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Dental X-rays can be done during pregnancy. Your dentist will use extreme caution to safeguard you and your baby, such as shielding your abdomen and thyroid. Advances in technology have made X-rays.. Doctors Are Cautious About X-Rays but Pregnant Women Should Stop Worrying. Lead shields were introduced to surround people and areas that didn't need to be imaged, while the X-ray technology gradually improved so that less radiation was needed upstream from the shielding, and needed for increasingly shorter times, to obtain images of. I am not sure why you are not speaking to your employer about this. I can tell you that most of the dental assistants I know who were pregnant didn't take xrays while pregnant but then I go to larger practices. I do not know what the strict rules are X-Rays, Pregnancy and You. Pregnancy is a time to take good care of yourself and your unborn child. Many things are especially important during pregnancy, such as eating right, cutting out.

I had 2 cat scans and 2 xrays right before I found out I was pregnant. Ask your chiro to calculate the amount of radiation (your chiro will probably have a radiologist calculate it) you were exposed to, and let your ob/gyn know Dental X-rays are recommended every one to two years for children and every 1.5 to three years for teens. Children often require more X-rays than adults because of their developing teeth and jaws. Pregnancy and Dental X-Rays Research about the safety of dental X-rays while pregnant is mixed. 2 But the American Dental Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists state that X-rays during pregnancy are safe and agree that delaying dental work could lead to more complicated problems in the long run This week a new dental assistant took 20 x-rays of my teeth. I have not been having problems and it was at the very beginning of the session and I had not yet had my teeth cleaned. I was there for cleaning and didn't know they were going to do x-rays. I find dental x-rays very uncomfortable and was not expecting to have them on this visit Women who have a dental X-ray during pregnancy are three times more likely to give birth to a low birth weight baby than those who do not, suggests a new study. The results challenge conventional guidelines which suggest that only medical X-rays directly to the reproductive organs are of concern during pregnancy, say the researchers at the.

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  1. Ever since the 1950s, it has been the practice to cover the testicles and ovaries during X-ray imaging, based on studies in fruit flies in the 1940s that showed effects on DNA
  2. X-rays: Tooth extraction would require an X-ray to locate the affected tooth and identify the extent of the decay. During this, a lead apron sheet is used to cover the upper part of the body of the patient to avoid any side-effects of the radiation to the fetus (10)
  3. For all X-rays, you should let the hospital know if you're pregnant. X-rays are not usually recommended for pregnant people unless it's an emergency Cervical screening during pregnancy You will not usually need to have cervical screening if you're pregnant, or could be pregnant, until at least 12 weeks after you've given birth
  4. I didn't think about it too much before, but now I'm pregnant. There must have been at least 15 X-rays done on the 3 patients in my area yesterday. I got as far away as possible for most of them, but a couple of times, I was busy with my patient and didn't get out of the way in time
  5. Since dental implant procedures require a check up using powerful X-rays and also anesthesia during the procedure, most orthodontists would advise mothers to wait until their second trimester for any oral work. If possible, even to wait until after the baby has been born to ensure no damage at all will be done to the fetus
  6. I skipped a whole month, then my period was back on schedule as usual until I had another X-ray for a different issue and it happened again, skipped a month. Now I even refuse unnecessary dental X-rays when going for a simple cleaning because even with the protective shield it will still stop my period for a month
  7. 2. You're pregnant. Nearly 40% of women will develop gingivitis during their pregnancy, says Glen Stephenson, DMD, of Prevention Dental in Boise, ID. This is caused by increased progesterone.

It's true that when x-rays were first introduced, people didn't understand the dangers posed by repeated radiation exposure, and proper safety features had not yet been put into place. With the advancements of today's knowledge and technology, the amount of radiation a person is exposed to during a dental x-ray is actually very little During pregnancy. If you skipped a dental visit in the planning phase or didn't really have a problem with your dental health to begin with, a dental visit after you have conceived becomes essential. At this time, there may be restrictions to treatments, medications and your movements, especially in the first and last trimesters Jun 21, 2007 #2. 2007-06-21T17:41. my dentist said the freezing is not a problem as it doesn't enter the blood stream. Depending on the situation, it's probably less risky to have the dental work done. If you get pg this cycle the timing can only be worse so if I was you I'd probably book an appt. asap Generally most dogs will need oral exams, cleanings, and dental X-rays about once a year, starting at about 6 months of age. Greyhounds, medium, and small dogs often have more urgent needs, Beckman tells WebMD, and may need more frequent care. It depends a lot on the patient. The dog's age We actually have dual dental coverage and I was just looking at this recently. Both of our policies allow for bitewings once a year and the panoramic xray is coverage once every three years on both. Back to Top. Roc A Bee. Full Member. Posts: 4,617. Likes: 2,065. Dental xrays. May 10, 2021 at 9:48am via mobile

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Dental X-Rays a Risk to the Thyroid. Studies have shown that women who are pregnant and have dental x-rays are at a higher risk for having small babies. Study participants who had dental x-rays while pregnant were at double the risk of having a low birth weight baby born prematurely and triple the risk of having an underweight baby born full. The American Pregnancy Association emphasizes that, while root canals are considered safe while pregnant, it's important to consider the risks of sedation, antibiotics, and x-rays that may be involved. A single x-ray should not pose a risk to you or your baby. If possible, request a lower level of local anesthesia and skip other sedation The radiation dose from CT scans can be about 10 mSv, which is about the same radiation the average person receives from the background radiation in 3 years. CT scan during the first trimester of the pregnancy poses the highest risk to the developing foetus, due to the carcinogenic and teratogenic effects of the ionising radiation In time the skin peeled off and resembled bad sunburn. Professor Stine, however, concluded that the effect was due to ultraviolet rays and not X-rays. 9. Dr EA Codman, in 1902, conscientiously reviewed all papers on X-ray injuries. Of the 88 X-ray injuries published, 55 had occurred in 1896, 12 in 1897, 6 in 1898, 9 in 1899, 3 in 1900 and 1 in. With any radiation risk, the most likely effect in early pregnancy,(though with higher doses than are used for things like mammos!) would be miscarriage, as far as I can recall. It is a while since I was involved in x-rays, and I do know doses have dropped since I was involved

Health experts say that X-rays are most likely safe during pregnancy. Most diagnostic X-rays emit much less than 5 rads, which is the limit of what the FDA suggests a pregnant woman should be exposed to. Different imaging studies use different amounts of radiation and the direction of the X-ray beam also affects the possible exposure to the fetus Pregnant Cat X-Ray. 13. My Wife's A Ballerina, This Is Her X-Ray While En Pointe. 14. X-Ray Of A Seahorse. 15. Scoliosis Surgery, Before And After. 16. X-Ray Scans Of A Painting Of The Young Charles II Of Spain Reveal That The Artist Painted Over An Earlier Painting When Charles Was A Few Years Younger

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Covering testicles and ovaries during X-rays has been recommended since the 1950s, when studies in fruit flies prompted concern that radiation might damage human DNA and cause birth defects Since x-rays are not recommended/safe during pregnancy, my first visit at Dayton Dental was just a teeth cleaning. Dr. Kim was very thorough -- not only did my teeth feel great, he also explained to me what my problem areas were (and ways to improve them). Since this first visit, I have been back for x-rays, cleanings and a mouthguard Sitting so we can see each other, I will ask the patient what her concerns about X-rays are. I will ask if she has a condition I'm unaware of that contraindicates the use of radiation, or if she is pregnant or nursing. I will ask when her last X-ray was outside of dental care

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  1. Dental care during pregnancy is not only perfectly safe, but it's also crucial to the health of both mom and baby. During pregnancy studies support that it's best to have your teeth cleaned at 12 weeks and at 24 weeks. This is proven to lower the bacterial levels and reduce the risk of pre-term low birthweight babies.
  2. An x-ray allows your dentist to see bones, tissue, and hidden surfaces of your teeth that they can't see with just the naked eye during a visual exam. Dental x-rays are invaluable in providing information to a dentist about a patient's oral health such as early-stage cavities, the presence of gum disease, oral cancers or some types of tumors
  3. Just know that higher tech isn't always better: A special cone-beam X-ray, along with a 3-D picture of your mouth, will not improve your care but will zap your mouth with 18 times the radiation.
  4. Free NHS dental care- root canal - while Pregnant 6 months..very dissapointed. 37 answers / Nothing short of a car crash is worth the exposure to radiation for an x-ray. up NHS dentistry altogether when it changed. and most felt terrible about abandoning their needier patients but just didn't have a choice. 0 like
  5. A Mayo Clinic study found that shielding the abdomen or pelvis during chest CT scans didn't actually reduce the dose of with a dental X-ray, or even be necessary for it. and should know.
  6. During pregnancy. If you skipped a dental visit in the planning phase or didn't really have a problem with your dental health to begin with, a dental visit after you have conceived becomes essential. At this time, there may be restrictions to treatments, medications and your movements, especially in the first and last trimesters

Radiation exposure: I certainly understand your perspective. Thank you for sharing. We have had such advancements in imaging technology that the truth is that dental x-rays are quite safe. The amount of radiation is extremely small due to the fast-speed film (or digital technology) we use Pregnant members of the dental team may wish to consult this explainer on COVID-19 and fertility, compiled by Victoria Male, Lecturer in Reproductive Immunology at Imperial College London. It provides evidence-based answers to questions you might have regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, pregnancy, breastfeeding and fertility And then at the visit, tell the dentist that you're pregnant and have the women tell the dental practice when their due date is. One of the reasons they like to know the due date is because if there's any work to be done, probably the most comfortable time to have it done is during the second trimester. It can be done anytime during the pregnancy If possible, the patient should contact their OB-GYN as soon as they know they will need the root canal to keep the doctor informed and obtain any counsel necessary to protect the pregnancy. X-rays must be taken during the procedure, so it is imperative that a lead apron is used to protect the mother and baby

How the dental X-rays work when a patient visits the dentist for a check up. With rates of thyroid cancer more than doubling in 30 years, the scientists said that the potential dangers of dental X. A recent survey of perinatal care providers (George et al., 2016a) and dentists (George et al., 2017a) identified misconceptions about the safety of dental interventions during pregnancy even though treatments like extraction and the use of x-rays are safe during this period When the dentist x-rays a tooth, your entire torso is shielded, including your pelvic area, which is a long way from your teeth! Yet when the vet does hip x-rays, the reproductive organs and genitals receive the full radiation blast. Radiographs are a great diagnostic tool but X-rays were never meant to be used as a predictive tool Real Estate: Events: Photo Albums: Video Albums: Blogs: TTC: Expecting: Communit Dental hygienists can help patients by recommending oral care products based on the condition, advising patients to follow up with their physicians, and improving patients' overall health. References. 1. Chandna S, Bathla M. Oral manifestations of thyroid disorders and its management

X-rays Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, Professor of Physics in Wurzburg, Bavaria, accidentally discovered X-rays in November 1895 while studying cathode rays in a low pressure gas discharge tube.Alone in his laboratory on a Friday evening, he placed his hand in the path of the invisible rays which he was investigating, and saw an image of the bones on the screen beyond I do remember about 15 years agoI was given a quote of $1,000. for a routine dental on my cat from a dental specialist in the area. That was just to start. Extractions and complications would have been additional. I was shocked then and couldn't understand the cost. I didn't go it. Now seeing all that goes into it, I do understand more

Read our blog for tips, tricks and how-tos on a wide variety of dental topics. Learn more today An X-ray of a failed implant will likely show significant loss of bone around the metal portion of the dental implant. Risk Factors for a Failed Dental Implant The success of a dental implant procedure depends on many factors, but certain habits and medical conditions can increase your risk of a wobbling implant I just went here due to a slight discomfort in my top back tooth. I tell the dental assistant that I am pregnant and may not be able to have an X-Ray. The dentist comes in, I let him know exactly where I was feeling a slight discomfort, he seemingly examines My teeth and tells me that I have swelling in my gums and should use sensodyne toothpaste Laser hair removal on the face while pregnant? The answer is no; however, the main issue is security.The laser hair removal in the field of cosmetic procedure, it is still a very new procedure.Lasers have been used for hair removal effectively since 1998.Although many studies have been conducted on all aspects of hair removal, lasers in pregnancy have not yet produced a definitive answer as to. Linda Lawson, RDH, BS, is based in New York and has more than 17 years of experience in the dental profession. She received her associate's degree in 1999 from New York City College of Technology. In 2014, she attained her bachelor of science in dental hygiene from Farmingdale State College and was subsequently inducted into the Sigma Phi Alpha Dental Hygiene Society

It's a potentially serious tooth infection -- and if you don't know the signs, it can spiral out of control quickly. Learn about the symptoms, causes, and ways to prevent it radiographic procedures do not need to be altered because of pregnancy: one of the rules of radiation protection is to never stand closer than ___ feet from the xray unit during an exposure unless you are behind a barrier: 6: dental film holders, used to position and hold the dental xray film in the patients mouth, includ

I met with a doctor yesterday to check on my wisdom tooth. They didn't even know what my problem was. They put me down for an extraction and in the end I didn't get the tooth extracted because it was complicated. I had to pay $330 for an x-ray and a 10 minute doctor visit. They are just milking people like some kind of cash co What Does Laughing Gas Do? Nitrous oxide (N2O), more commonly referred to as laughing gas, is a mild sedative agent that safely and effectively manages pain and anxiety during dental treatment. The colorless and odorless nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a small mask that fits over your nose

An x-ray tech is typically trained to spot issues that necessitate emergency tratment. The one thing an x-ray technician cannot do under virtually all circumstances is to discuss findings of an x-ray with a patient. This is the work of a radiologist, doctor, physician's assistant, or nurse practitioner. A skilled x-ray technician may be able to. A chest X-ray uses a low level of radiation to help visualize and illustrate a picture of your chest, including the organs located in it. Using a chest X-ray, doctors are able to see the structure of your heart, lungs and blood vessels. However, a chest X-ray does not let you see the inside structures of your heart 40 reviews of Happy Smiles Dental Center Let me start by saying... I am not of fan of any dentist, hence why I don't go for as long as my teeth don't hurt. Until now! Dr. Spencer is great. She knows what she is doing and didn't make me feel like she was just trying to get me out of there. She explained what she was going to do in plan, understandable terms (prior to and during the procedure. Dec 29, 2017. #2. Hi Tom, An X-ray will not hurt your Dexcom sensor. Dexcom sensors can be worn through the body scanner in an airport. So, there should be no reason why you cannot be wearing your sensor during a dental x-ray. Now, I am sure you are aware that an MRI is much different than an X-ray This dental office was bright and warm from the moment I walked in. The young ladies there were friendly and very pleasant. They offered me a choice of beverage while explaining the online form enrollment process. My xray technician was very pleasant and went through a set of 18(!) x-rays using this new low-radiation equipment

Working as a nurse while pregnant is a wake-up call for many registered nurses and advanced practice nurses. Often, after years of being able to push their bodies and minds to the limit, nurses are forced to adjust their routine to meet the needs of their pregnancies User Reviews for Amoxicillin to treat Dental Abscess (Page 2) Also known as: Amoxil, Apo-Amoxi. Amoxicillin has an average rating of 5.7 out of 10 from a total of 73 ratings for the treatment of Dental Abscess. 45% of users who reviewed this medication reported a positive effect, while 36% reported a negative effect. Filter by condition As always Sue is the best Hygienist and Dr Crewe DDS offers great safe quality care Our family has been going to Sue and Dr Crewe over 30 years :) Great at keeping our family safe and keeping our teeth healthy for decades Thanks to them :) This review was submitted for the provider's practice, and may reference another provider within the practice

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  1. Maybe interaction from cleansing herbs + antibiotic Clarithromycin for dental work. Fingers, toes, tongue all tingly-numb. Also, dry heaves. Previously (recently) diagnosed w/mitral valve prolapse. Doc didn't think pace maker was needed. Told me to eat more salt, exercise less (for real). Question: Need a cardiologist who is really good
  2. The Difference: Deep Dental Cleaning vs Regular Cleaning. A regular cleaning, which focuses at and above the gum line, may disturb the colonies of bacteria, releasing them into your bloodstream and into the rest of your body. A regular cleaning polishes your teeth, and a deep cleaning removes the bacteria colonies from your mouth
  3. I have been going to Convenient Family Dental for about 7 years now. Dr. Blake has always been kind, professional and taken care of my teeth during this time. He does not try to sell me procedures I don't need. The dental techs working with him are always friendly, professional and caring
  4. I think I have a cavity Can I go see a dentist while pregnant and can they treat a cavity? This is my first one so I really don't know what is involved in fixing it. Do they have to give me a shot and will that affect the baby?? Insight and Advice please!! TIA ladies
  5. •Teeth or lung X-rays are usually safe but you should only have one if needed. Avoid routine dental x-rays during pregnancy. •If you have an X-ray: Tell the X-ray technician that you are pregnant Always wear a lead apron References: Public Health Agency of Canada. The Healthy Pregnancy Guide

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X-Ray during pregnancy is considered safe. The risk from x-rays is relatively is low, but still it depends on the type of X-Ray. If a pregnant women is getting exposed to higher level of radiation, it surely harms the baby, higher the radiation, g.. The amount of radiation used in normal CT imaging has never been shown to cause harm to an unborn child. However, if the CT scan examines the abdomen or pelvis area, then there may be a very slight risk to the baby. An unborn baby exposed to CT during pregnancy may have about a one in 1,000 greater chance of developing a cancer as a child While I know that it does not magically happen for everyone but I also can't help but feel like something is wrong. And took dental X-ray in 14 weeks..... I am so stressed and worried I can not even describe. I knew that X ray was not a problem but my doctor said it is. however, if I do not get back to you or respond to your post, it. Dental Cone Beam Imaging vs. Traditional Dental X-Rays 3D Dental Cone Beam X-Ray. Traditional dental x-rays are more invasive and can be uncomfortable for patients. But 3D cone beam imaging is an incredible dental technology that enhances your comfort level, all while allowing our dentists to see your oral and facial anatomy with more clarity

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Emily just found out she was 6 weeks pregnant, and had started the process of microblading (a cosmetic tattooing technique, in which a tool made of small needles is used to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin; resembling the hair on the brow) before she knew she was pregnant. Logging into the MotherToBaby chat for some guidance, after online. Australia. 5,102. 3.5 weeks for DD and 5 weeks for DS as i kept getting negatives with internet cheapies. An old friend was 11 weeks with her son and 8 weeks with her daughter. My SIL didn't know with her first until she went into labour at 38 weeks

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A couple of times I asked why and they'd say, We don't do X-rays unless something is wrong because it exposes you to radiation.. Let's compare that to America, where they insist on a yearly X-ray. Some want to X-ray you every six months! Panorama X-ray. Let's put a yearly X-ray through the smell test. If you live to the age of 85. 9- Some people are born with missing teeth. Hypodontia, or tooth agenesis, is a condition where there are one or more teeth that are missing in a person's mouth because they have never actually developed. The most common one is a wisdom tooth that can be missing in 9-35 % of people depending of racial factors Before exposure to x-ray radiation: 1. Optimize your antioxidant levels. Make yourself a big pot of chai tea with plenty of turmeric, ginger, clove and cinnamon and have a cup of it 1-2 times each day leading up to the dental appointment. Since these antioxidants are super healthy anyway, you could just make a pot of chai today During the early weeks of pregnancy, the uterus is tucked behind the pelvic bone. Minor falls during early pregnancy are typically not of concern. However, falls during the late second trimester and early third trimester might be harmful to both you and your baby, especially if there is direct trauma to your abdomen

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For example, putting in a swimming pool or steam room that costs $25,000 isn't deductible if it would add $30,000 to the worth of your residence. 7. Lodging to Receive Medical Treatment. If the. Overall, X-rays are safe and have negligible exposure risks. The potential risk depends upon the safety measures used and the frequency of the exposures. Also, the pros of dental x-rays outshine the cons. Dental X-rays help to: Detect areas of decay invisible to the doctor with an oral exam; Check the bony area around the teeth and see for gum. problems, bad dental hygiene, eating much sweets and pregnancy hormones were mentioned by 52.3%, 34.8% and 8.8% respectively while 41.6% didn't know about causes. As regards symptoms of dental/gum diseases, pain was the most commonly mentioned symptom (63.0%). In referral to foods that protect agains Pregnant women are vulnerable to a wide range of oral health conditions that could be harmful to their own health and future child. Despite the usefulness of regular dental service utilization in prevention and early detection of oral diseases, it is notably low among pregnant women. In this qualitative study, we aimed to explore barriers and facilitators influencing pregnant women's dental.

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We picked Delta Dental as the absolute best dental insurance on the market. This is because it covers all 50 states and gives 6 excellent insurance plans. These plans span the range of DHMO and PPO plans, and include comprehensive x-rays every 2 years with use of the app, as well as website support which makes both simple and useful When you're missing permanent teeth. The average human grows 20 baby teeth, which eventually fall out and are replaced with 32 permanent teeth. Permanent (adult) teeth include: eight incisors, four canines, eight premolars and 12 molars (including four wisdom teeth). Because many adults have had their wisdom teeth removed, it is common for many. A surprising 75 percent of women develop gingivitis during pregnancy. Letting dental disease go unchecked can harm both mother and child. Moms-to-be with poor oral hygiene are 7 times more likely to deliver premature and low birth weight babies. Skip the dental x-rays, but don't skip your visits for teeth cleanings There's never ever a great time to discover that you have cancer cells, particularly when you're seven months pregnant with your very first child. I was 31 years of ages and also had no famil A dental bone graft uses bone tissue to help the body repair and heal around a dental surgery. There are two types of bone grafts: Allograft: Cleaned and sterile bone from a deceased donor or a cadaver. Autograft: Bone that comes from the ribs, hips, pelvis, or wrist in the patient's own body. While autografts used to be most common, these.

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A full-mouth series of x-rays can cost $85-$250 and is typically done during a first visit to a dentist. The series can consist of 14-21 separate images, often four bitewings and 10-17 periapical x-rays. Also called a panoramic radiograph, a panoramic x-ray can cost $60-$150. It provides a broad view of the jaws, mouth, teeth, sinuses and nasal. I didn't realize that this diagnostic tool was discovered that far back. Apparently, Thomas Edison, while studying x-rays, saw fluorescence where some ares of the x-ray seemed to be brighter than other areas. And so was the term born. Of course, the actual procedure used during a fluoroscopy came later. burcinc August 1, 201 Medicaid dental providers for adults and children. According to the American Dental Association, 36% of lower-income Americans have lived through untreated cavities. Dentists that take Medicaid can be hard to find, in fact, only 38% of dentists in the US accept Medicaid Brockport Dental serves all sorts of people from Brockport, Holley, Hamlin, Byron-Bergen, Spencerport, Rochester, and beyond. Make an appointment at our family-friendly dentist's office today by calling 585-636-0555. We look forward to meeting with you in person and giving you the best dental care possible. Tue Dental x-rays produce a low level of radiation and are considered safe. Dentists take necessary precautions to limit the patient's exposure to radiation when taking dental x-rays. These precautions include using lead apron shields to protect the body and using modern, fast film that cuts down the exposure time of each x-ray

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In many dental offices, dental assistants must perform dental procedures and provide assistance to the dentists while also managing patient expectations. Asking a candidate how they would respond to a hypothetical situation can help you see if they have the knowledge and interpersonal skills to successfully manage challenging or upset patients Complete the Initial Contact Form to begin the process. Or call (800) 589-2632, ext. 430. This form helps us gather preliminary information regarding your complaint so we can determine if the issue falls within the scope of the MDA Peer Review Committee. You will be informed of the acceptance of your complaint by phone or letter

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Additionally, she should visit a dentist for a cleaning during pregnancy, a completely safe procedure that often can be done without x-rays. Related Story These Birth Photos Are Stunnin Reeceregan. HI All, I have been on Prolia since February and have had two injections. Prior to that I had any necessary dental work done, as was told that no extractions etc could be done while taking it. Out of the blue I now have a tooth sensitive to hot and cold, and cannot chew with it and I fear a nerve is causing the problem Shielding to reduce patient exposure: The inherent shielding on the x-ray head and cone reduces exposure to the patient - safe to use even during pregnancy!. Patient not required to be moved when sedated or during procedures: The NOMAD can be taken to the patient and easily positioned rather than moving the patien Posted 6 years ago. Hi Sharon, sorry to hear of your dental problem, my daughter has just had her wisdom tooth extraction 4 days a go and experienced terrible pain on swallowing in her checks and jaw, these are not un common after tooth extraction. The dentist gave her 2 sets of antibiotics and 1 set of pain killers which she has nearly completed Dental hygienists and dentists use several tools during a routine dental cleaning. Most dental cleanings take between 30 minutes and an hour. If the cleaning is part of a yearly check-up, the dentist may also take X-rays to check for cavities. A dental hygienist usually performs most of the cleaning

Christopher wanted to know if the blue light can burn, irradiate or otherwise hurt someone's teeth when used longer than it should be. About the Blue Dental Curing Light. Before I answer Christopher's question, here's a little background information for those who aren't familiar with the blue dental curing light Dr. Vincent DiLeo 3320 North Hullen Street Suite C Metairie, Louisiana 70002 (504) 455-5410 info@dileodentalgroupllc.com When asked why they didn't refer patients to a specialty dentist, most of the general dentists surveyed claimed it was because they could perform the procedure themselves. While this study is limited in scope and doesn't necessarily represent the whole, many general dentists, especially those that offer comprehensive dental care, can. Open Letter to Our Patients, Welcome to Galligan Dental. My name is Dr. Kristina Galligan and my team and I are honored to provide world class dental care to you and your family in the most comfortable environment possible. It is my goal to create a practice founded on building long-lasting relationships, developing trust, and providing extraordinary, personal care They may have options in your area that you didn't find or already look into. Asking your friends, family, doctor, or someone you know with a loved one with additional needs for recommendations. What's more, your dental insurance provider may have some great choices for you as well. You may find the perfect dentist by asking around this way