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  1. Quick guide to what goes in your blue bin, green bin and garbage bin . Blue Recycling Bin . Paper Products . 1. Newspaper, cardboard and copy paper 2. Paper bags, cereal boxes and pizza boxes (clean, no food residual) 3. Shredded paper (in a clear plastic bag) 4. Magazines, mail and paperback book
  2. Food tins, pet food tins and drinks cans (rinsed) Paper, (including magazines, unwanted mail, greetings card, shredded paper, catalogues) Plastic bottles (for example, fizzy drink bottles, milk..
  3. Residents can put the following items in their Blue Bin (recycling bin). No sorting of recyclables is required. You can mix containers (e.g. bottles and cans) and paper products together in your Blue Bin. You may either bundle your bags inside one bag or put bags in loose
  4. Food scraps like apple cores, eggshells or expired leftovers belong in your Green Bin. When you mistakenly toss food scraps in your Blue Bin, food residue and particles get soaked up by paper and can ruin large batches of otherwise good recyclables. Containers with leftover foo

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You buy a takeout meal that comes in a cardboard container with a plastic lid and plastic utensils. You also get a juice box to go, and your order is placed into a plastic bag. Do all the empties,.. Blue Bins (Metals) Blue recycling bins sometimes indicate a recycling bin used for metals. Although it is common to use blue bins to indicate recycling for metals, plastics also are often recycled using blue bins

Blue bins Your blue bin is collected every 4 weeks from the kerbside or the agreed collection point. You can recycle plastics, cans and cartons in your blue bin. It is important all of these.. Recycling bins/sacks containing black bags will not be emptied. Please place recycling loose in your blue bin/sack or in a clear bag. Please also rinse glass bottles, jars, cartons, plastic bottles and cans, as this helps to keep your bin clean. Squashing recycling also saves space in your bin and the collection vehicle. Plastics Yes Please. Do you know what to put in your blue recycling bin? Did you know that when you put the wrong material in the wrong recycling bin, it can literally ruin the e.. What goes into blue recycling bins? Return to Recycling and Trash Service for single-family homes. Put these materials together into your blue recycling bin for commingled curbside recycling pickup. Request a recycling bin. aluminum foil products; cans - aluminum, steel, bi-metal; glass bottles and jars; plastic bottles, containers, tubs and lid

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  1. Reduce - Reduce the number of products you buy.Buy wisely and buy less. Reuse - Reuse whatever you can and donate good used items to a church or charity.Give your recyclable items a second chance. Recycle - Recycle everything you can.Buy products that are recycled or that can be recycled. Some items that are labeled as recyclable cannot be placed in the City of Fresno blue recycling carts
  2. ium, tin and polycoat cartons (milk or juice). Glass containers will not be accepted in the Big Blue Bin Program
  3. While recycling paper documents in the blue bin is the right thing to do, doing so without shredding them first is a quick way for sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands. To combat this, Shred-it offers secure document destruction services to businesses looking to protect their information security - all documents are destroyed.
  4. Find out what goes in which bin. Get a more detailed list of what goes in your blue, black or green bin here.. If you would like to print a copy of our 'what goes in which bin' poster [PDF, 1.5MB], you can download it here - but to find information online, please use our accessible search function below.Please note, this poster is for printing purposes only and is therefore not accessible
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Bin collections > What goes in my bin > Blue lid bin; Blue lid bin. Last Modified July 01, 2020. Download as PDF; pdf; Your blue lidded bin is used for recycling glass, cans and plastic Yes please. Cans ; Food tins (bean tins, biscuit tins) Aluminium foil; Foil trays; Aerosols including deodorant cans and air fresheners Blue bin Recycle your household paper, cans, cardboard, cartons and rigid plastic packaging Please use our waste and recycling collection date finder to find out if your property receives a dry.. Blue Box Recycling Collection. Blue Boxes are collected weekly in all municipalities. There's no limit to the amount of recyclables that can be placed at the curb. Place your Blue Box at the curb with your garbage by 7 a.m. on your regular collection day. Don't place your Blue Box at the curb any earlier than 5 p.m. the day before collection Rice, beans and pasta. Teabags and coffee grounds. Potato and vegetable peelings. Any other leftover food. Glass recycling box. Glass bottles and jars. *If you only have one or two boxes please rotate the materials you present each week, for example put out paper and cardboard one week, and glass the next week

Questions about what goes in the bin - and what stays out? Find information online or call Metro at 503-234-3000. And if you have questions about what's happening with recycling right now and what you can do, Metro has answers. Check out this FAQ Help us achieve our goal of recycling more of Wiltshire's waste by putting plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, drink cartons, cardboard, paper, tins and cans into your blue-lidded bin. You can put glass bottles and jars and bagged textiles into your black box. What Goes in My Bin? Find out more about what can and cannot go in each of your bins. Please click on a bin to learn more. Click on a bin below to find out more about what can and cannot go into that bin Binder/notebook paper, any color. Telephone books. Aluminum cans, foil, trays. Tin cans & bi-metal cans. Glass bottles, jars (empty & rinsed) Any color glass bottles or jars. All plastic food containers #1 & #2. Plastic bottles and containers, such as shampoo, detergent, bleach, milk, soda, water and aspirin containers, etc. Microwave food trays Things you can put in your blue bin. Your blue bin is for items that we CAN recycle: Aerosols (empty) Cardboard. Envelopes (with windows) and junk mail. Glass bottles and jars. Plastic bottles - drinks bottles, household cleaner bottles, shampoo bottles etc. Plastic food trays/tubs/pots i.e margarine tubs, yogurt pots

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Your blue cart is for containers - bottles, jugs, jars, cartons, cans and other rigid containers. 3a. Containers made of plastic. Once you have determined that your plastic item is a container, then look for the recycling symbol 1-7. If your plastic item is not a container, do not recycle Recently, the CBC posted an article titled, 10 kinds of packaging that are a pain in the blue box, that identified certain materials that should not be included in recycling containers. They write, Certain kinds of packaging are just too hard for many recycling programs to handle. Some require consumers to take a few extra Recycling Rules Does that plastic bottle go in the trash or the blue bin? (Always the blue bin.) What about plastic bags? (Never in the blue bin, whether empty or containing recyclables; however, you can recycle plastic bags at local stores.) Glass wine bottles, where do they go? (They can go in the blue bin, but an even better way to manage them is to drop them off at participating redemption. In brief, the story of trash is that we can no longer toss it out into one container bound for the dump. What a waste to bury it in a landfill, especially on an island where land is so limited. We need to SORT IT OUT into the blue, green and gray containers to enable the City to deliver different components of our trash to recycling and processing facilities that can utilize it to our benefit

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The following list represents the items that can be placed in your recycle container. Paper products. Office paper, mail, newspaper, magazines and pamphlets, paper bags, food and beverage cartons (these often contain milk, juice, soup, cream, beans, water, or broth, etc.), phonebooks. Hard plastic products All Massachusetts recycling programs accept glass, metal and plastic containers, cardboard, and paper. Keep other materials out of your bin. Unsure? Check the Smart Recycling Guide

All of these things are recyclable in your blue bin in Chittenden County, VT: Single-use PLASTIC containers & packagingMETAL cans & foilGLASS bottles & jarsP.. Nappies cannot be recycled, please put in your blue bin: Paint/varnish tins and pots: Put in your blue bin: Cling film: Put in your blue bin: Foil lined sweet or crisp wrappers: Put in your blue bin: Glass: Glass can be recycled at a recycling point: Textiles, clothing, shoes and bags: If in good condition please donate to charity shops. Blue Bin Recycling. Blue Bins are currently on back order. We hope to resume deliveries in June 2021. Those wishing to set up service can email sanitation@franklintn.gov or call 615-794-1516. Blue Bin Registration - Per Ordinance 2021-03: With the successful initiation of the Blue Bin program, staff recommends that the administrative setup fee. The items you can recycle in your blue lidded bin or in clear recycling bags are: aerosol cans. aluminium foil, foil trays - clean and food free. cardboard boxes - please flatten and put in your bin or place larger boxes at the side of your bin. cardboard packaging - cereal boxes, kitchen and toilet roll tubes and ready meal sleeves Blue Box Recycling Collection. Blue Boxes are collected weekly in all municipalities. There's no limit to the amount of recyclables that can be placed at the curb. Place your Blue Box at the curb with your garbage by 7 a.m. on your regular collection day. Don't place your Blue Box at the curb any earlier than 5 p.m. the day before collection

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No household goods. Household items in good condition can be donated to charity, given to family and friends, or sold online. To find disposal options, check What Goes Where.. Put broken and end-of-life items that can't be reused in the black cart as garbage.. Small appliances (e.g. toaster, kettle) Furniture Utensils, baking trays, pots and pan WHAT CAN BE RECYCLED IN THE BLUE-LIDDED BIN YES PLEASE • Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays of any colour except black, including: o Washing up liquid bottles o Bleach bottles o Laundry liquid and fabric conditioner bottles o Cooking oil bottles o Drinks bottles o Juice or squash bottles o Milk and yoghurt drink bottle What to put in your blue bin. We will only accept the following clean items in your blue bin: paper, including newspapers, magazines, telephone directories, wrapping paper (without foil/glitter) etc. shredded paper (this should be placed in a clear plastic bag to the side of your bin on your bin day) card, including flattened cardboard boxes. Chicago's Blue Cart Residential Recycling Program. The City's Blue Cart program provides bi-weekly recycling services to single family homes and multi-unit buildings with four or fewer units. By recycling regularly, you can help reduce the need for landfills, lower disposal costs, reduce pollution and conserve natural resources, such as timber.

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What Goes Where? Recycling Blue Bin . We really do recycle all these things: All Metal; All Hard Plastics & Bottles (no plastics that had food in them, styrofoam, bags, and film plastics) For specifics, please review the new Recycling Guidelines. All Paper & Cardboard (not wet or soiled e.g. used paper towels, greasy pizza boxes Tie a liner or carrier bag around the handle of your brown bin on collection day and we will leave you a free roll. Contact Information. Send us a Message. Waste Services. Tame Street Depot. Tame Street. Stalybridge. SK15 1ST. View local map recycling bins are combustible, and provide greater benefit in local energy production than shipping to distant markets. Mixed Recyclables are sorted and shipped to remanufacturing facilities to be made into new products. Recycled glass is used in new container glass, glasphalt road pavement and fill material in construction

Your blue bin is for recycling. All the material you place in your blue bin must be clean and dry. Items should be loose, not in plastic bags. Please remember, you must not use your blue bin to dispose of: Nappies. Polystyrene or shredded paper Please rinse out food and drink containers before you put them in your blue bin. What to put in the inner black box: Paper including newspapers, magazines, junk mail, telephone directories, catalogues, envelopes, printed paper and loose shredded paper. What you can NOT put in the bin: Batteries - they can cause fires

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The blue bin recycling service is for the collection of paper, card, plastic bottles, empty aerosol cans and food and drink cans. Your blue bin is collected every two weeks. You can view our online calendar for information on collection dates. Food and drink cans - steel cans, aluminium cans and food tins. Placing items, other than those noted. clamshell containers. blue bin. plastic tubs. yogurt, margarine etc. blue bin. plastic bags, dry-cleaner bags, newspaper wrap, bubble wrap. Bag your bags. Collect plastic bags in a plastic bag until they're about the size of a basketball, then toss them in the blue bin. blue bin What goes in which bin. Your coloured bins are used as follows: Blue bin: recyclable materials. Black bin: non-recyclable and non-compostable materials. Green bin: food and garden waste. We include a cut-out-and-keep guide to what goes in which bin in most editions of Cambridge Matters, the magazine we deliver to all residents every three months

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What goes in your bins. Your coloured household wheeled bins take different kinds of waste. Each household has 3 bins: your blue bin is for recyclable waste. your brown bin is for garden waste. your green or grey bin is for non-recyclable and food waste. Putting the right rubbish in the right bin helps us to recycle properly What goes in my blue bin? Paper, card and cardboard products. What goes in my brown bin? Compost your food and garden waste. What goes in my green lidded recycling bin? Glass, metals, plastics and cartons. What goes in my general waste bin? Materials we can't recycle. Recycling in high-rise properties The lids can also go into your blue bin; lids from glass bottles and jars; Glass bottles and jars are collected from your green box. Small electrical items (such as toasters or kettles) and textiles (such as clothes, shoes, towels and bed sheets) can be put in a plastic bag next to your blue bin or green box. Please take care to ensure textiles. The City of Markham collects blue box material every week on your regular collection day. Put clean materials in your blue box loosely. Don't put them in bags. You need to put your blue box at your curb by 7 AM on your collection day. Or, you can put it at the curb after 7 PM the night before. Masks, gloves & wipes go in clear bag garbage Your blue bin is for dry mixed recycling. Leave it at the kerbside by 07:00 on your collection day. What you can put in your blue bin; What doesn't go in your blue bin; A-Z of recycling in Midlothian; We need your help to ensure we collect good quality materials for recycling

Your green lidded recycling bin accepts glass, metals, plastics and cartons. You can use your green lidded bin to recycle these materials: Glass bottles and jars, along with plastic and metal lids. Metal cans and tins - if possible, squash to save space in your bin - you don't need to remove any labels. Food and drink cartons - after a rinse. DO NOT put the following items in your blue recycling bin: plastic bags. nappies. We have put stickers on the lids of blue bins to remind you what shouldn't go in your paper and card bin. We cannot take extra bags beside a bin. If you can't keep it until your next collection, you can take your excess waste to any of our waste and recycling centres Find out what you can put in individual kerbside collections, communal bin collections and city centre collections What goes in the blue bin? Bill would expand access to curbside recycling, clarify what goes where. oregonlive.com - Chris Lehman • 4h. More Oregonians would have access to curbside recycling under a bill scheduled for a vote Wednesday in the Senate. Senate Bill 582 would also attempt Pizza boxes can be recycled if not heavily stained with oil or pizza scraps. Heavily stained pizza boxes can go in the organics bin, compost bin or worm farm. Remove lids from jars, bottles and plastic containers before putting these in the recycling bin (yellow lid). Plastic lids can be recycled when placed inside a clean plastic bottle

What cannot go in the blue lid recycling bin? Putting the wrong items in your blue lid bin can result in the bin contents going to landfill instead of being recycled. Do not put the following items into your blue lid recycling bin: plastic bags, plastic wrapping and soft plastics; heavily soiled paper; aseptic food cartons (i.e. long life milk. Curbside Recycling Maintaining a robust recycling program is a core function of Salt Lake City's Sustainability Department. However, in 2018, the recycling world was shaken up by changes announced by China, which has affected recycling facilities worldwide. This includes local Utah processors used by Salt Lake City (read more on the SLCgreen blog) In Bracknell Forest, blue bins are for recycling paper and card, food tins, cartons, foil, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays. These are collected every 2 weeks. What goes in your blue bin. Please quickly 'wash and squash' recyclable plastics, foil and cartons to reduce contamination and to free up space The blue recycling bin is for the disposal of all 'recyclable' household waste apart from paper and card. This is taken to a recycling plant in Lincolnshire for processing. Items that go into your blue recycling bin. All items must be empty, clean and dry with no food residue and placed loosely in the bin

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — Calgarians who go the extra mile while organizing their recyclables and compost could have their green or blue cart outfitted with a gold tag. It's a new aspect of a spot-checking program from the city that's been around in one form or another, since 2008. If our spot. They contaminate your blue bin and slow the recycling process. They should be returned to any big box store that gives out plastic bags. They're required by New York state law to take them back for recycling, Lawton said. Thin filmed plastic like plastic bubble wrap can also go in the blue bin, as long as its clean and dry Please do NOT place into your blue bin: Glass. Food waste. Plastic bags. Plastic film and black plastic food trays. Polystyrene or other plastic packaging material. Paint tins. Foil wrapping paper. Hard backs from catalogues (inner pages can be recycled Before anything goes in your blue cart, check that it is on the list of accepted material and make sure it is clean of food and residue. This will ensure we are only collecting high-quality recyclable materials. Hard Plastics Paper and cardboard are accepted in your blue bin. Please ensure it is clean and dry The Big, Blue Bin. The Big, Blue Bin. Meet Recycle Ben™, the Dallas recycle roll cart. Download the Recycling Guide today! The City of Dallas accepts the following recyclable items in the blue recycling carts and community recycling centers: Glass: Bottles and jars of any color.

Blue bin. Items accepted. Please ensure all items are clean (Tops Off, Empty, Washed, Squashed) Empty plastic bottles without tops (put tops in the bin separately and other plastic pots, tubs and trays. Clean steel and aluminium food and drink cans, foil and aerosols. Washed glass bottles and jars with tops or lids removed, placed tops/lids in. What Goes Where - Residential Collection Program. The Grey or Blue Bins - Recycling . The grey or blue bins are for recycling of plastics, glass, paper and metal. Blue bins are now available in 96-gallon size. Accepted Materials Newspaper, Cardboard and Mixed Paper Home > Resident > Bins, Waste & Recycling > Recycling > What Goes in My Recycling Bin What can be recycled in your blue recycling bin? Residents can make use of their blue recycling bin to dispose of the following: I have too much recycling.. Never put glass in your blue bags as it is dangerous for our workers - recycle it at one of our bottle banks instead; All recycling bags with the wrong items in will be marked with a sticker and left behind. Take a look on the A-Z of recycling for a full list of what goes in your blue bag or read our FAQs Whether you're at home, work, or school, the materials you can recycle are the same. Mixed paper, plastic bottles and tubs, and metal containers and foil, are all allowed in the recycling bins together. Glass bottles and jars go in a separate glass-only labeled container

Please ensure all items are placed loose in the blue bin and blue bag and not bagged as this may result in your bin or bag not being emptied. Please do not use wheelie bin liners in either your blue or brown bins as these can cause contamination issues resulting in loads being rejected and sent for disposal as general waste Your blue bin is for paper, card, cans and plastic. Your blue bin is emptied every 2 weeks. Please do not put items into plastic bags, just straight into the bin; Please rinse cans, cartons and plastics before putting them in the bin; Please leave the lids off bottles so they can be squashed, or squash them and put the lids back o You should only use your blue recycling bin for: cardboard; cartons - including fruit juice cartons, milk cartons, Tetra Pak food tins and drinks cans; mixed glass, bottles and jars - lids and tops can be either left on or off; mixed paper; plastic bottles - lids and tops can be either left on or off plastic tubs, pots and trays - remove any film lids and pads in the bottom of trays, place in. The following items go into your grey recycling bin with the blue lid. Swipe to see full table. Material. Yes please. No thanks. Plastics. all plastic bottles (squash and replace lids except pumps) plastic pots (such as yoghurt, cream) plastic tubs (such as margarine, butter, ice cream

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What goes in the green recycling bin? Green bins are most often used for glass recycling so bottles and jars. Some Councils provide Green Wheelie bins or Smaller green containers for food waste such as vegetable peelings, coffee grounds and bones. What goes in the blue recycling bin? These are usually for paper and cardboard The four-bin collection system consists of blue bins (recyclables), green bins (tree and yard trimmings), black bins (residual waste) and brown bins (horse manure). LASAN offers bulky items collection to 600,000 multi-family units

Recycling: Number 4 Plastics CAN be placed in Fresno's blue recycling carts. Recycled into: Trash can liners and cans, compost bins, shipping envelopes, paneling, lumber, landscaping ties, and floor tile. LDPE is a flexible plastic with many applications. It poses little to no risk of leaching harmful chemicals Most cities now offer the three-bin system: Green for Yard Waste and Food Waste, Blue for Recycling, and Gray for everything that ends up in the landfill. Once something is buried in a landfill, it stays there forever. We lose precious resources that could have been reused. In addition, all organic waste (or green /yard waste) breaks down in. Watch this short animation that explains what happens to recyclables after they are collected at kerbside.. Download a handy list of what can and cannot be placed in your blue bin. Acceptable in blue bin: Not acceptable in blue bin: Tips: Paper (ensure paper is dry) newspapers and magazines, junk mail, plain envelopes, office paper, telephone books, catalogue blue bins for glass only - this is the same as what would go in a glass caddy. We will also use recycling symbols that are commonly used so it will be even clearer what should go into each bin. Recycling shared bins also have labels saying 'no black bags' as well as metal blocking plates to stop people forcing black bags in them What goes in my bins, bags and boxes; What goes in my bins, bags and boxes Refuse (Grey bin) Help protect the environment by recycling as much as you can. Only use the grey bin for anything that you cannot put in your recycling bins. For a small fee, we can provide a bulky waste collection for large household items

Your blue bin contains only recyclable plastic bottles, pots, tubs, trays, glass jars/bottles and tins. Your brown bin contains only cardboard and paper waste-. Your grey bin contains only household non-recyclable waste, and that anything recyclable is placed in one of the above containers. Please put the right material in your recycling bins What goes in my bin? A- Z of recycling; What not to put in your blue-lid recycling bin Please think carefully about what goes in. If your recycling bin contains items we can't recycle, it can make the rest of your recycling unusable. Please do not put the following items in your blue-lid recycling bin: Black sacks, plastic/carrier bag

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Do you know what goes in your blue, brown, green and grey bins? Blue paper and cardboard bin. Find out what goes in your blue bin, how often it's collected and how to request a new or replacement bin. Brown garden and food waste bin Blue bin (for recyclables) Green bin (for yard trimmings) Brown bin (for horse manure) For single family residences, bins must be placed at the curb by 6:00am on the day of collection, and removed no later than 8:00pm on the day of collection. If you're able, please place bins 6-12 inches apart and 6-12 inches from the curb or other solid objects

Editor's note: Does This Go in the Blue Bin is one of our most-popular quizzes. We're giving you another chance to challenge your knowledge of good recycling decisions. Across the U.S., one of the biggest influences on recycling success is your decision about what to toss in the blue bin Not everything can go in those blue bins. Glue, ribbons and glitter-dusted decorations can clog the recycling process.Most nonpaper products need to be tossed or reused Blue bin recycling should be placed at the curb no earlier than 6 p.m. the night before collection and no later than 7 a.m. on the day of collection. The time of collection can change at any time without notice. Remember, not everything can or should go in your household recycling. Facial tissues, paper towels and napkins belong in the green bin Microwave food boxes. Wax cereal/cracker box liners. Books. Gummed or glued bindings. Paper towels, napkins, tissue paper. Paper plates, soiled paper. Adhesive backed or sticky notes. Carbon paper, thermal fax paper. Aluminum foil boxes St. Louis, MO 63110. recycle@stlouis-mo.gov. 314-772-4646. Thank You for Recycling! This is a program of the City of St. Louis. For more information about City services, click here. Funding for this website provided in part by: Join Your Neighbors and Pledge to Recycle This Year! St. Louis residents recycle 61 lbs of material every minute, but.

What goes in your bin; If your blue bin is full you can put out extra recycling, alongside your blue bin when the weather is dry. Please cut up any large cardboard boxes into smaller pieces and put them back inside one small or medium sized cardboard box. Please make sure any extra recycling will fit into your blue bin so we can re-empty it We'll leave your blue bag under the lid of your bin when we've emptied it. If your bag is light, and there's room in the recycling bin for the bag, you can present the bag inside the bin. If your recycling bag is too heavy for safe handling or contains the wrong materials we won't be able to take it. If this happens we'll put a bright. Blue Wheelie Bin collections are to be put out, at the rear of the footpath, by 7.00am on collection day. Additional recycling placed by the side of the blue wheelie bin WILL NOT be collected. If you feel you need additional recycling capacity (larger Blue Wheelie Bin) please contact waste/recycling services on: 01543 462621 or email. Blue Recycle Bin (pictured above second from the left) Recycle Paper (Papel) - standard office papers, magazines or newspaper. Recycle Cardboard (Cartón) - cardboard boxes, cereal boxes and the like. (Not milk and juice, those go in the yellow)What to deposit:Newspapers, magazines, comics, cardboard, paper or cardboard packaging, brochures, envelopes, folios, advertising, folded cartons. Address 4410 W. Piedras Dr. San Antonio, TX 78228 Phone 210.207.642

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Resource Recovery & Recycling Division 2500 Michigan Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90404 Map Phone: 310-458-2223 Fax: 310-264-7750 email: recycling@smgov.net Office Hours: To prevent the spread of COVID-19, our offices will be CLOSED to the public until further notice Download our What Goes Where guide for a convenient poster that will summarize what you can recycle, what goes into your garbage and what you can take to Eco Stations.. All the materials listed below can be recycled in blue bags, apartment blue bins and recycling depots.Please do not recycle anything that is not listed. Improper items can jam machinery, damage equipment and increase the risk. Recyclables in cardboard boxes, grocery bins, laundry baskets or garbage cans will not be collected. There is no limit to how many Blue Boxes or clear plastic bags of recyclable material that can be placed for collection. You can mix all recyclable material into the same Blue Box or clear plastic bag What you can put into your blue bin. *What can't go into the blue bin. Large brown cardboard boxes. Newspaper and magazines (these should be placed into your blue bag) Corrugated card. Envelopes (these should be placed into your blue bag) Cereal boxes. Junk mail/flyers (these should be placed into your blue bag Place in green bin. Examples include: lawn clippings, prunings, small sticks, twigs, flowers and leaves. Note: No large stumps or branches. Remember: Please don't place green waste in your Red Bin as it will be landfilled and generate methane, 24 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide

What goes in your bin Use this service if you're not sure what you should put in your household rubbish. This uses part of your web browser that's turned off at the moment In broad terms, black bins are used for hazardous pharmaceutical waste. Pharmaceutical waste is generated through the preparation and/or administration of pharmaceutical agents and may include the following: Discarded medications. Partially used syringes, vials, and IV bags. Medication aerosols and inhalers Luckily, most bins are color-coded to help us remember what goes where. The Blue Bins accept a combination of rigid plastic, metal and glass. These different materials are sorted out later in the recycling process

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To save space in your blue bin please stack similar containers together, flatten cardboard boxes and squash bottles/cans. You must not put items such as used tissues, gloves or disposable cleaning cloths into your recycling bins. This is very important, they must be bagged and placed in the black bin. More government issued guidance can be. Your coloured bins are used as follows: Blue bin - recyclable materials. Black bin - non-recyclable and non-compostable materials. Green bin - food and garden waste. Use our interactive search to find out what specific items can be put in each of your bins, on our what goes in which bin webpage When moving to a new address, leave the garbage cart and recycling bins at your old address. Place them behind the home so that they are not visible from the street. If you move to a new address and there are no blue or yellow recycle bins, please call 866-NEW-BINS or request new recycling bins online

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