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Decorative & Functional! Set Your Garden Apart from the Others Great Prices and Selection of Fountains. Up To 70% Off! Shop Thousands of Fountains You'll Love at Wayfai All of our small backyard waterfalls are beautifully designed for our smaller prefab rock ponds and make spectacular water features for the home's flowerbeds. Our garden pond waterfalls rock SRW-018 stands about 13 tall while expanding to 26 in length Small Waterfalls the Real Gem of the Flower Garden. Looking to create a unique treasure for your flowerbed? Here at Everything Waterfalls we have five classic small waterfalls that would create that special gem for any rock garden or flowerbed. These awesome garden waterfalls in combination with our small artificial rock ponds make eye catching water features for the smaller size garden landscape

May 13, 2020 - Explore Miho Lazarov's board Small garden waterfalls on Pinterest. See more ideas about garden waterfall, ponds backyard, waterfalls backyard It's not difficult to create a waterfall pond feature rather than the conventional pond. With this small waterfall pond landscaping ideas you will inspired to make your own small waterfall on your home backyard

A wall waterfall produces an immediate focal point on your garden, which contributes a part of peace while assisting drown out the audio of raucous neighbors or traffic nearby. Setting up the waterfall properly from the start would mean you will have many years to appreciate the sound of spilling water in your yard pond Another style of a small waterfall consists of a series of steps (that is, rock ledges). The water cascades down these steps on its way to the pond Alternatively, place a small waterfall in the far corner of your garden. 25. Drifting in the Waterfall. Source: purelyponds. Driftwood is an excellent exterior design element with a lot of character. It is easy to think of an engaging backstory for it as you set up a driftwood waterfall in your garden In a more expansive garden, a small waterfall leads out from between flowered bushes and splashes down into a shallow, winding stone stream ending in a larger pond. A rambling downhill stream empties into a large garden pond with a patch of lilypads at the center. A single large boulder sits in the shallows

1-48 of over 2,000 results for Small Garden Pond with Waterfall Aquascape 78325 AquaGarden Pond and Waterfall Kit Container Water Garden, Measures 23. 5-inch in Diameter and 9 7/8-inch Tall, Brown 4.4 out of 5 stars 31 Sep 20, 2019 - Explore Niea Sinclair's board Small backyard ponds, followed by 222 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about backyard, ponds backyard, waterfalls backyard PeterIvan Outdoor Waterfall Fountain - Relaxing Soothing Garden Fountains Outdoor, Fountain Patio Outdoor for The Garden&Patio with LED Lights and Charming Outdoor Water Feature 4.4 out of 5 stars 45 $109.99 $ 109 . 99 $118.99 $118.9 Scirpus is a very popular plant that surround backyard ponds and waterfalls. Several large rocks and a bunch of pebbles is more than enough to construct a beautiful garden waterfall. Pondless water fixture made only of natural stones. Surround your garden waterfall with flowers and it'd look like it was there before your house Water, flowing down the wall, falls a short distance into a pool with a submerged limestone panel. The light noise of the falling water helps soften the sounds of the bustling downtown neighbourhood, creating a tranquil back drop for living and entertaining

In the image above river stones border this backyard garden waterfall creating a peaceful environment to enjoy. Water flowing through multi-level flag stones into the pond creates a calming, soft and gentle ambient sound. The natural sound and sight of water flowing is soothing and can transform your backyard in to a relaxing oasis Indeed, many homeowners who are landscaping in small spaces would prefer a smaller waterfall, as long as it brings the wonderfully soothing sound that results from water striking water. One alternative is to use pre-cast concrete forms that mimic stone for the cascading structure Our small waterfall designs are spectacular for smaller landscapes such as the flower bed or rock garden. These breathtaking artificial waterfall rocks can be combined with our other faux rock formations for the perfect water garden oasis. Our small waterfalls are an excellent way to design and customize your very own tropical water garden. Besides, a large pond is often easier to take care of than a small one. (Controlling algae is often easier with a large pond.) The additional expense is minimal. A 10 x 16-ft. size is a good starting point. Water circulation is important, so position the pump as far as possible from the water inlet (waterfall, stream or fountain)

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Free Shipping Deals on Best-Selling Small Garden Fountains! Full Assortment of Exclusive Products Found Only at our Official Site SHIPPING PRICE INCLUDED: . This waterfall price includes delivery . Our small garden pond waterfalls rock (SRW-018) is an impressive waterfalls for our smaller custom backyard ponds. Looking for pond and waterfall ideas for the flower bed or rock garden? This beautiful garden waterfalls could be just what your looking for.This faux rock waterfalls compliments the smaller type garden ponds and. Small backyard waterfall 9. If you own a pond already, it'sn't challenging to add on a waterfall. You will need to obtain a pond liner first if you would like to make one. A pond supplies an exciting accession to any garden, even just a small one. 1 pond contributes to fish, then larger fish require still another pond

Awesome Small Waterfall Pond Landscaping Ideas Backyard41. 1. Creating Water Fountains- For a quick touch of elegance in your place, incorporating waterfalls is an option. This design is so well-known that it is likely that you'll find them at most prominent area of your locality Amphibians, small animals, fish, and insects will all benefit from your little oasis. As an added benefit to the wildlife you have given a home, installing a waterfall will provide continuous aeration and increase water molecules and oxygen to the pond! Step 1. First things first, you will need a spillway to build your waterfall Do you want a mini-lake out back, or a smaller garden pond off the back patio? Do you want a waterfall, and if so, how big and how tall? Do you want a raging river, or just a simple stream or trickle of water over the waterfall? I recommend a size that fits with the size of your property. A raging river looks out of place in a small back yard Patio Waterfalls. Even the smallest garden can benefit from a pondless waterfall. This waterfall was built at the end of a small patio. Add a pond if you really, really want to. Maybe you want a spot to watch the birds swim, or keep a couple of goldfish? Dig a larger capture area at the base of you waterfall for a makeshift pond

A small stone brick pond is built with a small water spill way to create nice waterfall. This is simple yet beautiful and will surely add to the natural characteristics of your garden. You can make small stone tiled benches to sit beside the waterfall. Here we have this unique water fall idea, which can also be called a water wall Here are 15 backyard waterfalls to try to DIY and bring a bout of rest and tranquility to the patio. 1. With Stream. Family Handyman will walk you through how to create a waterfall and a stream in your very own backyard. You'll be using gravel and stone filters to create the foundation Photography and filming at Waterfall Garden Park is allowed during park hours, as the park is technically a private space with public access. No permission is required to complete small scale photography or filming. City of Seattle film permits are only issued for city-owned property in the City of Seattle 300 GPH Fountain Pump Our TotalPond 300 GPH Fountain Pump is the Our TotalPond 300 GPH Fountain Pump is the perfect choice for large fountains and spitters. This durable, compact pump might be small but its ideal pumping height is 5 ft., with a maximum pumping height of 6 ft The instructions below describe building a two-tier pond with a waterfall. We'll use a preformed shell liner for the pond and a flexible pond liner to create the waterfall. The pond water will circulate by a pump and filtration system. We'll add decorative rock and plants to landscape around the pond

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The waterfalls utilized in gardening and landscaping don't have to be free falling and very large, they can be smaller in proportion and shallow. So what if you don't have a backyard to create a fairy garden, you always have the option to create a mini garden that may be put on the window sill To build a simple and easy small garden pond, just dig the pond area and add pond liner. Secure with rocks. Add natural looking rocks and plants around the border. Tutorial for simple DIY pond here, diagram for pond with waterfall here. You can also add aquatic plants, solar pump, and small fish inside the pond Conclusion. If you find that any of the above is true in regards to your water garden or pond, this should be a clear indication that your current waterfall alone is not providing sufficient aeration to keep your pond vibrant and healthy. The importance of moving water and aeration cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to quality pond. Upgrades, upgrades, upgrades! This homeowner got the water bug and a simple Pondless® Waterfall wasn't enough, she needed a pond too! Watch our first trip to visit the feature: VISIT Nature's Re-Creations: LIKE Nature's Re-Creations on Facebook

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Garden waterfalls are great for stress reduction - both watching and listening to water falling is a relaxing experience. Backyard waterfalls can also block some neighborhood or traffic noise, attract birds and other wildlife, and let's face it the best reason for building a garden waterfall is that they look AMAZING 39 Pretty Small Garden Ideas. Gardens and Landscaping / Small. Gallery featuring pictures of 39 pretty small garden ideas, showcasing some of the wild variety of things you can do in your own backyard. Welcome to our gallery of small gardens! Gardens are a great way to spend extra time. They can bring both life and curb appeal to your home A shallow pond with a small waterfall sprouting from slabs of stone on one side, this water feature adds motion and sound into the garden, making it more relaxing. The pond's floor has a variety of stones in different sizes, colors and shapes and is also surrounded by a variety of river stones, ferns and shrubberies With a stream, you have the option to build many small waterfalls. Arrange the rocks in the stream to create shelves for the water to spill from. Stream waterfalls are long compared to pond waterfalls and require a stronger pump and a longer hose. For example, streams are generally at least 3 ft (0.91 m) long, so you need to commit more space.

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  1. 40 amazing backyard pond design ideas small ponds waterfalls water feature a cute little for someone with not much space fountains diy garden waterfall frugal living 76 and 14 awesome outsidemodern must have equipment the handyman tips landscaping 16 gorgeous designs rhythm of home 12 best easy patio piece rainbow pin by grant webber on Continue reading Garden Pond Small Ideas With Waterfall
  2. Along with the pond, I wanted to create a small waterfall with a stone wall. The brick wall, on this side of the house, bakes in the afternoon sun. I have tried to plant tall flowering annuals there and they just can't take the afternoon sun. So, I decided to create a small stone wall to add a little elevation and add a few plants and grasses.
  3. g a waterfall that then cascades down into a bed of gravel or decorative pebbles that has a buried water basin beneath to catch the.
  4. Jan 17, 2020 - Explore Murtaza Hasan's board Small fountains on Pinterest. See more ideas about water features in the garden, fountains, water garden
  5. 19 Designs Backyard Garden with Beautiful Waterfall - SAVEMOD source. small garden waterfall 4625 photo - nikonvirginia photos at... source. Small waterfall | mkalty source. Building A Pond Waterfall Landscaping Gallery | Garden Pond source. A trip to Soniu Garden | Garden Drama source
  6. d. Go big or go small, these 10 DIY waterfalls will provide you with several ideas that will enable you to build an attractive and soothing waterfall on a budget

Use a carpenter's level on the excavated area. Dig the pond for your water garden in the shape that you designed. Dig at least a one foot deep and one or more foot wide shelf around the perimeter of the pond. Dig the remainder of the pond with a slight slope to the end opposite the waterfall Waterfall garden features run off of pumps that circulate the water. These require electricity to operate. A pond forms the perfect natural reservoir for a waterfall. If you already have one, adding a waterfall is a fairly easy construction project. If you don't have a pond yet, you can incorporate one into the design for the waterfall

Waterfall gardens are also referred to as disappearing waterfalls, or pond less waterfalls. The basic principal is to create a waterfall in the garden without a pond. The water is circulated, however it appears to disappear into a small gravel bed. The water is stored in a hidden underground reservoir and then circulated back to the waterfall A waterfall can be soft and serene in the form of a babbling brook, or it can be more dramatic with a longer drop. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, the Pondless Waterfall is a great option for both small and large outdoor spaces. Waterfalls are extremely low maintenance, energy efficient, and attract a variety of wildlife

Waterfall Spill Rocks are the rocks that water cascades off of in a waterfall or water garden. You can use one spill rock or a cascade of spill rocks to direct water down and into the pond. Spill rocks can be very small and easily moved by one person, or large, sometimes very large and must be moved by a machine. So coverage depends on the. When we Are speaking about the house decoration, we cannot overlook speaking about the Small Backyard Waterfall Ideas. Backyard — or the outside side of their house decoration, can be good mater to redecorate. The notion of the backyard decoration will enable you to locate the right approach to enhance the whole appearance of it Standard - Garden waterfall kit. Mini - Waterfall Kit. Small Basic - Waterfall Kit. Small Deluxe - Waterfall Kit. Medium - Waterfall Kit. Large - Waterfall Kit. Mark The Pond Advisor has over 30 years' experience in experience building and maintaining ponds and water features. If you have any questions about the garden. Using some pots from Lowe's, a $5 water pump, and some rocks from around her yard, blogger Katie created this simple, relaxing water fountain for her garden that birds can't get enough of. Get the tutorial at Addicted 2 DIY. Courtesy of Hayneedle. 7 of 22. Ceramic Cascade Outdoor Bird Bath Fountain. $134

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Small Ricorock Pond Waterfalls. 37 Backyard Garden Waterfall Ideas Sebring Design Build. Backyard Lighting Ideas Water Feature And Landscape Lights. Small rock waterfall srw 008 garden backyard pond gardens that water cascade kits corner waterfalls to build outdoor inexpensively diy projects the 019 ponds 10 stunning Pondless waterfall design ideas are suitable for small gardens where the limited space makes it impossible to have a garden pond or when you do not wish to have a pond. In addition, a pondless waterfall can be arranged on a balcony, on a rooftop deck or anywhere else

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The Japanese garden is a miniature and idealized view of nature and hence no matter how small space your garden is, you could always implement this style of garden. note is that the bridge is a symbolic bridge and even your garden does not have any water element to serve as pond or waterfall, you can still install the garden bridge 1,976 small garden waterfalls products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which other garden ornaments & water features accounts for 8%, pool & accessories accounts for 1%, and basin faucets accounts for 1%. A wide variety of small garden waterfalls options are available to you, such as fiberglass, resin, and ceramics Small Waterfall Filter: Ahi Hydro Vortex™. $579.99. Manual Backwash - $579.99 HydroFlush™ Backwash System - $734.98. Quantity. Add to cart. Continue to shop or Go to cart. arrow-right-2. See more details. arrow-right-2 Getting rid of algae in my pond & waterfall | Denville, Rockaway, Morris County NJ. Pond algae is unsightly to most pond owners. Finding a balanced growth of healthy algae is really quite easy once you have a general understanding of a few basic principles and water treatments. As long as you remember, There is no such thing as an algae free. Waterfalls and Rock Pools are a Great Feature in any Thai Garden. Design your own, large and small, or ask for advice on a suitable water feature for your landscape, whatever your specifications, Thai Garden Design will build your perfect water feature

12. Pins. •. 14. followers. What a great idea for a rooftop deck! This small fountain adds a touch of elegance and the plant selection and mini waterfalls give it a tropical feel. Dream Garden Home And Garden Landscape Designs House Landscape Garden Borders Wood Garden Edging Unique Gardens Small Gardens Backyard Landscaping Lawn & Garden; 10 Water Features to Make Any Backyard Landscape Complete From koi ponds to waterfalls, birdbaths to garden streams, we've gathered together our favorite backyard bubblers, gurglers. With this small waterfall pond landscaping ideas you will inspired to make your own small waterfall on your home backyard. There are lots of suggestions to peruse through when seeking to plan your perfect waterfall pond and it's simple to turn [] Wooden Bridge Garden Wooden Garden Garden Bridge Ponds Backyard Backyard Landscaping Pond. Find the perfect Small Waterfall stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Small Waterfall of the highest quality Waterfall Garden Glimmer All Inclusive Wedding & Reception Package (up to 30 guests included) Waterfall Garden Reflection All Inclusive Wedding & Reception Package (up to 50 guests included

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Browse 272 Garden Pond Waterfalls on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning garden pond waterfalls or are building designer garden pond waterfalls from scratch, Houzz has 272 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Conner's Flooring & Design and Garcia Rock And Water Design. Look through. This pictures is part of our article Small Backyard Waterfall Garden. A curated list of images that will get you good ideas and inspiration. This image Small backyard waterfall 27 has dimension 1024x1363 pixels. You can see another items of this gallery by clicking [Prev] or [Next] button bellow the image..

This impressive waterfall design spotlights the sparkling arc of the water as it appears to disappear into a grove of pine trees below. Lily Pond Fantasy. Rocks, pebbles and flowing water create an alluring natural composition in this design which culminates in a pond teeming with waterlilies and aquatic life. Monolithic Grandeur How to lay rocks in a waterfall. Build the rock waterfall head: Take care to have the pond liner under the mound of stones to prevent outflow. Backyard Waterfall. Build Japanese Waterfall. Cascading Garden Waterfall Design. Build the rock waterfall head: Behind the large stones, you can add small fieldstones A garden waterfall can be as small and simple or as large and elaborate as you'd like. Not surprisingly, size and complexity drive the price. You could spend as little as $300 or upwards of $20,000 70 Wonderful Water Features for Any Budget. From waterfalls and water fountains to reflecting pools and koi ponds, outdoor water features can help turn your landscape into something special, providing a beautiful and unique focal point. Make a splash in your outdoor design with one of these wow-worthy water feature ideas ranging from grandiose. Design your pond and stream with different views in mind. Take advantage of a natural slope for a stream and several small waterfalls. Create a pond that is an accent to the yard, not one that overpowers it. Place the pond close to your home so it can always be enjoyed. Use local stone to make the waterfall seem more natural

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10 of 49. A water wall could become a great addition to a backyard pond. 11 of 49. Stacked stone panel framed in stainless steel. 12 of 49. Transparent water wall combined with a tall trellis. 13 of 49. Garden waterfall imitating an old building's wall. 14 of 49 Stunning small garden with rock border and small waterfall. I love this small fence around a small garden. Lovely. A few well placed planters of trees can add a great element to entranceways and patios. These are easy to care for and can be moved and rearranged wherever and whenever you please. Small garden on top of and surrounding a log. Smart Small Trees. Trees with slender trunks and delicate leaf structures draw focus to your garden pond without overshadowing its small size. A Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) set 3 to 4 feet from the pond's edge provides dappled shade in the summer and a burst of bright autumn-colored leaves in the fall Small Rock Waterfall - SRW-018. This product is currently unavailable. One of our most popular small waterfalls for many years, suitable with our SRP-012, SRP-013, SRP-014, SRP-015. Choose from three gorgeous color options to allow for limitless creativity and design

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Small Waterfall w/ Working/Plug in Pump! Bird Baths & Ponds. Parties! Fairy Garden Workshop Parties! Use our lovely party room! OR JUST SHOP THE STORE!! Call for Details (714) 785-5876 RETAIL STORE LOCATION: 224 Xenia Avenue (Behind Yoga in King's Yard Plaza) Yellow Springs, OH 4538 DIY Waterfall Kit. Enjoy the sight and sound of a beautiful waterfall in your landscape! Backyard waterfalls are simply a re-circulating waterfall or stream. Tuck a small waterfall by the front door, nestle one by your backyard patio, or carve a meandering stream through your existing garden beds. Then enjoy the birds and butterflies that come.

This one area, where by the way the grass doesn't even grow that well, gets plenty of sun and is closer to the house. It's on an incline, perfect for adding a small waterfall, and is adjacent to an existing garden bed - which could always use a facelift, a little nip of something here and a plant tucked there. Works for me Serving customers throughout greater Los Angeles, including Pasadena and Encino, Mystic Water Gardens designs and installs residential ponds, waterscapes, backyard waterfalls, and other water features - lighting and more. Ponds, gardens and waterfall design Brentwood, Glendale. Call 818-424-6836 today Download A small decorative waterfall in the garden. Landscape design Stock Video by Foto-Video-Studio. Subscribe to Envato Elements for unlimited Stock Video downloads for a single monthly fee. Subscribe and Download now 2. Small Garden Pond. Here's the simplest of small garden ponds - a stone basin filled with water and lily pads. It's cute, easy to manage, and will still attract wildlife - look out for dragonflies and frogs. You might have to top this up in very hot weather (try to use rainwater), but it's worth the effort. 3

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Adding a waterfall to a backyard pond, stream, or pool is a great way to incorporate movement in your garden. Rocks, concrete, and even fiberglass can be stacked to create a path for the water, while flowers, succulents, or grasses can be added for color. Add a Pondless Waterfall A small stand-alone pond on a patio or deck or in a garden niche can be an interesting architectural feature. Bonus: It can be a less-expensive way to start working with water plants and perhaps even a few fish. Best For: Gardeners who want to delve into backyard fountain possibilities but at a manageable level Our smallest waterfall we promote for the Pond and Garden industry. This is a petite, nice looking and sounding waterfall for any small garden pond. Ponds - pond waterfalls - waterfalls - Small Rock Waterfall - SRW-016. Choose from three gorgeous color options to allow for limitless creativity and design. CLASSIC BROWN Decide where you'd like to see the waterfall. Consider your view from indoors and outdoors. Measure out the distance and height of where you would like the waterfall to be relative to the edge of your pond

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DIY backyard pond ideas can run the gamut from simple container water gardens to elaborate man-made lakes. People and wildlife alike enjoy ponds, and even a relatively small water feature can bring life, sound, and beauty to your home.But before you start digging, there are a few things you should ponder before building your pond Pondless Waterfalls for the Landscape. A pondless waterfall is a waterfall without the pond. You still get the wonderful sight and sound of running water in your garden without having a pond. Pondless waterfalls can be tucked into a small corner of the garden, or they can stretch across the yard Sale $150.09. 236. Peaktop Outdoor LED Stacked Stone Tiered Bowl Fountain - 16.3L x 15.6W x 33H. Chevron Down. Details. Delivery Fast. Free Shipping. Sale Ends in 3 Days. Add to Wishlist Product Title Pro 2000 Garden Pond Waterfall Box Systems w/ 11 Sp Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $77.99 $ 77 . 99 List List Price $189.99 $ 189 . 9

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501. 627. 1/1/2021. Small waterfall garden that is very cute for photos and just an area to sit, relax, enjoy the scenery. It is somewhat gated off and is on a corner of the street. Khai L How to Make a Garden Fountain Out Of, Well, Anything You Want: You tried sweating it out in the sauna, you can't let go in a yoga pose, and om isn't exactly hitting home. And no wonder—you're working too hard at relaxing. What you need is a place to sit quietly and contemplate the sounds of nature: birds A waterfall needn't be a huge endeavor taking up most of your available yard space. If you have even a small pond in your yard, an added waterfall gives it an air of tranquility plus visual and. Product Title Haofy Desktop Fountain Waterfall Small Rockery Humid Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $90.13 $ 90 . 13 List List Price $138.66 $ 138 . 6 The Nelson Water Gardens Disappearing Fountain Reservoirs are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Its material is not brittle and is not subject to sun damage which leads to cracking. The one piece grate is removable. It is recommended to place some bricks or cinder block underneath the grate for extra support. Basin - Small; Capacity - 30.

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First, you install a small pool or whirlpool, then you add a water feature at one end: a cascading waterfall fountain, for example, or some spouts that spit out water in eye-catching arches. Since this is a multi-purpose project -- the pool and water features provide relaxation, but also aesthetic and audible appeal -- pay heed to all facets 156 matches. ($13.99 - $793.05) Find great deals on the latest styles of Small garden rock waterfall. Compare prices & save money on Outdoor Decor Aquascape DIY pondless waterfall kits come with everything you need to build a 3′ long stream/waterfall. Making it the perfect small waterfall kit for compact spaces. Comes with a waterfall spillway, Aquasurge 2000 waterfall pump, 2 Aquablox, pondless waterfall vault, 10′ x 12′ pond liner, kink-free hose, underlayment, and a welcome kit This waterfall pond and water garden has a linear, horizontal motion - like the house. Source. Even a small pond comes to life with lighting. Don't they look fantastic under the lights at night? Source. Take Your Pond Design Up a Notch. Because it can be more than a koi pond or water garden. It can be a magical floating orb pool, it can. Waterfall Design Tips. If improperly designed a backyard waterfall can be a disaster. The trickiest aspect of waterfall design is determining the height. If a waterfall is designed too tall it will overshadow the pond. If it is designed too small it will disappear along the shoreline. Waterfall height will also impact sound and water loss

A gallery featuring a huge selection of large and small garden waterfalls with ponds and streams. Many of the featured include tropical plants or ornamental fish. Saved by Home Stratosphere. 8.7k. Waterfall Design Pond Waterfall Small Waterfall Outdoor Waterfall Fountain Backyard Water Feature Ponds Backyard Garden Ponds Backyard Ideas Pond Ideas Design ideas for a small contemporary front formal fully shaded garden in San Francisco with a pond and natural stone paving. Save Photo. Dry Creek. By AZOAT Landscapes. Natural dry creek bed that functions off the house downspouts when it rains. This is an example of a small back garden in Minneapolis with a pond The rate you need will depend on your water feature. As a general rule, you want to select a pump rate that is equivalent to half the volume of your pond. So, for a small pond of 2,000 litres, a 1,000 LPH pump will be sufficient. For large waterfalls and powerful cascades, you will need something more powerful DIY Aquascape Pondless Waterfall Kits. DIY pondless waterfall kits are a great idea and way to save on installation costs if you prefer to get your hands dirty. These Aquascape waterfall kits come in various sizes, from small to large pond kits, you're sure to find the right one for your backyard. This does involve building your own waterfall. We carry both fountains for small ponds & floating fountains for large ponds & lakes! Traditional fountains are attached to submersible pumps that usually sit on a stand, shelf, or bottom of the pond. Floating fountains are another popular choice for ponds or lakes and can be anchored, if desired

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