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IMPORTANT: This is a general summary of zoning regulations for the R-4 (Multiple Residence) Zoning District in unincorporated Alameda County. It is not a complete or official guide to zoning regulations, policies or standards. For specific information, please contact the Planning Department at (510) 670-5410. R-4 Distric Zone R4 High Density Residential 1 Objectives of zone • To provide for the housing needs of the community within a high density residential environment. • To provide a variety of housing types within a high density residential environment

Purpose (en français). The Residential Zone Four: a) accommodates residential development in established neighbourhoods with a variety of low height, low density building forms; b) allows for the conversion of older housing stock for additional dwelling units up to a maximum of six (6) dwelling units; c) is generally located in peripheral areas to the city centre and in close proximity to low. Medium Density Mixed Residential. Article 6.05.09 (PDF) R2M Brochure (PDF) R3. Medium High Density Residential. Article 6.05.10 (PDF) R3 Brochure (PDF) RR-1. Rural Residential Single Family

Increases the impervious surface ratio of the R-3 and R-4 zoning district from 0.35 and 0.45 to 0.55; and Adds a note stating that Development approved after September 22, 2011 shall adhere to the ISR of its zoning district or Future Land Use Category, whichever is more stringent Page Division 1. Administration and Enforcement: 4:5 Sec. 4.1.1 Dimensional requirements for lots, parcels or other tracts of land which are zoned a mixture of RC and another zone classification: In instances where Resource Corridor boundaries split existing lots parcels or tracts of land, the subject property may be subdivided into lots meeting the minimum lot area and width requirements of the zoning classification of the property not classified as.

FMSF Florida Master Site File (Historical) FPE Flood Protection Elevation FPL Florida Power & Light FPZA Florida Planning and Zoning Association FQD Florida Quality Development F.S. Florida Statutes FSP Final Site Plan FSUTMS Florida Standard Urban Transportation Modeling Structure FTA Federal Transit Administration FTC Florida Communities Trus Florida State Zoning And Land Regulations Before you start a business in an industrial area in Florida, you need the proper licenses, permits, and regulations. While regulations vary from one industry to another, it's important to understand the zoning and land regulations in the area where your business is to open UPDATE: On August 22, 2012, the City of Philadelphia enacted a New Philadelphia Zoning Code. R-4 districts are now RSA-2. Click here for our RSA-2 Zoning Guide. If you filed a zoning application before August 22, 2012, information about the old zoning code is below: Generally, R-4 districts allow for single family dwellings (and places to look up the zoning rules in your particular jurisdiction and then look up the local Comprehensive Plan, which also has the force of law in Florida. Amending the Code or the Comp Plan is a legislative decision, but applying the Code and the Comp Plan is a QUASI-JUDICIAL decision by local government When the map is zoomed into a small area, you will be able to select the box next to 'Zoning.' At that point, you should see multiple colors and codes appear on the map, such as R4, AC, MPUD, C2, I1,etc. This delineates the zoning for that particular parcel

R4 Zoning - Walking Distance to Lake George-O/F This beautiful property is within walking distance to Lake George! This stunning.19 acre lot is exactly what you're looking for! Build your weekend retreat, winter getaway or full time residence Zoning is responsible for administering the Volusia County zoning code regulations through the review of applications for building permits, site plans, subdivisions, and business tax receipts. Staff also assists the public with questions related to the zoning code such as zoning classifications, dimensional requirements, permitted land uses, and supplemental standards A helpful outside source may be industry definitions for the subject term, when the regulated industry has terms of such common usage that they have become an industry standard. This helps to eliminate confusion in the application of the LDR regulations by that industry. But care should be taken to be sure the industry definition fits the goals.


PINELLAS COUNTY ZONING DISTRICT SUMMARY * Effective Date: 01/01/2019 This is a convenient reference of unincorporated Pinellas County's zoning districts. It does not contain all requirements of the Land Development Code. Please visit Florida Administrative Code, Standards for Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems. 220.05 APPLICANT - The record owner or his/her authorized representative, of a tract of land which is the subject of a request for a change in zoning classification, a conditional use, a variance, a special exception or a Zoning. Zoning focuses on how land is currently being used and how it will be used in the future. The goal is to provide for public safety and protect the character of neighborhoods. Here you will find zoning applications, maps, fees, and other helpful information

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  1. To find your future land use designation and zoning classification click on the plus sign (+) in front of Land_Use_Zoning. A drop down menu will appear listing several layers of information. To turn a layer of information on, use your mouse curser to place a check mark in the box adjacent to the information you wish to see
  2. Planning & Zoning. What is zoning? Zoning is the division of a city or county, by legislative regulations, into areas or districts. Within these, permitted uses, conditional uses or special exceptions are established, as are regulations governing lot size, building bulk, placement, and other development standards
  3. Visit the office at 440 Court St, 4th Floor, Clearwater, FL 33756; Submit the applicable application to the Land Use and Zoning Division. Applicants are encouraged (but not required) to call or visit the Land Use and Zoning Division to review the proposal

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Chapter 500 Zoning Standards. Chapter 500 Table of Contents (PDF) Section 501 General (PDF) Section 502 Designation of Districts (PDF) Section 503 A-C Agricultural District (PDF) Section 504 AC-1 Agricultural District (PDF) Section 505 A-R Agricultural-Residential District (PDF) Section 506 AR-1 Agricultural-Residential District (PDF Limitations on zoning for manufactured homes. However, there are restrictions on local government that wish to limit mobile home placement. According to MRSC.org, Local governments may not enact construction, safety, and energy standards that are stricter than those established the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) since Congress passed the National Manufactured Housing. ZONING. AN EXPLANATION OF ZONING DISTRICTS IN SARASOTA COUNTY, FLORIDA. WHAT IS ZONING? Zoning's fundamental purpose is to protect a community's health, safety and welfare. It is a system of land use regulations that classify how land can be used R4 regulations R4 envelope. Title: R4 Regulations Author: NYC Department of City Planning Subject: Residential Districts Created Date: 9/27/2016 10:59:50 AM.

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City View / City Zoning. description: This map shows the zoning and future land use designations for the twelve participating municipalities in Lake County Florida, including Astatula, Clermont, Eustis, Fruitland Park, Groveland, Howey, Mascotte, Minneola, Montverde, Mount Dora, Tavares, and Umatilla. Each municipality manages their own data. 20.18.010 Purposes of Residential Zoning Districts. The purposes of the individual residential zoning districts and the manner in which they are applied are as follows: A. R-A (Residential-Agricultural) Zoning District. The R-A zoning district is intended to provide for areas appropriate for detached single-family residential dwelling units and. Zone B3 Commercial Core. • To provide a wide range of retail, business, office, entertainment, community and other suitable land uses that serve the needs of the local and wider community. • To encourage appropriate employment opportunities in accessible locations. • To maximise public transport patronage and encourage walking and cycling

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  1. g activities from incompatible non-farm uses. Usually designated as A-1 land or zoning, the purpose of the zoning is to conserve and protect open land uses, foster orderly growth in rural areas and prevent.
  2. Once the property is generated, Click the zoning tab. You will see the zone column (this is also referred to as your transect zone) and is labeled as T4-L, C-CI, D-D1, etc. TIP: If there are numbers in between the letter names of your zone, you can disregard those for now
  3. is constructed to standards and rules adopted by the Florida Department of Community Affairs (DCA). A DCA modular home can be placed in any zoning district, as long as all the relevant provisions of the Land Development Code are met. A manufactured home (or mobile home) dwelling bears a HUD certification sticker

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For the official zoning district charts, published by Municipal Code Corporation, please visit the respective Land Development Codes below. City of Tallahassee, Florida - Land Development Code (scroll down to Article IV) Leon County, Florida - Land Development Code (scroll down to Article VI, Division 6 If you require a Planning and Zoning Property Status Report which will consist of a Planning and Zoning development history of the property, the cost is $250. Contact Development Services for a sample. Opens a New Window. *Requests with payment can be mailed to the Zoning office or submitted in person. Please make checks payable to the City of. The Planning Division is responsible for maintaining the zoning sections of the Land Development Regulations. For more information, please call 386-626-7004, email planning@deland.org or request a Pre-Application Meeting* on Citizen Portal. *Register for an account under New Users (click here for instructions). Choose the Planning tab, then select Record Type Zoning Division 789 Providence Blvd Brooksville, FL 34601. Phone (352) 754-4048 Fax (352) 754-4416. For Zoning department inquiries only Email. For Code Enforcement requests or inquiries, please contact (352) 754-405

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The Lake County Land Development Regulation provides a table of permitted and conditional uses for each zoning district. Schedule of Permitted and Conditional Uses (Table 3.01.03 via Municode.com) Each permitted and conditional use also has a description of the use type: Permitted (Section 3.01.02 via Municode.com) Lake County has four planned. Carports. RU-4L - Diagram. Article XVIIA. RU-4L, Limited Apartment House District. What is Zoning? Zoning controls the use and development of land and buildings for the health, welfare and safety of the community. What is Setback? A setback is the required minimum horizontal distance between the front, sides, and rear of the lot to the building R4 is a low density Residential Zoning District in NYC. In an R4 Zoning District you can build detached or attached homes as well as small multifamily buildings. This case study is of a small residential building for multifamily use and ten attached two family houses

Planning & Zoning. Planning for the future, while preserving the past is crucial to keeping St. Pete's authentic fabric. Below are resources to learn more about what's planned for the future of the city. Zoning forms and applications for business and property owners. A list of projects that are currently in the planning phase Loading space is required for the RAS3, R4, RAS4, and R5 zones in accordance with Section 12.21 C 6 of the Zoning Code. Open Space is required for 6 or more residential units in accordance with Section 12.21 G of the Zoning Code The current zoning code has five (5) single family and five (5) multifamily zones. The distinction between the zones is minimal. The housing types allowed in any of the single family zones is largely the same, with the main distinguishing characteristic being the minimum lot area for new land divisions. In th Planning and Zoning. The Planning and Zoning Division is responsible for project management, oversight and resource coordination for planning-related projects for the Development Services Department. The division also prepares analysis for Comprehensive Plan amendments and ordinances for changes to the Land Development Code. Office: 850-595-3475

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  1. Planning and Zoning Contacts; Name / Email: Description: Phone / Fax: Zoning Inquiries zoning@copbfl.com: For all general Zoning inquiries please call the Zoning help desk or send an Email: 954.786.4679: David Recor David.Recor@copbfl.com: Development Services Director: 954.786.4664: Jennifer Gomez jennifer.gomez@copbfl.com: Assistant.
  2. Find the zoning of any property in Hillsborough County with this Hillsborough County Zoning Map and Zoning Code. Find other city and county zoning maps here at ZoningPoint
  3. Section 9.103. Classification of Zoning Districts. The following zoning districts established in this Chapter and in Chapter 11 are classified according to whether they are residential or non-residential. (1) Residential Zoning Districts include R-3, R-4, R-5, R-6, R-8, R-8MF, R-12MF
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  5. 501 S. Commerce Ave. Sebring, FL 33870. Phone: (863) 402-6638. Zoning staff are incredibly knowledgeable. Most have worked in the division for several years and they are there to help citizens navigate the land use process. They can answer questions about set backs, building permits, and the highest and best use of a property

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  1. The Zoning Map shows how the City is divided up into separate and distinct Zoning Districts, Zoning Overlays and Specific Plans. What can be built, and how properties can be used under the assigned zoning designation is defined in the City's Municipal Code. Specific information on what type of buildings can be constructed includes how.
  2. 4. Locate the Zoning District. Map Mart, view Zoning Maps. Resources. Map Mart Zoning, Land Use and Development Maps can be found here. IMAP Layers (Land Use, Zoning, Utility Zones, Overlay Districts, etc.) Interactive mapping that will locate a parcel and related information with an address or PIN. 2025 Comprehensive Plan (Land Use Element
  3. Zoning Map Map Created By: City of Belleview Development Services Updated: 10/21/20 This map is for informational purposes only and may not reflect the most current conditions. 00.55 1.10.275 Miles Legend Zoning ZONE1 M-2 M-1 B-5 B-4 B-3 B-2 B-1 CPD H GU R-O R-4 R-3 R-2 R-1 RMH RPD AG MC Zoning Marion County Zoning

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  1. The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for: reviewing and evaluating all land development order applications (such as plats, plat note amendments, site plans, site plan modifications, special exception use, variance, and zoning district map amendments) and reviewing land development permits (such as building, sign, tree removal permits and residential paint permits) and occupational.
  2. Zoning Acronyms - click the link for a list of acronyms and definitions used in our zone codes. Marion County Comprehensive Plan is a guide to development and conservation of Marion County's land resources. It provides the basis for deci­sions on the physical, social, and economic development of Marion County
  3. The City of Weston, FL is not responsible for the content of external sites. Thank you for visiting the City of Weston, FL. You will be redirected to the destination page below in 5 seconds..
  4. The below list covers the most common zoning districts for commercial property use: O-1, O-1.5 and O-2: office districts; NC: neighborhood commercial, C-1, C-2 and C-3: commercial districts, D: downtown L: light industrial I-1: general industrial I-2: heavy industrial ERZD: Edwards Recharge Zone District Information on uses permitted in the various zoning districts can be found in the Examples.
  5. The Zoning Code of Miami-Dade County, Florida, is available online under Chapter 33 of the County Code. To obtain a copy of the complete Miami-Dade County Code, call Municipal Code Corporation at 1-800-262-2633. The Miami-Dade Zoning Code is considered a hybrid code containing both a traditional, Euclidian zoning section and a form-based section
  6. Tip. The R1 Zoning is one of the most commonly found zoning types in residential neighborhoods. This particular classification allows single-family homes to be built, with one unit intended per lot

The County of Kaua 'i adopted the first General Plan in 1971 (updated in 1984, 2000, and 2018). Subsequently, in September 1, 1972, the County of Kaua'i adopted the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO). The CZO establishes land districts and delineates types of permitted uses that can take place in those districts, as well as provides regulations and standards for land development and the. Holmes Beach zoning map explained: R1 and R1 AA zones may only be rented for 30 days or more. There has been a great deal of discussion in the past that one guest per month is acceptable however the code does dictate 30 day minimums so if you are purchasing a Holmes Beach property for rental income be sure to utilize 30 day minimums as your reference for income to be sure you use a. 0 LAFITTE DRIVE HUDSON, FL 34667 $37,500 $161/mo Acres R4 Zoning 4 days On Website Active Status Beautiful and affordable lot to build your dream home in the desirable waterfront community of Sea Pines. From the Sea Pines Community boat ramp you will have direct Gulf access that is just minutes away

General Zoning Districts - Chapter 3-Page 2 Effective 05/2016 3.2. ZONING DISTRICT PURPOSES 3.2.1. A, Agricultural and F, Forestry District Purposes (A) F-5, Forestry and Recreation District The F-5 zoning district is a 5 acre district intended to accommodate the conservation of forest resources, protect the natural environment and preserv 3611 and 3613 woodville highway ordinance no. 21-z-21 an ordinance of the city of tallahassee, florida designating and including additional territory located on 3.009 acres at 3611 and 3613 woodville highway as and in general commercial c-2 from office residential or-2 on the official zoning map of the city of tallahassee adopted and established by the city commission; providing for conflicts.

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Fauquier Co. Zoning Classifications RA - Rural Agricultural RC - Rural Conservation V - Village RR2 - Rural Residential-2 R1 - Residential -1 Dwelling Units/Acre R2 - Residential -2 Dwelling Units/Acre R4 - Residential -4 Dwelling Units/Acre TH - Townhouse GA - Garden Apartment MDP - Manufactured Dwelling Park PRD - Planned Residential Developmen Planning & Zoning. The role of the Division of Planning and Zoning is to guide growth and development through informed and thoughtful regulation and analysis of land use within the City of Paterson utilizing the City's Master Plan. The division is charged with maintaining continuity between the Zoning Ordinances and other land use elements

Zoning districts are delineated to reflect similar existing land uses, availability of public water and sewer or lack thereof, access, location, need for additional uses, and physical constraints such as soils, drainage, and flooding. The zoning districts may be changed to encourage appropriate growth and development based on land use plans or. 0 LONG BOAT LANE Hudson, FL 34667 R4 Zoning 8 days On Website Active Status I'm Interested First Name Last Name Email Address Phone (optional) Schedule a showing In Person Virtual Zoning R4 Area And Schools City Hudson County Or Parish. The Polk County Planning Division provides the Zoning Ordinance for your reference and convenience. Documents are provided in Portable Document Format (.pdf). PDF versions can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.If you don't already have Acrobat installed on your system, you may download the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which acts as a plug-in for your web browser, for free

Types of Zoning - Real Estate. Homes Details: Zoning categories and symbols vary among communities.A C-1 zone in one city is not necessarily the same as a C-1 in another. Typically, jurisdictions use letters of the alphabet as code abbreviations to identify the use allowed in a physical geographic area, such as R for residential, C for commercial, and I property zoning type R4 (intended for office and/or multi-family residential; See Hamilton County Zoning Regulations for specific area and height requirements. Agricultural. A1 (low density residential, intended for agricultural uses and single-family dwellings at 2 units per acre maximum ZONING TABLE TABLE OF ZONING DISTRICT REGULATIONS ZONING DISTRICT MINIMUM LOT SIZE WIDTH AT BUILDING LINE MINIMUM HOUSE SIZE SETBACKS INFORMATIONAL NOTE: This table is subject to amendment from time to time. F Side St* S R Please contact the Planning and Development Division Office at 407 -665 7371 for further information Zoning 7375 Powell Road Suite 115 Wildwood, FL 34785 Ph: 352-689-4400 Fx: 352-689-4401 Hours Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Bushnell Office 319 East Anderson Ave

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Chapter 656. ZONING CODE. Part 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS. Part 2. ZONING ATLAS AND DISTRICT BOUNDARIES. Part 3. SCHEDULE OF DISTRICT REGULATIONS. Part 4 Permitting information for properties located within the City of Fort Pierce can be obtained by dialing (772) 467-3000. Their office is located at 100 North US Highway 1 in downtown Ft. Pierce. Hours of operation are between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. St. Lucie County participates in Florida's On-Line Permitting One Stop Center. Zoning Designations City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County RU(CD) = Rural district—min. lot size 15,000 sq. ft. (conditional zoning) R-15(CD) = Single family—min. lot size 15,000 sq. ft. (conditional zoning

Zoning. Physical Address. 200 NW 2nd Avenue. Boca Raton, FL 33432. 200 NW 2nd Avenue Boca Raton FL 33432. Directions. Zoning One-Stop Center. 561-544-8530. Zoning Officer-561-393-7909 In Single Family Residential zoning districts (R1-35 or smaller lots) horses must be kept in corrals located in the rear yard, set back at least 40 feet from all lot lines, and containing at least 1,200 square feet of area per horse kept therein. The rights for keeping horses are broader for properties zoned Rural (such as RU-70 or RU-43) Zoning ordinances almost always have a definitions section, though, so if you have questions about a term, check there before you pester the employee. If the ordinance is not on-line, someone needs to go to city hall or at the very least, talk to a trusted city employee by phone and ask for the entire text pertaining to the proposed zoning. Zoning basically makes sure a factory doesn't open next to a school. It consists of regulations that control how big of a building you can build on a property, what you can do inside it. You can't just build anything anywhere - every property in Chicago lives in a zoning district of one kind or another

The Planning and Zoning / Development Services Department is managed by Jim Hickey, AICP, establishes and enforces development criteria such as setbacks, building heights, landscaping, and signs, to assure that Weston's unique appearance is preserved.All building plans, whether new construction or the modification of an existing building, require the review and approval of Planning and Zoning. Land use and zoning regulations control how land can be used and developed. In Florida, local governments, including cities and counties, are required to regulate land use (Fla. Stat. § 163.3167(1)). These regulations are found in city and county land use development codes (also known as zoning ordinances or zoning codes) The Planning department regulates the orderly expansion of the City through long-range planning activities as well as studying the established uses to ensure their continued benefit. Planning analyzes requests to ensure compliance with the Comprehensive Plan and makes recommendations on development proposals and changes of zoning that affect the general welfare of the City of New Smyrna Beach

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1958 Interactive DC Zoning Map. This interactive web-based Zoning Map showcases the zone designations of the Zoning Regulations of 1958 and is provided for historical reference only. As of September 6, 2016, these zones are no longer in effect. Go To Map > Zoning Codes. A maximum number of six (6) residents are allowed for a boarding home in a single family zoning district. There is a required minimum 1/2 mile separation between boarding homes. Boarding homes must comply with the Minimum Property Maintenance Code requirements. Find additional information on City Zoning

Find the zoning of any property in Clearwater with this Clearwater Zoning Map and Zoning Code. Find other city and county zoning maps here at ZoningPoint Residential: In residential districts, zoning does not specify minimum or maximum densities. R-2, R-4, R-8, R-15, and R-40 zoning districts have no direct bearing on minimum or maximum allowed densities. Instead, these zoning districts each specify building setbacks and other regulations, such a Horse-Friendly Zoning. Population growth in rural areas affects the horse industry on a national level and threatens to become worse through the millennium. As people move closer to properties with horses, zoning conflicts sometimes result. The zoning problem is serious. It affects the horse industry on a national level and threatens to become. This is a SUMMARY ONLY of the Los Angeles County Zoning Ordinance (unincorporated area). The information herein is NOT ALL-INCLUSIVE.. One other thing to also keep in mind --USES MUST BE CONSISTENT WITH THE GENERAL PLAN, LOCAL PLANS, AND/OR COMMUNITY STANDARDS DISTRICTS.THESE MAY LIMIT THE TYPE AND INTENSITY OF USE.. For more complete information, see Title 22 (Planning and Zoning) of the Los.

For permitting within the city limits of Panama City, prior approval from Panama City Planning and Zoning Department is required. Contractor Licensing. View information regarding Bay County's licensing requirements, exam dates and other licensing concerns. Land Development Regulations (PDF) View the Bay County Land Development Regulations The zoning layer constitutes the official zoning map for Loudoun County and is a component of the official zoning ordinance. It reflects expiration of grandfathering provisions of the 1972 Zoning Ordinance for certain proffered PD-H and R-Districts created prior to June 16, 1993. The zoning data is owned and maintained by Loudoun County.

This electronic version of the Zoning Code is maintained by the City's Planning and Development Department. The online code is updated periodically after the Council adopts an amendment to the Zoning Code. To check to see if there are recent changes, please contact the Current Planning Section at (626) 744-4009 Planning is in charge of keeping an updated Comprehensive Plan, which is the written document setting out policies and recommendations for future growth and development of the City. Zoning consists of a whole body of regulations that are intended to coordinate land development for current and future needs of the City. Flood Protectio Holiday Florida Zoning Map Districts. Zoneomics operates the most comprehensive zoning database for Holiday Florida and other zoning maps across the U.S. Zoneomics includes over 50 million real estate properties, each property features zoning code/district, permitted land uses, development standards, rezoning and variance data. Zoneomics attracts a large community of Florida real estate. Zoning. Welcome to the Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission's Zoning Department. Our mission is to serve the public, to protect our resources, and to guide growth in conformance with the Liberty Consolidated Comprehensive Plan and the Regional Plan of Coastal Georgia. We are able to help you with your zoning-related and land use questions. San Diego Municipal Code, Chapter 13, Article 01, Division 04 contains regulations and other information about residential base zones. It also contains regulations about many other zones that may not apply to your property. Carefully read it to see the kinds of uses that your zone designation allows and to look at the applicable development regulations, such as setbacks

Section 1.035 ZONING PERMIT 10.060 Prior to the construction, reconstruction, addition to, or change of use of a structure, or the change of use of a lot, or the installation or replacement 6f a mobile home on a lot, a zoning permit shall be obtained from the county planning office. Within the Flood Hazard Area, a permit shall be require Zoning districts that apply only in Chugiak-Eagle River are in Chapter 21.10 of the code. If using the online version of the code, search 21.10.010 for more information. Girdwood. In November, 2005 the Assembly created 29 new zoning districts that apply only in Girdwood, found in Chapter 21.09 Land Use Information. Land Use Ordinances A land use ordinance adopts, amends or repeals provisions of the Washington County Comprehensive Plan, which includes the Transportation System Plan, the Community Plans, the Community Development Code and/or related maps, or otherwise directly governs the use of the land Allow church zoning in a wide variety of zoning districts, however. Some will want highway zoning, some new congregations will find space in a building in need of a shopping center renovation, and some lower-income churches will be delighted in an inexpensive but grungy industrial space. Of course it also follows from what we are saying that if.