years for Ford's F-100 pickup truck, trying to find your exact shade can be a daunting task. To make things easier, we've compiled this paint code reference guide to help you with touch-ups and repainting
  2. 1964 Ford Falcon Touch Up Paint. Home; Vehicles; Ford; 1964; Falcon Touch Up Paint; 1964 Ford Falcon; Order the same Ford Falcon touch up paint used by industry professionals; Easy-to-follow instructions for selecting the right products; Select paint based on your color code. The color code plate is on the drivers door jamb
  3. Here's what our customers are saying about our Touch Up Paint: William G, owner of a 1964 Ford from Fisherville, KY. Good product. Eddie S, owner of a 1964 Ford from Durango, CO. RECEIVED AS ORDERED +++ Mike Z, owner of a 1964 Ford from Cottonwood, AZ. Prep solvent worked great, now waiting for paint! Share your touch up story..

Obviously someone is mistaken. Either I or the earlier respondent. My 1964 Ford Industrial came originally with blue belly and pale yellow sheet metal. Like you, I'd simply like to find the corresponding paint code numbers. Mine is a 4 cylinder diesel backhoe loader ford 4000 ppg paint chip chart with the paint mixing code for a 1964 1/2 ford mustan

1964 Mustang Paint Color Codes: (C)opyright 2007-2021 MustangAttitude.com: 1965: See more 1964 paint code information, these colors on Mustangs Compare Paint Color Codes for all Years See all stats for 1964 1964 Ford Identification (Warranty Plate) The above image illustrates the 1964 Ford Warranty plate. The plate is located on the rear (lock) face of the left front door panel. Two-tone paint codes use the same symbols as the single colors except that two symbols are used. The lower body color code will appear first in the Warranty Plate. Color Code Paint Color Ford Paint Number Years Paint Chip; AA: Mint Green: 1373: 1961: BB: Raven Black (Black) 1724: 1961-1965: CC: Starlight Blue: 1361: 1961: DD: Pagoda Green - Ivy Gree 1964 paint and trim combinations (cont'd) meteor mercury 1. solid colour 2. cohvihtiohal tu·tone meteor meteor mercury mercury mercury 3. solid colour or reversible tu· tone custom montcl.air park l.ane colony pork 62a 62a 71x s4a 76a 71a s48 570 630 63c 54f 76f 76l. 54e 71y 65a 71c 658 75f p p ac ac l' 0.j sol.id paint i 0 tu·tone paint 0.

BACK to VIN Decoder Index. The following tutorial pertains only to U.S.-built 1963-1964 Ford F100, F250 and F350 trucks. From the factory, the early '63 truck's warranty tag was located on the back side of the glove box door. Midway through the '63 model year the tag location was swapped to the outer face of the driver's door, where it remained. 1. Prepare Your Ford for Touch Up Paint. Make sure the temperature is over 50 degrees F, then wash the damaged paint on your Ford with soap and water. Use a wax and grease remover on the area. Placing masking tape around your scratched Ford paint will help protect the surrounding auto paint. 2 large images of all 1964 Ford Mustang Paint colors on real cars. home: what's new: photo gallery: for sale: data explorer: picture search: order our book: photo submit: 1964 Ford Mustang Colors [1964] paint color name: code : sample : Raven Black: A: Pagoda Green: B: Dynasty Green: D: Guardsman Blue: F: Caspian Blue: H There were 18 exterior paint colors for the 1964.5 Ford Mustang. *There were 190 Pace Car replicas built to commemorate the 1964 Indianapolis 500 race. All pace cars sold to the public were painted with paint code C or Pace Car White. The real pace cars were painted Wimbledon White 1961-1964 Ford/Mercury Truck Master Parts Catalogue: PAINT CODE. 1962-1963 CANADIAN BUILT TRUCK EXTERIOR PAINT CHART - SOLID COLORS: CODE: COLOR : PAINT NUMBER: TOUCH UP SPRAY BOMB NUMBER: BB: Raven Black: M-30J-1724-SE (qt.) M-30J-1724-SEG (gal.) CB7A-19500-A: DD.

Above: 1964 Lincoln Continental Sedan shown in Arctic White (paint code M) 1964 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL EXTERIOR PAINT COLORS AND CODES PAINT CODE - COLOR NAME (FORMULA) A - Black Satin (9000) C - Princeton Gray Metallic* (32251) E - Silver Blue Metallic* (12751) F - Powder Blue^ (12854

Thunderbird Paint codes and Color Chips. THUNDERBIRD PAINT CODES AND COLOR CHIPS 1955-1966 1955 Page 1 1955 Page 2 1955 Page 1 1956 Page 2 1963 Page 3 1964 Page 1 1964 Page 2 1964 Page 3 1965 Page 1 1965 Page 2 1966 Page 1. Additional information for 1964, 1965, 1966 Thunderbirds: An optional passenger headrest and recliner was available on all Thunderbirds with all interiors. For 1964, wiith or without this option, the interior trim code is the same. For 1965 and 1966, if the headrest/recliner option was ordered, a new interior trim code was generated

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  1. Thunderbird Engine Official Factory Paint Colors. Goldenrod Yellow was the sales name used for the bright yellow first used on '55 Ford/T-bird exteriors. It was carried forward for use on valve covers for the '60 352-300 hp engine. The 352-360 hp engines (not offered in T-birds) did use a gold color that was also used on '61-'63 390 hipo/406.
  2. 1964 ford Color Codes - p model/year code p Cross-Reference manuf : ford → year : 1964 found 9 paint color chips with a year of 1964, manufacturer of ford, make/model/year paint code of
  3. Filed Under Paint Colors; No Comments 1964 1 2 ford mustang color chart with paint mixing codes maine to 1970 decoder numbers bronco early built tough classic the colorful fords for 64 fairlane falcon exterior chip palette chevelle car colors thunderbird and chips pin by monica fournier on drive my charts 196
  4. 1964 Ford Fairlane. Paint code for all models are shown on the plate on the rear face of the left front door. Paint Codes - Interior Colors: Color Name / Code: Color Image: Color Name / Code: Color Image: Light Beige Metallic Lucite® Code - 9039LH.
  5. Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 4:30 pm Post subject: Re: 1964 Ford 4000 Gray: Paint Codes 1962-1964 **UPDATED** Grey (light) CNH: M1J-957-SE5DS Blue (Safety) CNH: M20J1639A PPG: 12720 PPG: 12809 Van Sickle: CML-7012 Van Sickle: 466 Last edited by DollarBill on Wed Feb 27, 2013 2:35 am; edited 1 time in tota
  6. Exterior Paint Codes and Paint Colors for Vintage Mustangs - 1964 - 1973 Metro Muscle Cars: 1964-73 Paint Chips - Exterior Colors: Your Source for Mustang Parts These are scans of original Paint chips: for colors FORD used during these years. 1964 Exterior Color Chart
  7. 1964 Ford 4000 Paint Colors. Posted by BDWis on June 04, 2005 at 17:31:01 from ( I have a 1964 Ford 4000 Industrial. Reading other posts hear I have learned that the correct colors are Ford blue and a Industrial yellow or Buff color. On an earlier post a reader gave me a paint formula for the buff color, unfortunatly the store.

1964 FORD ID NUMBERS. In 1964 Ford coding system is described as follows: In this table, the ID number is in the left column reading down. The right column is the explanation. Z=St. Louis. 66=Galaxie 500 2 door Club Victoria (5 pass.) 72=4 door Country Sedan wagon, 6 pass. 74=4 door Country Sedan Wagon, 9 pass 1964 Ford Galaxie The Galaxie 500 was the top trim level for the 64 Ford and included all Custom trim, plus chrome fender, window frames and a full length chrome strip. The 500 XL featured all components of the 500 including bucket seats and a floor mounted transmission shifter plus a standard 289 cid V8 engine with 195 hp VIN Codes Decodes engine codes used in Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN's) for cars starting around 1953. Vehicle History Vehicle History Reports for Classic Cars; 1964 Ford Custom 500 6 Series Sedan Back to Top 1964 Ford Custom 500 6 Series Sedan 1964 Ford Custom 6 Series Seda

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  1. In Reply to: 1964 Ford 4000 Paint Colors posted by BDWis on June 04, 2005 at 17:31:01: Hi BD, Paint companies will not mix using another companies formula but given that formula, might be able to cross reference it to an equivalent in their own product line. Most name brand automotive paints are competitive and cross reference listings are.
  2. Ford Tractor Paint . For Tractors Built 1939-1964. All Paint is gloss enamel unless noted otherwise. Colors shown are approximate. They are as close as possible to actual color. Minimum order for Spray - 6 cans, Quarts - 2 cans, Gallons - 1 can
  3. The code for the correct 1963 Ford interior red is 71315. That tells me that if you want your dash to look original you don't want Rangoon Red. I have a 1963 and need to paint a new dash pad (which is only sold in black) in RED. Dearborn Classics sells FORD RED 1960-1964 vinyl spray paint, in rattle cans, along with vinyl prep spray which you.
  4. In most cases, the color paint code in Ford vehicles is written on a manufacturer's label located on the driver's side front door panel, usually along the rear edge of the door. For example, the color code for the shade Maroon, used on the 1964 Ford Fleet, is MX705160. Advertisement. Method 2 of 3.
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Feb 26, 2017 - 1964 1/2 Mustang Photographs and Technical Specifications. Pinterest. Today. Explore. Mustang Club Ford Mustang 1964 65 Mustang 1964 Ford Mustang Fastback Paint Color Codes Car Paint Colors Paint Code My Dream Car. More information.. We are the #1 LARGEST Automotive Paint color reference library in the WORLD! Modern Cars, Classic Cars, WWII, WWI. Where yesterday's colors come alive today. Enter the Vehicle Make and Year to view purchase options. Online ordering is safe and secure. We ship promptly from our warehouse and pass the savings to you She is a really sharp triple white 64 Galaxie 500 XL. The Z-Code 390 runs nice, brakes stop great with new regulators and shoes, and transmission shifts out. 1964: upper right corner of transmission or inside of right hood panel. 38931: 1964: upper right corner of trans: c100000: 1965: upper right corner of trans: c124200: 1966: paint codes paint information for ford 4000. color application: mfg color name: engine, axles, transmission, & final drive: ford enamel red: body: ford blue enamel: body.

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This site is dedicated to the Classic Ford Mustang, the original Pony Car. Home; Classifieds; History; Decoders. 1964-½ History; Decoders. 1964-½ Coupe w/ Bench Seat: 76A. Convertible w/ Standard Interior: 76C. Convertible w/ Bench Seat: Exterior Paint Code. Code: Description: Code: Description: Code: Description: A or 9A. Raven Black. May 27, 2013 - Decoding Chevrolet VIN, trim tags, cowl tags, engine, engine block casting numbers, cylinder head casting numbers, intake manifold casting numbers, transmission, interior codes, and paint codes Paint Code Paint Name Years Available; F: Guardsman Blue: 1964: Y: Skylight Blue: 1964: B: Pagoda Green: 1964: H: Caspian Blue: 1964-65: D: Dynasty Green: 1964-65: O: Tropical Turquoise: This shade is Ford's newest blue color and everything that is being said about this new color is that it looks almost black with blue metallics embedded. Lists of Ford paint codes, are found in the Ford Special Paint Fleet books (picture below). Ford Paint Numbers were typically assigned in order, starting at 0001 in the 1950's and preceded by a M2J. By 1968, the numbers were in the low 3000s, preceded by the letter M and typically an A at the end for an exterior gloss finish

1964 — SoCal Galaxie Club. The Patent Plate is attached to the left front door pillar. Figure 1 illustrates the 1964 Galaxie Warranty Plate. The plate is located on the rear (lock) face of the left front door panel. The official Vehicle Identification Number for title and registration purposes is stamped on a tab attached to the top right. See 66-69910-1 for 1963-64, and 66-70112-1 for 1965 correct colors. 1963-1965 Ford Thunderbird Engine Paint, Gold, 12 Oz. Spray Can. Combined Cancer/Birth Defect. WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including Xylene which is known to the State of California to cause cancer on birth defects or other reproductive harm Ford Anglia 105E Paint Codes 1959 - 1967. The colour swatches shown are purely for guidance purposes only. If you need to get some paint for your car then get it matched by a professional. If your vehicle is two-tone, then the main body colour code is listed first, and the roof or stripe is listed second. Please note that colours shown here. We carry Ford and Reproduction parts for all years. Info / Order 404-767-3378 - Fax 404-305-9437. We ship UPS, Truck Freight and accept all major Credit Cards. For More Information. Contact Metro Muscle Cars. Top - Ford Exterior Paint Chips. Metro Muscle Cars

We have Ford Mustang touch up paint to help you repair the paint scratches on your vehicle. Magnetic Metallic - color code: J7, Oxford White - color code: YZ/Z1, Ingot Silver Metallic - color code: UX are just some of the paint color codes that we offer in jars, pens, spray cans and more How to use the data table: The search function in this table is very powerful and can be used to filter down data across the entire table.If you want to see all 1965 Mustang color options for example, just type 1965 into the search field and we will pull up all 1965 colors

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0. # 1837792193. Ford F-100 1964, Perfect Match™ 8 oz. Premium Aerosol Automotive Paint by Dupli-Color®. Dupli-Color® Perfect Match® Premium Automotive Paint is an easy-to-use, high-quality, fast-drying, acrylic lacquer aerosol paint specially... Features EZ Touch 360_™ Nozzle Premium automotive paint. $10.14 - $11.82 Introducing the 1964 Ford Falcon, Falcon with certified Golden Quality, tougher, more durable than ever before, with a bold new look of leadership. Falcon for '64, first with the million pound ride, a new concept in comfort and suspension durability that cost a million pounds in development ** The blue used on 1966-1968 Ford engines is a darker blue than used on earlier Ford 352 valve covers. The correct color is TRW #630224 or Eastwood's dark Ford blue. ***PBF indicates Power by Ford **** 1969-1974 Ford engines were a lighter blue than 1966-1968. The color is similar to the early 352 valve covers Add a Part Supplier. Note that the color samples may not be the exact colors used due to color shifting. during scanning of the Ford Buyer's Digest publications in which they were provided. Click on the PDF icon in the chart below to access the. corresponding color sheet in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. 1959

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P-Code V8: 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL Fastback. Adam Clarke. This 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL Fastback is a solid car that would make a great restoration project. Of course, the option is also there to drive it as it is, and just enjoy the car for what it is, which is an original survivor. Paint, a little rust work, some rechroming and trim work. Select your cars year and make to search color books Select Year 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969. 6 Ford Truck only COLOR: If a special paint is used, the paint color specs will not be stamped. A special color may be indicated in a five-digit DSO/PAO number. TWO-TONE: If a car hardtop is two-toned, a two-letter code is used: the first letter being the Lower Color; the second letter is the Upper (Roof) Color. Available combinations are. One of the rare, but interesting 1967 Mustang colors, similar to the paint on the 1969 Mach 1 seen above, Ford's Dusk Rose paint, was often referred to as Playboy Pink, after Playboy Magazine's 1964 PLaymate of the year received one as a gift. It was also a available on the 1967 Thunderbird and made slightly deeper in color later, as seen on.

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1988 Chevy Colors. 1988 Blazer S-10 Colors. 1986 EL CAMINO/CABALLERO COLORS. Color Code. EXTERIOR PAINT COLOR. 1. 2. Blue, Light (Metallic) & Dark Blue (Metallic) 25 Touch-up paint designed specifically by ColorRite for the Ford All. Please confirm that your vehicle's color code is F (1964) Guardsman Blue Poly. before ordering. ColorRite aerosol paints are ideal for larger areas - around 4 square feet depending on the color - darker colors require more paint than lighter colors The first Ford Mustang rolled off the assembly line on March 9, 1964, and a little over a month later, on April 17, it was introduced to the public at the New York World's Fair at Flushing Meadows Park in Queens, New York. Before the day was over, Ford had secured 22,000 orders for the vehicle at dealerships across the country If you enjoy the videos and would like to Sponsor me on Patreon, my Creator link is https://www.patreon.com/MyCarStoryWithLouOn My Car Story we're in Rosem..

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1964 Ford Galaxie 4 door. The car has a rebuilt 1969 429 motor with less than a hundred miles on it, a C6 transmission, rebuilt front suspension, Shockwave front air ride, boss 336 20in Wheels, 20 More Info ›. Classic Car Deals. Cadillac, MI 49601 (644 miles from you) (844) 676-0714 Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 6, 2007. These might be helpful: Colour Code From To Type. ARCTIC WHITE A 1964 1965 -. BERMUDA (GAMBIER) BLUE 2 1964 1965 -. BLACK CHERRY 08562 1965 - SOLID. CASPIAN BLUE Y 1965 - METALLIC. HONEY GOLD N 1965 1967 - Interior Dye, 1966 Mustang (Parchment, Metallic) Scott Drake. $14.94. V-5779 - SD - 00166. Qty. Interior Paint, 1964 - 65 Mustang (Bright Red, Semi Gloss) Scott Drake. $11.33. L-6022 - SD - 01658. Qty. Interior Paint, 1964 - 66 Mustang (Black, Semi Gloss) Scott Drake A Ford Color Code is typically 2 digits long, and can be a letter/number combination. We would also be gratefull if you provide the colour name if known. FORD EUROPE AEGEAN BLUE XSC2481C 1992 -. FORD EUROPE AEGEAN BLUE F1/H2/XSC2481C 1992 -. FORD EUROPE AEGEAN BLUE H2/XSC2481 1992 - Year: Manf. Model: Paint color Name: Ford code : Ditzler PPG: Dupont: Acme Rogers: 1959: Ford: Galaxie: Raven Black: A : 9000 : 8711: 1959: Ford: Galaxie: Wedgewood.

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Decoding Ford's DSO codes: A 2 digit DSO code = District Sales Office. A 6 digit code: 1st 2 digits = District Sales Office, and the last 4 digits = special order #. There are many opinions about what DSO means on a Ford vehicle's certification label. And while I'm no expert, I do believe the best source on the subject is Ford's publications Ford Car. Colour Code Database Search. Paint codes for cars can be found in various places - you just need to know where to look! If you don't know your car paint codes, tracking it down couldn't be easier. Simply search for your vehicle by entering its model, make and the year it was manufactured, and you'll be presented with. 1964 FORD ENGINES : Base 6 Cylinder (Serial No. Code S)(Falcons) Cast-iron, Overhead valve design 144 cubic inch displacement Compression ratio: 8.7:1 85 brake horsepower @ 4200 rpm Bore: 3.50 Stroke: 2.50 inches Holly one-barrel carburetor 4 Main bearings plus of course information again from 69laurentian that the Pontiac codes are same as Chevrolet but first digit is a 2 instad of a 1. Sorry to say the Chevy site does not go back to 1954, the oldest is 1955. Here are the Canadian Chevrolet paint codes for 1955 and 1956: 1955 Chevrolet paint codes. 55A - Shoreline Beige Perfect Match Premium Automotive Paint. Dupli-Color® Perfect Match® Premium Automotive Paint is an easy-to-use, high-quality, fast-drying, acrylic lacquer aerosol paint specially formulated to match the exact color of the original factory applied coating. Ideal for use on all OEM paint surfaces, Perfect Match is available in a complete line.

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Accumatch Interior Paint, 1965 - 66 Falcon (Light Aqua, Metallic) Scott Drake. $10.95. L-5752 - SD - 07471. Qty. Accumatch Interior Paint, 1964 - 65 Falcon (Medium Palomino, Metallic) Scott Drake. $13.95. L-5759 - SD - 07475. Qty. Accumatch Interior Paint, 1964 - 66 Falcon (White, Semi Gloss) Scott Drake 1964 shade # 1965 - 1967 shade # Green metallic: 5023: Beige metallic: 7558: Interior blue metallic: 8527: Interior red: Ford Ermine white (code BA) Citroen Sherwood green flash . Paint identification chart for 1962 English built cars. CODE Paint codes for MK2 Cortina's. Two tone colours are the same as MK1 Cortinas. 1967 models. CODE. The Ford Mustangs built between March 1964 and August 17, 1964, are known as early 1965 or 1964 1/2 Mustangs. Those that were built after August 17, 1964, are known as late 1965 Mustangs. 1964 1/2 Production Numbers. Convertible, standard. 28,833 1964 through 1966 Thunderbird. Black Ford or Thunderbird flip lid: Carb linkage: light gold cadmium: light gold cadmium: Paint Codes for Emberglo color. The Ditzler paint charts show factory color code V for Emberglo, and Ditzler's code number is 22610. The Lucite code # is 4700LH

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Classic Ford Truck and Commercial Colors. 1936-1972 Ford Commercial and Truck Colors. Please click on the More button to expand to more years. This includes the F1, F2, F3, F100, F150, F250, F350 and more. Sort by Joined Feb 13, 2010. ·. 2,434 Posts. #7 · Apr 18, 2012. Here is the site that I use for the chip charts. 1964-73 Classic Ford Mustang Exterior Paint Colors and Paint Codes There are bunch of them out there. I have never had trouble with the paint store mixing up Wimbledon White 1996 Ford Mustang Saleen. By psurges1981. By psurges1981 . My project consists of a 1996 Mustang Saleen #81 that j bought from Georgia last year for $1500 with no engine or transmission. At that time the state of the car was very poor. Lots of stuff was miss

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Paint Codes. Ford Anglia 105E - Paint Codes - (1959 - 1967) The colour swatches shown are purely for guidance purposes only. If you need to get some paint for your car then get it matched by a professional. Some paint codes have the letters AE after them. AE stands for Acrylic Enamel which is the type of paint used, and usually * FORD COLOR CODE is actually the Ford part number. Suffix of A is for 3 oz. touch-up b S is for 6 oz. aerosol spray can. These numbers are for reference only. Ford stopped supplying its own paint: in the mid-1970s The 1965 Ford Mustang, also known as the 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang, was introduced five months before the 1965 production year. The U-Code / Low End 1965 Ford Mustang had a 170 cu in (2.8 L) Straight-6 engine which was taken from the 1964 Ford Falcon and was mated to a 3-Speed manual transmission. The 1965 Ford Mustang sold for around $2,350. Code As did the 170 -6 cylinder of that year. I'm not sure about the other 6 cylinders of 1964 without looking them up. And the 1964 Fairlane with the 260 V-8 and other mid-size models with that engine, did have a black block with Ford Light Blue covers and air cleaner. In 1966 they went to using the darker blue

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The 1964 1/2 is the rarest. But I would like to know how many were made and how many of them were convertibles. 59 people found this helpful. Mark helpful. 610. Report. Rifleman answered 10 years ago. 1964 1/2 mustangs produced standard coupes 92,705 standard convertibles 28,883 total 121,538 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 Xl 2 Door Hardtop 5 Of 9 Classic Cars. 64 Ford Galaxie 500 Survivor Big Block Original Paint Interior Low Miles 1964 For Photos Technical Specifications Description. 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 Xl Custom Fastback Interior 61064. This 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 Xl Is A Pea Blue Beauty. 1964 Socal Galaxie Club

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TheCoatingStore has high quality custom paint for your car, truck, motorcycle and just about anything else you might want to paint. We have Chameleon Paint, Two-Stage Pearl Paint, Tri-Stage Pearl Paint, Metallic Paints, Flat Black Paint and more at discounted prices you have to see Color Name: Ford Poppy Red Color Code: 3 Chip Number: PCCL32 Poppy Red first made an appearance with the first unveiling of the Mustang at the 1964 Worlds Fair. Poppy Red is also highlighted with its red shade orange appearance on many other Ford and Mercury vehicles. colors seen here may not accurately reflect Sherwin-Williams paint. 1964-1965 Ford Falcon Bright Red Semi Gloss Interior Paint - AccuMatch Lacquer. The AccuMatch(TM) Interior Paints are the result of years of work and perfectly match the original color shades. Each color has been expertly color-matched Paint Code Details. Colour Code. Arctic White A Jet Black B Powder Blue C I have just purchased a 65 Falcon Deluxe XP on my rego paper it says 1964 FORD FALC65A SEDAN what does the FALC65A stand for, the motor was changed to a 250, i can not find the vehicle identification plate, where is it located?.

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1964-73 Ford Mustang Recognition Guide Engine Body Paint Interior Trans Codes. Condition is Used in fair condition Whether it's time to repaint your classic 1968 Ford Mustang or maybe just see if the color of your car as it sits now, matches the original color codes listed on your driver's door, the color chips and corresponding paint codes shown below, should help the cause. 1968 Mustang Paint Chips and Codes. Color Choices and changes for the 1968 Ford. Code: Factory Paint Chip Brochure: PPG Paint Chip sheet: Catalog of Ford Truck If the special order paint was a Ford color from another line with a unique code, I have heard that code could show up on the data plate, but have no first hand knowledge of this. 1964-1972 Ford Truck Master Parts Catalog - 1975 Final Issue (2).

This Cat of mine that's on the way... it's a paint code 'D', which according to CCOA web site wasn't in use until 1968 for Cougs. It was a 1967 standard color for Mustangs (Acapulco Blue). It is a pretty late build date (June 28). Is this a case of the 1968 color becoming available for late.. Ford is still continuing the Mustang line and even the newer Mustangs are a modern collectors item. Although originally the Mustang was advertised as an early 1965 model, Ford made some changes to the later 1965 models that differentiated the two, and it is known today as the 1964 1/2 Mustang (1964.5 Mustang) Compatible with 1966-1981 Corporate Ford Blue High Temp Engine Enamel Spray Paint 2 Can (C-1-5) 4.6 out of 5 stars. 3. $29.95. $29. . 95. FREE Shipping. Only 8 left in stock - order soon 1964 Ford Falcon technical specifications and data. Engine, horsepower, torque, dimensions and mechanical details for the 1964 Ford Falcon. CO2, emissions,..

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