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The Abyssinian Guinea Pig is truly a unique breed of guinea pig that has awed many people all around the world. They aren't the American guinea pigs you would imagine when you first think of these animals, but rather something slightly more exotic. They're perfect for people who don't want a common guinea pig but also don't want. Absynian/American mix Guineapigs $20 each. Single • Bonded pair • Bonded trio • Bonded group • Female • Male • Babies • Adult • American • Abyssinian Listed on: 06/14/2021 Situation: Urgent. Tolleson Rehoming 8 month old Abyssinian Guinea Pig. Single • Male • Adolescent • Abyssinian Listed on: 05/26/2021.

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The Abyssinian guinea pig has short fur, so they resemble other short-haired varieties of cavy like the American guinea pig. They reach a similar size and weight as other types of guinea pigs too. The only difference between Abyssinians and some other short-haired cavies is their whirlpool-shaped coat that's made up of an even number of rosettes Abyssinian guinea pigs are distinguished by their rosettes (hair radiating in a circle from a center point). They have 8-10 rosettes on their body and head. Tortoiseshell and white Same as the tortoiseshell pattern, but with patches of white thrown into the mix. Recommended Reading. Abyssinian Guinea Pig Infographic Abyssinia is a geographic region in Africa that covers modern-day Eritrea and northern Ethiopia, but Abyssinian guinea pigs did not come from Africa. Nor did they come from Guinea or New Guinea

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A guinea pig with only a bit of fur on the feet is likely a Baldwin. Neither of these hairless breeds is recognized by ACBA. Guinea Pig Fur Texture: Is your guinea pig's coat smooth, curly, plush, full of whorls/rosettes, or a mix? Smooth-coated guinea pig breeds include the American, American Satin, Silkie, and Silkie Satin Teddy Guinea Pig Facts. It is thought that the Teddy Bear guinea pig was the result of a genetic quirk that occurred in animals that were bred for use in laboratories when American guinea pigs were cross-bred with Abyssinians.. You need a basic understanding of genetics to understand what happened and how the breed came to be

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Find a Pet. Search our database of pets in need of new homes and find your perfect new addition Abyssinian Guinea Pig. Abyssinian Guinea Pig - Mr. Nibbles Photo by Debbi Needham. The Abyssinian has a very distinctive appearance. The coat is made up of multiple swirls of hair referred to as rosettes. Their hair is quite dense and coarse and it radiates in circles from multiple points on the body comprising a series of whirls and ridges

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Abyssinian Guinea Pigs (Cavia porcellus) Baby Abyssinian Guinea Pig on white Background. (2 weeks old) abyssinian guinea pig stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Image of feeding tame, pretty white, ginger and brown tortoise shell pet guinea pigs cavy breed with rosettes and spiky hair cavies, looking after Abyssinian guinea pig care. The American (short-haired), the Abyssinian (rough-coated), the Peruvian (long-coated), and the Sheltie/Silkie (also long-coated) are the breeds most frequently seen as pets. Besides the Silkie, they also historically form the core breeds in the competitive showing of guinea pigs. In addition to their standard form, nearly all breeds come in a. There are many breeds (pure- mix- and cross-) of guinea pigs, though there is debate on some if they should be recognised or not. List. Abyssinian. Alpaca. American | English | Shorthair. Angora. Baldwin. Coronet. Crested | English/American/White Crested. Curly. Cuy Himalayan Lunkary

Abyssinian. Abyssinian guinea pigs have a distinctive hairdo. They have rosettes, which look like swirls in their fur. In order to meet the breed requirements, your guinea pig must have at least eight rosettes and match on both sides. However, these lovely guinea pigs are fun and always look a bit disheveled regardless of whether they're. Witte Molen Pure Seed Guinea Pig Food Mixture Papaya & Peas Dry, (Abyssinian, American, Coronet, Peruvian) 4.9 out of 5 stars 67 Oxbow Animal Health Western Timothy Hay - All Natural Hay for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Hamsters & Gerbil In my experience, it's not so much easier to tame as it is my smooth haired pigs are always the quieter, cuddlier ones, and my Abyssinians act like a drone on rocket fuel. They won't stay still, aren't as cuddly because of this, and are bouncy and.. photo credit: Pat Haefele The Abyssinian cavy is one of the three original breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. The Abyssinian coat is defined by a symmetrical..

SOLD to Ghadafi (29.8.2012) (back corner gpig) (AT04M) American Texel. Male D.O.B 14th July 2012. I think the Fur is getting longer, this is a mix between an American and Texel guinea pig. Fathered by Curly. RM100. SOLD to Riz Al (7.9.2012) (AT03M) American Texel Witte Molen Pure Seed Guinea Pig Food Mixture Papaya & Peas Dry, (Abyssinian, American, Coronet, Peruvian) (3 Pack Pure Seed Guinea Pig Food Mixture Papaya) 4.7 out of 5 stars 10 $57.99 $ 57 . 9 Re: Abyssinian Guinea Pigs? I'd be willing to be there's not a purebred guinea pig anywhere in the world. They've been mixed together in so many places -- pet shops, labs, backyard breeders, whatever -- that they're all mixed. And there are thousands of mixed litters out there. My first two pigs were litter mates, one a short-haired American. Abyssinian Guinea pigs are cuddly, comical, and clever. They make wonderful pets for children and Families. They can be very social animals. The animals do better in pairs as they prefer company, so unless you have a lot of time to devote to your pet getting at least two is often a good idea

The Abyssinian guinea pig comes in a variety of colours and colour combinations, and you can find albino, white, black, abyssinian guinea pigs that stun you, as well as colourful species. If you are fascinated by a really unusual color choice, you might want to choose a reddish Abyssonian Guinea Pig The Abyssinian cavy is one of the three original breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.The Abyssinian coat is defined by a symmetrical pattern of rosettes and ridges. The coat is to be crisp and harsh, so as to lend itself to clearly defined rosettes andridges. In order to be shown, an Abyssinian must have a minimum of eight rosettes Hi everyone! I'm a new guinea pig owner and I adopted 2 guinea pigs 2 weeks ago. They are both about 6 weeks old - tiny babies. Their names are S'mores and Petey. We can tell S'mores is an American guinea pig. These pics are of Petey. What do you guys think? I've always thought he looks like a little lamb. Vet said he was an Abyssinian, but I don't really think he looks like the pics I've seen

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  1. Selling Guinea pigs for $60 cloeybrown10. Some are baby's some are grown, there are males and females I'm selling two for $120. Abyssinian Guinea Pig, Maryland » North East. $60
  2. An Abyssinian full-size guinea pig can range from 8 to 12 inches (20-30 cm) depending on gender, birth order, litter size, diet, and overall health. American Guinea Pig Size. The American guinea pig is one of the smaller breeds on the guinea pig size chart
  3. Guinea pigs are very sensitive! American Guinea Pigs are also just as great for adults looking for a relatively low maintenance small pet. Sure, they aren't the most interesting or exotic breeds, but they have a wonderful personality most people can appreciate. READ MORE: American Guinea Pig - Guide to the Most Popular Cavy. 2. Abyssinian.
  4. The American is the most commonly-owned type of guinea pig, and they come in 19 different color classifications. Their coats are short and silky (and much more manageable than the Abyssinian's). These guinea pigs are very sweet and docile, which explains their popularity
  5. The Abyssinian Satin is fairly rare. The coat characteristics are the same as the Abyssinian, except that the hair is extremely shiny. American. The American cavy has consistently short hair without a part. In shows, American Guinea pigs are shown by their color variety - self, Dalmatian, Himalayan, etc. American Satin
  6. When it comes to Abyssinian guinea pig care, these small pets need to be groomed with a soft brush as this breed of guinea pig has a rough coat. The hair of an Abyssinian is unique. The fur curls around in rosette patterns and often there is a ridge of fur meeting from different directions on the spine. A show quality Abyssinian guinea pig.

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  1. American guinea pig satin variety is different because of the shiny coat. Very nice and soft when you feel it. They come in all colors. Coronet Guinea Pigs. Coronet is a long haired guinea pig that has a single rosette on the head and a very soft coat. He is something like a mix of a silkie and crested guinea pig. He needs a lot of hair care
  2. According to ADW, there are 13 commonly recognized types or breeds of guinea pig: American, American satin, Abyssinian, Abyssinian satin, Peruvian, Peruvian satin, silkie, silkie satin, teddy, teddy satin, texel, coronet and the white crested
  3. Abyssinian Guinea Pig Appearance. The look of an Abyssinian cavy is unmistakable, for has a coat like no other Cavy breeds. Quite unlike the American Short Hair Guinea Pig of course, as the Abyssinian has a distinct coat of long fur. Coat — Made up of tufts and whirls or fur throughout their bodies, also known as rosettes
  4. Meet Olaf and Buffalo at Gainesville Rabbit Rescue. Olaf is an Abyssinian mix and Buffalo is an American mix Guinea Pig. These boys were born approximately 3/2020. Both are very shy as they lived outdoors and were not socialized. So, they will require some patience. Since they are a bonded pair, they will be adopted together. Adoption Fee: $70.0
  5. The American Cavy Breeders Association currently recognizes 13 guinea pig breeds: Abyssinian, Abyssinian satin, America, American satin, Coronet, Peruvian, Peruvian satin, silkie, silkie satin, teddy, teddy satin, texel and white-crested. Inti's fur is a mix of light brown and white, while Miski's is all light brown..
  6. ant genes for short hair, making all offspring of this pairing short-haired
  7. Breed: Information about Breed: Picture: Abyssinian Recognized by their rosettes (hair protruding from a center point), the Abyssinian is one of the oldest breeds of Guinea Pig. The number of rosettes can vary from pig to pig. Each Abyssinian usually has a patch of raised fur near their nose and t heir fur can be many different colors and color combinations

Freya is a female Abyssinian guinea pig mix being cared for at MAS Rescue. She has been vaccinated. Freya is a special-needs pet, so please inquire about her specific care requirements. Here's what Freya's friends at MAS Rescue think of her: Read more about how to adopt Freya on Petfinder Size: Adult guinea pigs of any breed are relatively the same size. Full-grown females weigh between 1 1/2 to 2 pounds while adult males can weigh anywhere between 2 and 2 1/2 pounds. As for length, mature guinea pigs measure between 8 and 12 inches long. an adult average guinea pig size in length can range from 8 inches to a full 12 inches Abyssinian Guinea Pig Breeding And Mating. The male Abyssinian guinea pig, known as a 'boar', can successfully mate with the female at around three weeks of age. A female Abyssinian guinea pig, known as a 'sow', is considered to be sexually mature and able to get pregnant at only four weeks of age Fees as of Jan 1, 2019. $65 per neutered male guinea pig. $80 per spayed female guinea pig. $110 for bonded pairs (Pairs listed on the site together) Unlike some other rescue groups, all of our guinea pigs are spayed/neutered and have been to a vet for a checkup prior to adoption. While the adoption fee helps to cover some of the vet costs, our. The Mini Sheba Yak guinea pig is not yet recognized by either the British Cavy Council nor the American Cavy Breeders' Association. This is partly because the Mini Yak is quite a new breed. It first came about in Australia, when breeders chose to combine the Abyssinian and Peruvian guinea pig breeds

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30 Pets and Animals. Cities. 11 Westland guinea pigs. 5 Jenison guinea pigs. 5 Port Sheldon guinea pigs. 3 Hazel Park guinea pigs. 3 Ann Arbor guinea pigs. 3 Rochester guinea pigs. 3 Sterling Heights guinea pigs Shelter Description. Last Hope K9 Rescue (LHK9) is an all-breed rescue dedicated to saving abandoned, neglected, and/or abused dogs from high-kill shelters throughout the United States. We don't discriminate on the basis of age, pre-existing medical conditions, or breed 5 male guinea pigs 1 female - $15.00. One Abyssinian male ready 3 males and 2 female ready in a few days female look like the will have some texel to... member: casper2007229. from: Mount Gilead, Ohio. member for: 12 years. listing updated: 3 days ago

Basically any breed and mixbreed are healthy except for Cuy (the meat breed of guinea pigs) and Satin (which can be pure or mixed, they will all be unhealthy). There's a hairless breed called Baldwin which also is unhealthy but also very rare, and.. boy holding guinea pig - abyssinian guinea pig stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. This Abyssinian Guinea Pig Is Among Seven Breads Of Cavies Leishmans Raise; The breed has 10 rosettes, or swirls of hair across the body

If you've only seen guinea pigs in pet stores, you've probably seen the American breed or perhaps the Abyssinian. American guinea pigs have short hair that comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Abyssinian guinea pigs have long, messy hair in just as many colors. Here are some of the most popular pet guinea pig breeds: American baby guinea pigs. Availability: Peruvian Guinea Pigs are pretty easy to find in most areas. Prices run around $20 to $30. Guinea Pigs come in many varieties and are readily available at pet stores, shelters, and rescues. When looking to acquire a pet guinea pig make sure it is a healthy animal

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Guinea pigs are popular pets that are cuddly, adorable, and surprisingly loud. There are several breeds, color combinations, and hair length types. If you're having trouble coming up with a name for your pet, take a look at 100 options based on your pet's appearance, the breed's behavior, or their unique personality Teddy guinea pigs - $30.00 Golden agouti/red/white female was born 2/21/2019 and is free to a pet home (non-breeding). Golden agouti/red/white male born n of above female) Red female born 3/1/2021.. Latest Dogs, Guinea Pigs, Pets Available For Adoption At Gary Area Shelters - Gary, IN - This week's batch of adoptable pets in your area are looking for their forever homes. Will you take one home Latest Dogs, Guinea Pigs, Pets Up For Adoption In The Hobart Area - Hobart, IN - If you're in search of a fuzzy new family member, these pets are waiting for their forever home in Hobart area.

Choosing a Cage for a Teddy Guinea Pig. A wire cage is the best choice for a Teddy Guinea pig as it allows for ventilation and easy cleaning but make sure the bottom of the cage is not made of wire. This is important to protect the pigs' feet. The minimum cage size for two pigs is 7-½ square feet though larger is better I have 6 baby guinea pigs ready for their new homes! There are 2 separate litters, the first being born 4/12/21 Dumbo (Brown Abyssinian, boy) Keiko (white, blonde, brown American, girl, part time model) Grape (Brown American, blonde foot, girl) The second born 4/18/21 Alexander(black over both eyes, white mix, American boy Guinea pig - Found 239 Pets for sale in Entire Malaysia - Page 2 of 6. Home; Entire Malaysia; Pets; Guinea pig American mix abbysinian. RM 180. Jul 1, 15:25 Sabah. 3. Guinea Pig Abyssinian Special Offer. RM 250. Jul 1, 11:45 Kuala Lumpur. 6. Guinea Pig Abyssinian . RM 180. Jul 1, 11:10 Kuala Lumpur. 2. Abyssinian Female Guinea pig (Sow) RM. Abyssinian. The oldest species of guinea pig! This breed finds it easier to get along with people and is very loveable! Abyssinian guinea pigs are commonly show guinea pigs and a prize piggie would have 8 to 10 rosettes within its fur. They have a naughty side to their behaviour and need to be brushed frequently due to their fur length I have recently adopted an entire family of Guinea Pigs. I went to pick up a mother and daughter pair and found that the father and son pair were living together in a tiny pet store cage. I ended up taking all of them, temporarily. My question is (keeping in mind that I'm sure these piggy's are not purebred) Can an American Guinea pig and an Abyssinian Guinea pig produce a teddy bear

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Retriever/Terrier Mix, 0-1 Year . Aspen. Mutt, 0-1 Year . Harry and Barry. 0-1 Year . Barry. 0-1 Year . Crush. Domestic shorthair, 0-1 Year . Rufus. Heeler/ black mouth curr, 0-1 Year . Beatrix Kiddo. Domestic Short-Haired, 1 Year. Browse 159 abyssinian guinea pig stock photos and images available or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. abyssinian guinea pigs - abyssinian guinea pig stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. two guinea pigs sitting together - abyssinian guinea pig stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Guinea Pig Varieties. Below are some brief descriptions of guinea pig varieties that are available. Guinea pigs come in a range of coat colours, eye colours, and hair textures. Abyssinian. Abyssinian guinea pigs are easy to spot due to their eye-catching, exciting hair formations. The hair of these animals grows in rosettes outwards from their. The Abyssinian guinea pig is one of the oldest species out there, and their appearance is one that people love. They have swirls in their long hair, and that makes them popular on the show circuit. If you want to show your Abyssinian guinea pig, look for it to have 8-10 rosettes (swirls), as that is sure to impress the judges

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Meet Olaf and Buffalo at Gainesville Rabbit Rescue. Olaf is an Abyssinian mix and Buffalo is an American mix Guinea Pig. These boys were born approximately 3/2020. Both are shy as they lived outdoors and were not socialized. So, they they do squeal like a piggie when picked up, but they do settle down for laptime and veggies Catahoula Mix needs rehoming (stl > Saint Charles) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post May 27 American and Abyssinian guinea pigs (ksc > Independence) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jun 5 Gorgeous Guinea Pigs The term 'self' is also used to describe extended regions of a guinea pigs coat which are of the same colour. TORTOISESHELL. Tortoiseshell is a colour type comprising three distinct colours, often black, white and brown/red. This combination usually occurs in a set of checks covering the entire body of the guinea pig Abyssinian Guinea Pig related mugs, ornaments, magnets and more products for your pet. Arks n Barks is a high quality pet-related retail shop located in Hunterdon County, NJ USA. They sell pet gifts like magnets, holiday ornaments, garden and house flag, tote bags, keychains and more Common Guinea Pig Varieties • Abyssinian • American • Peruvian • Satin • Silkie • Teddy • White Crested 9. Abyssinian Guinea Pig Rough, wiry hair coat - Hair made of rosettes (swirls or cowlicks) - More rosettes are desirable Found in all colors and color combinations 10

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Search our database of pets in need of new homes and find your perfect new addition. Breed Search ? (Female) Mix pit bull. (Male) Maybe mix pitbull. & Blue Heeler 3/4 border collie A mix A pair of bonded Gerbils Abyssinian Abyssinian Guinea Pig African short hair mice African Sideneck Turtle African Wild Cat AKC Search our database of pets in need of new homes and find your perfect new addition. Breed Search ? (Female) Mix pit bull. (Male) Maybe mix pitbull. & Blue Heeler 1/2 Korean Jundo 1/2 ragdoll 1/2 Siberian Husky 12.5% boxer 12.5% German shepherd 12.5% pit bull 12.5% Rottweiler 3/4 border collie A mix A pair of bonded Gerbils Abyssinian. The Lifelike Brown Guinea Pig Stuffed Animal by Hansa is an unforgettable gift for avid nature lovers, animal lovers, and collectors. Children are certain to learn about nature while having loads of fun with this stuffed brown guinea pig which is a goal that many toys strive for but only a few accomplish with such success

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Browse 158 abyssinian guinea pig stock photos and images available or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. two guinea pigs sitting together - abyssinian guinea pig stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. abyssinian guinea pig - abyssinian guinea pig stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images American. The American Guinea pig is often called the English cavy. This is among the most common of the breeds. Honey and nuts are also used in the mix. It is better to buy a brand that can be attached to the side of the cage. Abyssinian-This breed of a guinea pig is distinguished by its rough coat made of what is described as. Guinea pigs are great pets to have and there a several different breeds to choose from. Check out our guide of guinea pig breeds to learn more about physical traits, behavior, and grooming needs Anthony Barlow and Wylie clicked together right off the bat! Wylie is an extremely friendly and loving American guinea pig. Anthony is a born-and-bred Texan and big on family. He works tirelessly for Universal Toyota, and you will find that he is a fitness buff, an extreme sports fan, and, of course, an animal lover

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Abyssinian Guinea Pig - a rosetted short-haired breed. The most common breed of guinea pig, the American cavy has an excellent temperament, is easy to take care of and is robust in health. They have a smooth, sleek coat and are medium in size. American Guinea Pig - a smooth, short-haired breed. This is a list of all coat colors and patterns found in guinea pigs. 1 Guinea Pigs Fur Colors 1.1 Brown Series 1.1.1 Black Series 1.1.2 White Series 2 Coat Patterns 2.1 Agouti 2.2 Argente 2.3 Brindles 2.4 Dalmatian 2.5 Dutch 2.6 Harlequin 2.7 Magpie 2.8 Roan 2.9 Self 2.10 Tortoiseshell 2.11 Tortoiseshell and White 2.12 Himalayan 2.13 Satin Guinea pigs can, at most, have three different colors. Iguana. Iguanas are lizards identified by their stocky stature, the saggy skin on their throats and therefore the spines that protrude from their heads, necks, backs and tails. Iguanas are popular pets and may live 15 to twenty years if cared for correctly . Iguanas are available a variety of colours , from nearly yellow, to bright green, to grey Find Male Small & Furry Animals for Sale in Gainesville, FL on Oodle Classifieds. Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used cars for sale, apartments for rent, jobs listings, merchandise, and other classifieds in your neighborhood Shelter Description. Preston Cares Network is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt non-profit incorporated in the State of Kentucky. We cover the state of Kentucky and Indiana. We are an all-volunteer non-profit organization. Our foster families take rescued Westies into their homes throughout Indiana and Kentucky providing the care needed until the rescue.

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You can see a few examples of the Teddy guinea pig colors on the American Cavy Breeders' Association site. Teddy Guinea Pig Facts. It is thought who the Teddy Bear guinea pig was the result of a genetic quirk that occurred in animals who were bred for use in laboratories when American guinea pigs were cross-bred with Abyssinians Start studying Pocket Pets Chapter 11, Vet 106. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools Guinea pigs/ Cavies are furry small pets that have no tail. They can grow to between 1 - 3 pounds heavy, the female being the lighter. Caring for guinea pigs is quite easy as you will see below. There are several breeds namely: Abyssinian guinea pig, Abyssinian Satin guinea pig, American guinea pig, Coronet guinea pig, Peruvian guinea pig The American guinea pig is the oldest and most well-known guinea pig breed. If you have seen guinea pigs for sale in a U.S. pet store, they Abyssinian guinea pigs tend to have a social and outgoing personality mixed with an.

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One guinea pig: 7.5 square feet, or about 30x 36, is the bare minimum recommended, but bigger is better. (Keep in mind that guinea pigs are highly social, so it is best to have at least two guinea pigs who get along with each other.) Two guinea pigs: 7.5 square feet (minimum), but at least 10.5 square feet (30 x 50) is preferred

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