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Sometimes the only way to eat a hard biscuit was to leave it until it got stale and soft, by which point they tasted musty and often contained weevils and maggots. Holes made by biscuit beetles in a ship's biscuit The basic pest found in ships biscuit is incorrectly termed the 'weevil'. In fact it is not a true weevil but a relative of woodworm called the 'Bread Beetle' - Stegobium paniceum. The larvae are very small (0.5mm) and wrap themselves in a mixture of grain and saliva which makes them impossible to distinguish from the bread dust itself Weevily Biscuit As we discussed below in a lesser of two weevils one of the standard vignette's in virtually any novel set in the British navy during the Age of Sail is the rapping of a ship's biscuit on the table to draw the weevils out before eating Weevils and maggots often made their home in the biscuits and sailors would either pick them out or eat them if they were hungry enough. When the ship first set off from port, they would carry a supply of fresh beef and vegetables, sufficient to last the crew for two days. After that, it was back to the normal sea rations

The oft-repeated tales of biscuits crawling with weevils or made with pea-flour and bone dust are mostly the concoctions of civilian authors writing from the comfort of their land-locked desks. 2 A biscuit reportedly baked in 1854 and served as a ration on board USS Constitution in 1861 Weevils are beetles usually found in grain or flour. The narrator means the ship's biscuits were so full of insects that they were more weevil than biscuit.-----Note added at 5 mins (2011-05-17 14:41:10 GMT)-----Source: years and years of Hornblower novels : An example of Royal Navy ships' biscuit at Fort Niagara. Image property of MilitaryHistoryNow.com. At meal times, soldiers and sailors would soak or boil the biscuits in coffee, beer, salt water or just about any liquid on hand. That's because un-moistened, hardtack was inedible and nearly dense enough to stop a musket ball The ship's biscuit The ship's biscuit was an important part of the sailor's sea diet before the introduction of canned foods. Long journeys at sea meant food needed to be able to survive the journey. One solution to this was the ship's biscuit - also known as hard tack

There is a weevil with a funny and quite creative name, biscuit weevil. They have the power to damage and ruin crops, and that is why a weevil is regarded as a dangerous pest. Today, we shall be talking about Weevils and inform you all about them. So, get ready to learn all the intricate details about this bug The trouble with ship's biscuit is a matter of monotony — that when every day's ration on a multi-year voyage starts with a pound of the stuff, it gets very old very quickly Sea biscuit, the name also given to a p o pular horse, is most closely related to hardtack. It was the same hard cracker served on long sea voyages. Ship Biscuit. A ship biscuit is similar to hardtack, but it's a v ery hard unsalted biscuit or bread. It was a ship's staple food. Technically, a biscuit is a small round bread leavene

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As we discussed below in a lesser of two weevils one of the standard vignette's in virtually any novel set in the British navy during the Age of Sail is the rapping of a ship's biscuit on the table to draw the weevils out before eating. Janet MacDonald, in Feeding Nelson's Navy, notes that this may have been self-inflicted wound The larva of Tenebroides mauritanicus frequently infested ship's biscuits in the day of Hornblower, so the white maggots were often nicknamed 'bargemen', but, also, referred to in the series as weevils. They are best dealt with by knocking the biscuit on the table until the weevils come out before eating the biscuit For years, however, writers have repeated lurid tales of biscuits swarming with maggots, weevils, and other undesirable creatures. Unfortunately, when one hears maggot, one thinks of fly larvae that tend to breed in rotten meat. Clearly, such animals never attacked ship's bread, but it could play host to two other unpleasant insects

Ship's biscuits were an important part of sailors' diet before the introduction of canned food. Weevils often stowed away in the biscuit and ate through them - and desperate sailors had to eat them: https://bit.ly/33Gi8pC We're uncovering hidden treasures from our collections centre for this year's Heritage Open days Also known as pilot bread, pilot biscuit, ship's biscuit or ship biscuit, sea biscuit, and sea bread, hardtack is most closely associated with sailors on long sea voyages in the days of sail, and with soldiers on campaign. Traditional Recipe for Hardtack. 6 parts flour 1 part water 1 Tbsp salt (optional

How Weevils Get in Your Food. Similar to other pantry pests, granary and rice weevils will infest and feed on whole grains and rice as well as nuts, beans, cereals, seeds, corn, and other such foods. But unlike beetles that live and feed on foods, these weevils actually live and feed inside the food. The female chews a hole into a seed or grain. Mass-produced for Britain's Royal Navy beginning in the 17th century, ship's biscuits, a.k.a. hard tack, were a non-perishable, carb-rich food source. They allowed ships to sail for ever-longer.. The CroswodSolver.com system found 16 answers for borer or weevil crossword clue. Our system collect crossword clues from most populer crossword, cryptic puzzle, quick/small crossword that found in Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Herald-Sun, The Courier-Mail, Dominion Post and many others popular newspaper It was also important to tap biscuits on a hard surface or your elbow before eating to dislodge tiny insects called biscuit beetles or weevils. This ship's biscuit was kept by Mr Rowland, a passenger who travelled on the ss Great Britain from Melbourne to Liverpool in 1874. He saved this biscuit for many years after his journey, possibly as a.

And it was kept in a pickling cask up near the front of the ship. And the ship's biscuit, the longer you served at sea, the more the weevils hatched and they ate it, turned the biscuit into. Many of his books tell of long sea voyages and there are often references to the weevils found in the ship's biscuit. Theognete maturini (16 October 2011) Again it is certainly a Lesser Weevil. This is a weevil found in the cloud forest of Honduras The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the SHIP BISCUIT crossword clue. The Crossword Solver finds answers to American-style crosswords, British-style crosswords, general knowledge crosswords and cryptic crossword puzzles. Enter the answer length or the answer pattern to get better results. Click the answer to find similar crossword clues

That takes the (ship's) biscuit!. Try to find some letters, so you can find your solution more easily. If you've got another answer, it would be kind of you to add it to our crossword dictionary. Clue length Answer; You and I are backward? That takes the (ship's) biscuit! 6: weevil Ship's biscuit Ship's biscuit was the staple item in the diet of a sailor. It was a bread supplement and was called 'hard tack' due to it being very coarse and hard. It was often infested with weevils and could be used years after it was baked. Hard tack came to mean food that was unappetising and almost too bad to eat. A typical day's food. In many respects, ships biscuit / hardtack was the original super food. Not because it contained impressive amounts of nutrition, or because it was only found in tiny, expensive grocery stores. No, it earns a special place in the food universe out of pure utility: it's super easy to prepare and can go months, perhaps years without, refrigeration

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Also known as pilot bread, pilot biscuit, ship's biscuit or ship biscuit, sea biscuit, and sea bread, hardtack is most closely associated with sailors on long sea voyages in the days of sail, and with soldiers on campaign. Traditional Recipe for Hardtack. 6 parts flour 1 part water 1 Tbsp salt (optional My great uncle, who had been in the Merchant Navy, often told me about them knocking the weevils out of their ship's biscuits before they ate them! Presumably they would have missed some of them, but nobody died from eating them. Add comment | Report. Nelliemoser Thu 27-Oct-16 23:25:59 Few subjects have been more misunderstood than the diet of ratings and their officers on board Royal Navy vessels during the ‘long eighteenth century’ from 1688 until 1815. It makes a good story, particularly from the onset of the French revolutionary and Napoleonic wars, when British warships remained on station for unprecedented durations, both to enforce the blockade of France. Adult weevil bodies will float to the top, making them easier to remove them. Obviously this doesn't work with infested flour. 2. Prepare Food So You Can't See the Weevils. If you can't see the weevil bodies in the food, it isn't as gross to eat. After cooking the grains or beans, you can blend them so the weevils aren't visible Another frequent pest were weevils, (a type of beetle) found in flour, biscuit and bread. In 1813 an unsuccessful experiment was carried out to eradicate weevils from flour and biscuit by placing live lobsters in the casks with these supplies. After several days, the lobsters had died, whereas the weevils were thriving

The classic ship's biscuit was made from just two ingredients - flour and water. This would not only soften the hardtack but the insects, mostly weevil larvae, would float to the top, and. Eventually, the biscuit would acquire weevils, and sailors habitually tapped pieces before eating them to drive the weevils out. The standard issue was a pound of biscuit a day. An antique ship biscuit, dating to the 1850s. But sailors couldn't survive on biscuit alone. The preferred method, used when ships were in port or just after they.

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  1. gruel, salt beef, flat beer and weevil infested biscuits from the hold; but it was ruthlessly controlled by the ship's boson mate. Theft of food was a serious crime and the punishment was to nail the offender's hand to the mast and cut it off. In this less than luxurious transport, Raleigh eventually reached the Cape Verd
  2. Three boll weevils do a take on the famous monkeys See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil. This saying is inscribed on a ship's biscuit (which were notoriously full of weevils). This box figurine has three lids, which conceal an ear, a mouth, and an eye. Peter's signature mouse is to the lower right of the biscuit
  3. Lost at sea. A sailor's life - 17. The devil provides the cook. Ship's biscuit, presented to a Miss Blacket in 1784, from the collection of National Maritime Museum Greenwich. Imagine if you will a world without cheese, or milk, or apples, or even a carrot or cabbage leaf. Imagine day after day, tin pannikins with the same boiled salt meat.
  4. The phrase is The lesser of two evils. That is, when faced with two bad things, choose the one that is less bad. Two weevils and Two evils sound the same. It's a terrible pun, as the doctor points out to the captain immediately afterwards.and in the past ship's biscuits were infamously full of weevils
  5. Wheat, rice, maize, sorghum, barley, lentils, army biscuits, ship biscuits, stored, dried potatoes, corn flour, beans, pumpkin seeds, tamarind seeds and millets. Bionomics The larva is about 3mm long, dirty white, with light-brown head and a constricted elongated body. The adult is a small cylindrical beetle measuring about 3 mm in length an
  6. Arrr-harrr! Swashbucklers Callum, Samiullah, Daniel and Imaan take on the Coconutty Raft and Pirate Cannons in pursuit of Gem's jewels. The naughty pirates are plagued by weevils and the only way to lure them away is to tempt them with biscuits

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Biscuits are quintessentially British. From the weevil infested ship's biscuits upon which the UK's global trading empire was built, to the snippets of status offered by luxuries like the bourbon and the custard cream, a packet of biscuits reminds us who we are, where we come from and what we aspire to But, at least the seamen could expect a little extra protein from consuming ship's biscuits - the lack of modern storage technologies guaranteed weevil infestation. These bugs added some much-needed texture and a refreshingly bitter flavour to the otherwise dull biscuits. Or it convinced sailors that drowning might not be so bad

The official name for weevils (known as grain or wheat weevils) that live in flour is Sitophilus granarius. This weevil is a pest, dark brown in colour, which has infested grain since ancient times. It is commonly found in many continents and has a life cycle entirely dependent on being in a place where stored cereal, wheat especially, is kept Patrician IV is a ship's biscuit of a game: plain, short on flavour and with the occasional weevil poking through. There's a hint of nourishment: if using spreadsheets and calculators to conquer. Biology []. Weevils were roughly humanoid in shape and size, but were a bit taller and had flattened faces with many sharp, fang-like teeth. Though faster and stronger than humans, they were not extraordinarily powerful and could be injured with electricity, brute force or by Torchwood's anti-Weevil spray.Due to its frequent use, Weevils began to develop a resistance to the spray Because it's inexpensive to make and lasts so long, it was once taken on long sea voyages and was called things like pilot bread, cabin bread, ship biscuit, sea biscuit, or sea bread. It was also carried by soldiers on long military campaigns and was referred to as tooth dullers, molar breakers, or sheet iron

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If you have flour and water, you can make hardtack, a biscuit that will stand the test of time with proper storage. This extremely cheap and easy-to-make sur.. I think that is what is referred to in novels like Hornblower, as ship's biscuit. Generally full of weevils after it had been stored in the hold for maybe several years! I seem to remember a reference to the midshipmen knocking them on the table to make the weevils drop out, then using the weevils to bait traps for the rats (which they would. The expression Liverpool pantile denotes a very hard ship's biscuit.. This expression: - refers to the fact that these sea-biscuits were particularly carried by Liverpool * merchant ships; - likens the shape and hardness of these sea-biscuits to those of pantiles, i.e. roofing tiles curved to an ogee shape Ship’s Biscuit was sometimes known as ‘hard tack’ because of its jaw-breaking toughness. It was a staple diet of sailors for centuries. It was baked en masse before long voyages and stored until use. Ship’s Biscuit was made of flour, water and salt, but was often bulked out with other edible or inedible substances such as.

Typically, ship's biscuits were weevil infested, a circumstance that was actually welcomed by sailors as the weevil holes increased porosity and made the biscuits easier to break and chew. The second factor governing diet on wooden ships was the fear of fire. Wooden construction and liberal use of highly combustible pitc Food was often just salted meat and weevil-infested biscuit, and water was usually green with algae. All the seamen were more or less alcoholic and the officers controlled access to grog (weak. A Summary of Reproducing the 18th Century English Sea Biscuit Research and Recipe by Jeff Pavlik Making a reproduction sea biscuit, also called ships bread or simply biscuit during this era, would seem like a simple task if we follow basic period descriptions of a large lump of dough, consisting merel A form of unglazed earthenware. (nautical) The bread formerly supplied to naval ships; made with very little water, kneaded into flat cakes and slowly baked; often infested with weevils. A light brown colour. biscuit colour: A small, flat, baked good which is either hard and crisp or else soft but firm: a cookie Surprised nobody else pointed this out: We have cookies such as Maryland, pre-packaged and mass produced to have a decent shelf life. These are really biscuits with chocolate chips inside. But supermarkets also sell freshly baked cookies (most do..

Weevils crawled through that as well. Nearly 10 cups of flour powdered the other kitchen waste before I dug down past the weevils. And even then, a couple bugs still crawled through. I always twitch when I see people waste food. Scowling at the flour, I grumbled and tucked the yeast away. Maybe we'd have biscuits instead As well as a varied company of well-drawn characters -- not all of whom are as brave and resourceful as Clay himself - we have plenty of action at land and on sea, clever plotting, and impeccable historical research down to the last polished button and weevil-infested ship's biscuit Hardtack (or hard tack) is a simple type of biscuit or cracker, made from flour, water, and sometimes salt. Hardtack is inexpensive and long-lasting. It is used for sustenance in the absence of perishable foods, commonly during long sea voyages, land migrations, and military campaigns.1 1 Etymology 2 History 3 Modern use 3.1 Asia 3.2 Europe 3.3 Melanesia 3.4 North America 3.4.1 Canada 3.4.2. noun A kind of unraised bread, of many varieties, plain, sweet, or fancy, formed into flat cakes, and bakes hard. noun A small loaf or cake of bread, raised and shortened, or made light with soda or baking powder. Usually a number are baked in the same pan, forming a sheet or card. noun Earthen ware or porcelain which has undergone the first. UK A cracker. cheese and biscuits, water biscuits, digestive biscuits nautical The bread formerly supplied to naval ship s, which was made with very little water , kneaded into flat cake s, and slowly baked, and which often became infested with weevil s

The eggs of the biscuit beetle are pearly white, and are not easily seen with the naked eye.: Stegobium paniceum, the biscuit beetle, is about 2 mm long, elongated and brown.: The female biscuit beetle lays its eggs either in food stuffs or the surrounding areas.: Carpet beetles, biscuit beetles, silverfish, and many cockroaches have developed a taste for the paste in the bindings It is also known as pilot bread, ship's biscuit, ship biscuit, sea biscuit, sea bread, dog biscuits, tooth dullers, sheet iron, worm castles, or molar breakers. Hardtack is a great way to take older flour that otherwise would go to waste or to the weevils and convert it to something that will last nearly.

A weevil is an insect that often lived in the ship's biscuit. There is a saying in English that you should choose the lesser of two evils. Basically it means that if there are two bad things to choose from, you should choose the one that doesn't seem quite as bad. The joke is a pun, since two weevils and two evils sound similar, and. If they were baked into biscuit, the heating process would kill them making them harmless. The two citations may actually be referring to weevils; in their larval state, they do look somewhat like maggots. Still, most of the complaints about the biscuit deal with its texture Ship's Biscuit (1784) and state of decay Bert Sivell was just a story I'd been told, about a boy who ran away to sea. He had sailed on sailing ships and ate hard tack with weevils. We didn't know quite what a weevil was, my brother and I, but we knew that hard tack was a ship's biscuit and that it had to be banged against the table top to knock the weevils out

The species has become distributed to all parts of the world. In fact, these beetles must have been spread by ships in former times, and the old habit of banging ship's biscuits on the table before eating them perhaps served to drive out the biscuit beetle larvae. The female lays her eggs either in the food itself or in crevices nearby Lafayette was not the captain of L'Hermione, explains the Aug. 5 tour guide in French. Rather he was a privileged passenger who wined and dined with the captain and officers during the 38-day voyage. The crew, apparently, had to content themselves with sea-weevil-infested biscuits 3 Comments on Eat Like An Explorer - Making Hardtack or Ship's Biscuits We glamorise the life of an explorer, but it was largely a miserable existence. If the expedition was a success the leader got some glory and could regale its fascinating tales to an intrigued, paying audience One old-fashioned value the Bath Oliver might be said to exemplify is modesty: they've always reminded me of a ship's biscuit with fewer weevils. But, originally designed to aid the digestion of wealthy visitors to the Regency spa town, the Oliver is luxuriously buttery in comparison to the flour-and-water tooth-breakers handed out to. Bake initially for four hours at 250° F. Turn the biscuit over after the first two hours for even baking, and once done cool on a rack. Because the biscuits are made from grain they can become infested with weevils so store in sealed pest proof containers. Hardtack is still made today and it is the ideal survival food

Ship's bread is always a good choice. Sailor's biscuit, etc., though you may have to settle for going on without the weevils. 19. Share. Report Save. level 2 · 4y. GURPS fanatic. you may have to settle for going on without the weevils. Alternatively, offer players two weevil-infested biscuits. That forces them to choose the lesser of the two. The ship's biscuit would almost always grow weevils, Tsai said. And English sailors, sticklers for tradition, didn't use an airtight container for the crackers, but a canvas bag A ship's biscuit (hardtack)—purportedly the oldest in the world—displayed at the maritime museum in Kronborg, Denmark. Photo: Paul A. Cziko - CC BY 2.5 A gallon a day. In the 1600s, the Royal Navy was not often able to store fresh water aboard its ships. What water there was kept on board was often fouled on long journeys Grain weevils attack grains both as they grow in the field and as they lie in storage, and this type of weevil is familiar to many people. In addition to attacking whole grains like corn, wheat, and rice, grain weevils will also happily nest in flour, bread, biscuits, and other grain products After dinner, the ship's young officers entertain themselves by staging a race between two of the bugs they found in ship's biscuits. As the critters race for the edge of the plate, these.

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At the time of the Spanish Armada in 1588, the daily allowance on board a Royal Navy ship was 1lb of biscuit plus 1 gallon of beer. Later, Samuel Pepys in 1667 first regularized naval victualing with varied and nutritious rations. Royal Navy hardtack during Queen Victoria's reign were made by machine at the Royal Clarence Victualing Yard at. Hardtack: a war biscuit. Hardtack is a hard square biscuit or cracker that is made with flour and water only (unleavened and unsalted bread). It's also called pilot biscuit, pilot bread, sea biscuit, and ship biscuit. Since it's very dry and has long shelf life it can be stored for long periods of time without refrigeration 2 cups flour. 1/2 tablespoon salt (optional) 1/2 to 3/4 cup water. Preheat oven to 250 degrees F. Combine flour with salt in a mixing bowl. Add water and mix with hands until the dough comes together. Roll out on a table to about 1/3 inch thickness. Use a knife to cut 3×3 squares from the dough

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  1. Contextual translation of ship's biscuit into French. Human translations with examples: biscuits de mer
  2. g script is American. This caught me out.
  3. Weevily flour was flour into which weevils had gotten; weevils also got into prebaked ship's biscuit or hard tack. Weigh . To raise or lift the anchor in readiness to sail. Weir . A fence-like structure placed in water and usually constructed of stakes and brush to form one or more enclosures into which fish are led and trapped

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  1. During the American Civil War union soldiers often called hardtack, the bland staple of the war, 'worm castles' and 'jawbreakers.' I'm fixing up a batch of.
  2. These days, vacuum packing and packets of desiccant will assist in keeping it dry, unlike sailors of the past who were unlucky in that weevils and moisture often got into what were termed the 'ship's biscuits'. Their hardtack also earned some derogatory names like 'tooth breakers', 'worm castles', and 'dog biscuits'
  3. A rat has found its way into a ship's food barrel. The Royal Navy issued hard biscuits made of flour and water that were stored in sacks for months at a time. Weevils and maggots were a constant problem. Costume worn by character Midshipman Lord William Blakeney in the movie Master and Commander
  4. In the past, sailing ship crews were unlikely to get much change from their everyday diet of water, bread, ship's biscuits, salted meat, dried peas, rice, tea, coffee and sugar. Christmas at sea; Maritime Tales by Stephen Guy, Merseyside Maritime Museu
  5. backbone of a ship dark color used in naval uniforms ship's biscuit Down Answer Key Across 4. Kon Tiki 7. 8. aloof 10. white pine 11. lignum vitae 13. weevil 14. chronometer 16. Admiralty 17. spars Down 1. Bligh 2. compass 3. live oak 5. Joshua Slocum 6. dolphin 9. keel 12. navy blue 15
  6. Host range: Wheat, rice, maize, sorghum, barley, lentils, army biscuits, ship biscuits, stored, dried potatoes, corn flour, beans, pumpkin seeds, tamarind seeds and millets. Bionomics: The larva is about 3mm long, dirty white, with light-brown head and a constricted elongated body. The adult is a small cylindrical beetle measuring about 3 mm in.
  7. Ship's Biscuit was made of flour, water and salt, but was often bulked out with other edible or inedible substances such as sawdust. It was one of the few foods that would not perish during a long sea voyage. However, many were bored into by weevils or nibbled by rats by the time the sailors ate them. Their limited nutritional value and lack.
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Bread was served up in the form of hardtack or ship's biscuit, fearsomely durable squares of flour-and-water dough that—after a few weeks at sea—was inevitably infested with weevils. Beef. The biscuit, officially called bread, was also called Hardtack. It was very hard at first but as a voyage went on it became soft and crumbly, partly due to the weevils that ate it and lived within it. It was customary to tap the biscuit hard to stun the weevils before eating

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  1. ing the total number of filled oute
  2. Iain (CyberShadow) - Editor, Void Stalker, Biscuit Weevil Chris French - Articles Ray Bell - New Rules CyberShadow & John Webber - Painting Space Cadet - Fiction Credits: Title Banner - Nicholas Mariana Cover Picture - Magsu (Magus) Additional Graphics - John Webber, Lee Eldridge, Warmaster Nice, Nate Montes Warp Rift: Volume One, Number Ten.
  3. is a wondrous thing to behold. Before I can finish blushing, he's held out his arm to Sir Bird. Come along. Sir Bird caws ill-temperedly. Go on. I hand him an extra biscuit. I promise to visit
  4. Biscuit noun. A kind of unraised bread, of many varieties, plain, sweet, or fancy, formed into flat cakes, and bakes hard; as, ship biscuit. 'According to military practice, the bread or biscuit of the Romans was twice prepared in the oven.'
  5. Weevils are a type of beetle belonging to the superfamily Curculionoidea. They are usually small, less than 6 mm (0.24 in), and herbivorous. About 97,000 species of weevils are known. They belong to several families, with most of them in the family Curculionidae (the true weevils). Some other beetles, although not closely related, bear the name weevil, such as the biscuit weevil (Stegobium.
  6. The Captain's Nephew (The Alexander Clay Series Book 1) - Kindle edition by K. Allan, Philip. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Captain's Nephew (The Alexander Clay Series Book 1)
  7. Admiral Raigersfield wrote in the late 1700s that the biscuit that was servedto the ship's company was so light, that when you tipped it on the table, it almost fell into dust, and thereout numerous insects, called weevils, crawled; they were bitter to the taste, and a sure indication that the biscuit had lost its nutritious particles; it.
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Biscuit (noun) A cracker. cheese and biscuits, water biscuits, digestive biscuits Biscuit (noun) The bread formerly supplied to naval ships, which was made with very little water, kneaded into flat cakes{{,}} and slowly baked, and which often became infested with weevils. Biscuit (noun) A form of unglazed earthenware. Biscuit (noun) A light. Sailors were usually quite well fed given the limitations and standards of the day. One surviving Royal Navy ration schedule specified 7lbs of Ship's Biscuit, 4lbs of Beef, 2lbs of Pork, 2pints of Peas, 1.5pints of Oatmeal, 6oz of Sugar, 6oz of Butter, 12oz of Cheese, and 7gallons of Beer per sailor per week. That's a lot of food and was a. Weevil (965 words) exact match in snippet view article find links to article beetles, although not closely related, bear the name weevil, such as the biscuit weevil (Stegobium paniceum), which belongs to the family Ptinidae. Man

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• weevil n. Any of several small herbivorous beetles in the family Curculionidae belonging to the superfamily Curculionoidea. • weevil n. Any of several similar but more distantly related beetles such as the biscuit weevil (Stegobium paniceum) biscuit colour:. A small bread usually made with baking soda, similar in texture to a scone, but usually not sweet. The bread formerly supplied to naval ships; made with very little water, kneaded into flat cakes and slowly baked; often infested with weevils. A cookie Definition of Biscuit. 1. n. A kind of unraised bread, of many varieties, plain, sweet, or fancy, formed into flat cakes, and bakes hard; as, ship biscuit. Definition of Biscuit. 1. Noun. A cookie. ¹. 2. Noun. (chiefly North America) A small bread usually made with baking soda, similar in texture to a scone, but usually not sweet. ¹. 3. Noun As testament to the staying power of the biscuit, the oldest in the world, created in 1794, is still on display in a museum in Britain. Near impervious to damage or decay, the stoical biscuit formed the backbone of a nautical diet. These tooth-crackingly tough biscuits were, in many ways, among the highlights of ship-based cuisine Another frequent pest were weevils, (a type of beetle) found in flour, biscuit and bread. What is the life of a ship? Lifetime of a modern vessel is about 25 - 30 years and when the idea of ordering a new ship is born, a number of steps and people that gets involved will follow, that acts to support the truly international business of shipping

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Read Charleston Daily Mail Newspaper Archives, Sep 21, 1962, p. 21 with family history and genealogy records from charleston, west-virginia 1914-1977 Today the 13th of June we can celebrate the birthday of four members of our Ships of Scale forum Dear @Sulaire @albert versteeg @New Century Model and @tonykarkats We all wish you a Happy Birthday and hope, that you can celebrate your special day with family and friends. Enjoy your day..

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