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Pro-Logic Savage Gear protector gloves, an excellent pair that are kevlar reinforced for protection and give you an extra good grip of your fish a must if you're inexperienced at unhooking and handling pike, very reasonably priced at £19.99. Can be purchased from the Friendly Fisherman follow link and scroll down Unhooking larger pike is never really a problem because you have room to play with, it's those little jacks that gobble the bait right down that give all the trouble. I use a red rubber gardening glove on my left hand and always keep the right hand bare to hold the forcepts etc

Personally, I prefer not to wear an unhooking glove when I unhook a pike. By using your bare hands you have a greater feel of where you're putting your fingers, so you can keep them away from the pike's delicate gill tissues. You may get a little bit grazed, but it's nothing too painful. Not using a glove makes you be a bit more careful pike deadbait salmon liquid glug 250ml. prolink . £5.9 Posted December 5, 2015. On 12/4/2015 at 2:09 PM, Peter Waller said: I have never been wounded by a pike's teeth but I have been grazed by the rakers. Since then I have taken to using heavy weight black kitchen gloves from Lidl. Thin enough to keep on whilst fishing, thick enough to prevent grazing Some anglers prefer to use a glove for unhooking which is perfectly safe for the fish, especially if it gives you more confidence. If you want to employ this tactic, make sure it's a glove designed for pike fishing as other gloves can get caught in the gill rakers and give you another problem to deal with Some anglers take an unhooking glove or even use a gardening glove for protection against the pike's teeth. If you do happen to get your fingers in a pike's mouth and it shakes its head, you are likely to get cut

Unhooking Mat. An unhooking mat is vital to pike welfare and should always be used to protect the fish on the bank. Pike, like any fish, can be easily damaged by rough ground. Always cover the mat in water before putting the fish onto it. Dry mats and towels will remove the mucus that protects fish from disease Pike Unhooking Tools - How to unhook a pike. Once your pike is safely on the unhooking mat, the first thing to do is to check where the hooks are before handling the fish. Once this is done, gently roll the pike onto its back. If it's a large pike you might want to sit astride it to keep it steady while unhooking How to unhook a pike - Tips and instruction on how to hold, unhook and care for a pike. Pike fishing tips for beginnersFinal note - Do your best to practice.

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I have managed unscathed by using a leather gardening glove for unhooking Pike for the last few years, but I got a deep bite through the glove the other weekend and nearly two weeks later the cut has still not quite healed. I would like to invest in something a bit more bite-proof but having done a quick search on-line it seems there are a multitude of chainmail gloves out there, most of which. The Musky Armor glove is designed to avoid gill rakers. The glove is made out of a durable micro fiber that won't shrink or smell like other leather or faux leather gloves. The micro fiber used in the glove allows the angler to have the natural feel of ones hand. It is very thin strong material thats perfect for handling pike and musky Product Details Lindy Fish Handling Gloves are more puncture-proof and cut-resistant than other fish-grabbing and filleting gloves on the market. Made from flexible, anti-cut SuperFabric brand material, these gloves protect against minor nicks and the more serious gashes from knives, fish teeth, gill plates, and hooks. Use Lindy Fish Handling Gloves when unhooking, filleting, and removing fish. Unhooking pike is made possible with longnose pliers and a glove is useful for newcomers who have less confidence with handling a big toothy predator. You ought t equip yourself with side-cutters in the event you need to snip the hooks. The types designed precisely for pike fishing are recommended. if they are long enough

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Product Description. Whether filleting your dinner at home or unhooking a big toothy Pike this glove offers brilliant protection against anything sharp you may have to contend with. Excellent for the unsure Pike angler who requires a confidence boost when handling and unhooking predator fish. Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra large sizes Unhooking Pike Glove. Possibly the largest range of Pike Predator unhooking tools anywhere. With Woven Stainless Steel Thread. Fits Right or Left Hand. Strong and durable. Size 23 x 12 Pair of Metal Bite Proof Unhooking Gloves Pike Sea Fishing Rage Resistant Gear. £6.59 to £9.59. Free postage. 97 sold. PIKE UNHOOKING KIT. PLIERS, GAG & GLOVE. £15.99 Something else people do is use short forceps when unhooking via the mouth, this makes them think they need a glove, when all they need is long forceps, or to learn unhooking pike through the gills, gently. This isnt as easy when using Lures, though, when pliers are better to get the hooks out, so i can see where people are coming from Tips for handling and unhooking pike . Finally, it is time to dive into some tips and tricks related to handling and unhooking pike. The first one is the use of a glove. There are fishing gloves on the market that keep your hand safe against teeth. These gloves are quite stiff and do a great job of keeping you safe. They might cost a bit.

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You may find that a purpose designed unhooking glove or thick 'Marigold' type rubber glove protects your hand from being grazed and cut when unhooking pike, but take care not to damage the delicate gill rakers. 8 Weighing Weighing should be carried out using a weighing sling or soft net - not with the balance hook under the pike's chin The Fish Handling Glove is perfect for anglers. It resists taking on fish odours, but is machine washable for easy cleaning. To use, simply slip it on and tighten the Velcro wrist strap. Use any time you're landing, unhooking, releasing, filleting or simply handling your catch

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E.T. Lindy Unhooking Glove, Most anglers dont consider the dangers inherent in fishing until theyre on the way to the emergency room to get stitched up. Fish thrashing hooks around the boat, needle-sharp fins and teeth, razor-like gill plates, wire le LONG NOSE UNHOOKING PLIERS. Invaluable tool for unhooking Pike. Material: Carbon Steel. Length: 285mm. Straight. Colour Gunmetal Grey. Strong and durable. Easy Grip Handles. Easy to use

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Grebarley Cycling Gloves for Men Women Bike Gloves MTB Gloves Mountain Bike Gloves Anti-slip Shock-absorbing Breathable Half Finger Bicycle Biking Gloves 4.6 out of 5 stars 2,382 £15.97 £ 15 . 97 £25.99 £25.9 My Account; My Wish Lis pike unhooking gloves pike unhooking gloves. By The Flying Tench, December 3, 2015 in Coarse Fishing. Share out that most butchers / boning / filleting gloves are not really up to the job when trying to avoid damage from a pike whilst unhooking. You should also be considering the safety of the fish, and many of them will tangle gill rakers. Doubles as a pike unhooking glove. Quality well made item. Customers who bought this item also bought: Tackleup Stainless Steel Forceps £3.50: Korum Snapper Snap Tackles £3.50: Free Next working day delivery on all mainland UK orders over £50. Gift vouchers available in-store or online

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You might like to wear a suitable unhooking glove on the hand you do this with. Lift the pike's head carefully and its mouth will usually open. Maintain this hold while you use a pair of 10-12 inch artery forceps to grip and remove the hooks I bought a filleting glove with intensions of using it for unhooking pike, but after the first session i binned it off as dunkan said was getting caught on the gill rakers all the time and was a right pain i the ass just hassle you dont need when you have a lively pike to deal with.

Most fishing gloves have a specific purpose, but the Lindy Fish Handling Glove is a reliable choice no matter your fishing conditions. You can use it to remove fish from live wells, to land and unhook toothy monsters, to handle braid and wire lines, and even to fillet your catch at the end of the day here's a good tutorial video by Rob Manthei and Ken Jackson that shows the gill plate hold from both outside and inside the fish's mouth as well as some suggestions on unhooking and releasing: and here's a few photos that show a little better view of the hand position being described for the gill plate hold. i also find that my holds are.

The Fish Handling Glove is perfect for anglers. It resists taking on fish odors, but is machine washable for easy cleaning. To use, simply slip it on and tighten the Velcro wrist strap. Use any time you're landing, unhooking, releasing, filleting or simply handling your catch. Sizes: Small-Medium: 5.5-6.75 height, 2.75-3.5 widt 7) Handle all pike caught with care, an unhooking glove (NOW AVAILABLE FROM THE DDAPS OFFICE £4) is recommended, never use a pike gag. 8) When unhooking use the forceps and hand technique. Lay the pike on its back slip your gloved hand through the gill cover fig B and D (avoiding the gill rakes these are razor sharp! Lindy/Little Joe tackle co. of Brainerd Mn. has come out with new fish handling gloves. They are pricy at around $20.00 for 1 glove so a set is around $40. They are made with a new fabric that is used by doctors in surgery to prevent scalpel cuts to the doctors hands. I have seen them in ads in the major muskie magazines Bought the glove to protect against getting hooked and to protect against getting raked by Musky. Still waiting to test against Musky but while Bass fishing had a small Pike hooked deep and the glove allowed me to grip the Pike by the lip like a Bass and extract the hook easily and without fear of getting hooked Chinning a pike is, in my opinion, a skill that every pike angler should become adapt at, as it is the safest and easiest way to get a pike (any size)to open its mouth to aid unhooking. Once shown the correct way to hold a pike this way, it is the easiest and best way, in my opinion, to get the hooks clear of the fish

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  1. Never lay pike down on hard or rough surfaces, always use an area of soft grass or better still a well padded unhooking mat. When lure fishing many experienced pike anglers prefer to land their pike by hand. This is a method best used on small fish, and only when hooks are clearly visible and avoided. At all other times a net is to be preferred
  2. an unhooking mat; a landing net; Pro Tip: No matter how small or big the pike I catch are, I always like to wear armored gloves when handling them, as it's just so much safer! This way, I avoid getting bitten and can fully concentrate on unhooking the fish
  3. Pike/Predator Unhooking Mats Shield Unhooking Gloves Unhooking Mats Buy Now From £17.99. Up to 10% Off £54.99 Nash Dwarf Sling Mat Unhooking Mats Buy Now From £54.99. £26.99 Fox Rage Voyager Camo 1.3m Measure Mats.

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  2. Stanley Thermal Winter Rigger Gloves Grey Large | Rigger Gloves | Screwfix.com Have a look at some you tube videos as to the best unhooking methods. I have found the best method is to get the pike on its back and using the glove prise the lower jaw open and pull upwards, it surprising how large a Pike mouth actually is, and then use the forceps.
  3. The gloves are ideal when fishing for catfish or bass and also for landing pike .They are also very popular as casting gloves. Available in six sizes. 1 Pair Gloves Bite Proof Safe Unhooking Carp Fishing Protective Hook 13.5-26cm | eBa
  4. That's what these handy gloves are all about: giving you protection from the sharp teeth of toothy pike without sacrificing dexterity. Double layered rubber insulates against accidental contact with icy waters or disinfectant solutions and helps protect against chemicals, fats, oils, infectious germs, and microbial growths

this glove is great for handling live and dead fish. GREAT TO USE TO HOLD FISH TO UN - HOOK THEM. PREDITOR UNHOOKING PIKE FISH FILLETING BUTCHERS FILLET GLOVE SEA BOAT FISHING | eBa Unhooking Pike. So, you now know how to catch a pike, you now need to unhook them safely. The first thing to be said is if you are not confident handling pike then take someone with you who is until you are. Some people like to use an unhooking glove - for a first-time piker this may be a good idea to avoid any mishaps, however I. The ultimate protective glove, offering you a firm layer that resists both teeth and scales, this is a soft, yet tear-resistant glove with the stretch and responsive feel that predator fishing demands, thanks to its 100% polyester micro fibre design, with Ottoman weave on the upper hand, and strong hardcore reinforcement on the palm

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Hi all, I have just started pike fishing over the last few weeks and was wondering about using gloves for lifting pike out of the water. I have read many forums about the subject, all the pro's and cons about what type of glove to wear, and also not to wear any glove what so ever. Now.. Turn the pike on its back and insert one or two fingers under a gill plate, keeping them well away from any hooks. You might like to wear a gardening glove on the hand you do this with, although some sensitivity is lost doing this and if possible get used to not using a glove. Lift the pike's head carefully and its mouth will usually open

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Hey this is about to sound extremely dumb but I have been fishing the south for 12 years. Recently my uncle in Minnesota asked me to come and work for him for the summer, but since I don't know anyone in Minnesota and my uncle lives out in the middle of nowhere I plan on spending alot of.my time fishing out of his small tin boat on Lake Fawn, well the bass fishing is pretty nice and so far I. 44. Use armor gloves to handle pike mouths. Those teeth are no joke! A pike's mouth is filled with up to 700 razor-sharp teeth and they can certainly cause major damage to your hands and fingers. Armor gloves, or steel gloves, do an excellent job of protecting your hands both during a chin grip and when handling the fish on land pike unhooking kit (12 forceps, pike gag and fillet/pike glove) the 12 forceps are ideal for safe unhooking of predators such as pike, zander,perch bass or any other fish when the hook is out of reach of a normal discorger. pike gag. when unhooking the pike just insert the gag between the upper and lower jaws this holds the mouth open to.

One of the best carp fishing tackle and carp bait shops, with over 30,000 items in stock. Excellent service, advice and tips from fishing experts Novices should be taught by an expert, and watch carefully how to unhook pike. It can sometimes be a difficult task, even for the experts. Novices are also advised to use a glove when unhooking pike, preferably a good make of unhooking glove, such as a Normark, and not a thick and heavy gardening glove, that can damage pike The pike can easily survive a hook for a short while, as it will fall out on its own. Make sure to cut the hook as close to the point of the hook as possible. Wear gloves when unhooking pike or zander. Always unhook the fish in the water. If this is not possible, use an unhooking mat as it protects the skin mucus of the fish Fisherman's Gloves. 1 . Color. 2 . Size. $5 Flat Shipping on all orders and Free Standard Ground Shipping on orders of $99 or more. Taxes and Surcharges are still applicable to the order. A Promotion Code is not required to receive this promotion. This offer is available on regular priced items only Savage Gear Aqua Guard Gloves at Glasgow Angling Centre. Free shipping on all orders over £50 to UK mainland! The ultimate protective glove, designed to keep you from getting hurt when fighting a fish. •Soft strong fabric

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1*Pair of Metal Bite Proof Unhooking Gloves Pike Sea Fishing Rage Resistant Gear Pair of Metal Bite Proof Unhooking Gloves Features: 1. Safety cut proof protect:Nylon, spandex, UHMWPE, glass fiber 2. Five fingers,each bid for single stainless glove 3. Function: Cut-resistant,stab-resistant,anti-knife.Anti-Scratch, Anti-Bite 5. Protection grade: 5 Specifications: Material: HPPE(high-pressure. How Safely Unhook A Pike. Brands Open Weekend Clearance Best Selling Our Store Contact Us. 0141 212 8880. Menu. Brands. Game . Fly Rods. Salmon Fly Rods. Fly Reels. Fly Lines. Game Clothing. Waders and Boots. Game Luggage. Fly Boxes. Fly Fishing Accessories. Fly Selections. Flies By The Dozen. Landing Nets. Fulling Mill Flies. Fario Fly

Unhooking a pike is an art, involving forceps and skill. Their mouths are thick forests of serried rows of needle-sharp teeth which, unless you wear gloves, shred and scratch computer-soft hands. pike flavours and oils. pike hooks. pike traces / snap tackle. polaroids. pva. reels. rods. rod pods. sacks and pike tubes fox rage. greys prowla. waterline. spro. daiwa prorex unhooking tools. unhooking gloves. weighing scales. zigs accessories. fox rage predator . et predator tackle floats. et predator jumbo syringe. e t predator swivels.

Fox Rage Unhooking Gloves Pike Fishing. SKU: NTL018 EAN: 5055350212134. Regular price £13.00 Sale price £13.00 Unit price per . Tax included. Size Quantity. Add to cart Quantity must be 1 or more. Prepare for unhooking first. It's not tempting fate like setting up your keep net or landing net before casting out. In pike fishing it's essential - unhooking mat, long forceps, wire cutters, a rag or towel, a heavy duty glove to protect you. 4. Be confident when unhooking, lack of decisiveness can damage you and the fish. 5 To get a handle on pike, grip the fish across the back, placing the thumb and forefinger just inside the upper portion of the gill covers. This helps to keeps fingers away from teeth and sharp gill rakers while hooks are removed with needle-nosed pliers. Some anglers also use jaw spreaders or protective gloves when unhooking pike FOX PREDATOR UNHOOKING MAT. A clever and highly effective unhooking mat, the Predator Unhooking Mat offers brilliant fish protection in a light-weight and high-quality package. The mat also features a 130cm measure for recording the length of your catch. Easy and rapid set-up and pack away; Fish-safe protective cover and flexible fram

Smaller ones below 3Lb.. lip hold after unhooking. Smaller ones thrash around far more on the ground so unhooking them can be annoying, I gently put a boot on them or gloved hand (some people laugh at gloves on here) to unhook before picking them up. 3-4Lb fish hold at the back of the head just above the spikes Savage Gear Long Nose Plier 30cms at Glasgow Angling Centre. Free shipping on all orders over £50 to UK mainland! 12inch long nose pliers, ideal for removing hooks from big toothy critters, and keeping your fingers safe while you're Gaga 7cm, Jointed Gaga casting frog Gaga Fathead Gaga, Ultralite Game Bag, Sovereign Gator backed spoons Ghost Gift Vouchers Gilling Booms Giga Grub Giganticus Glidebaits Glider G+ Jerkbait Glove, Unhooking Goldy Pike Goldy Ultralites, Rattling Grauvell Supershad Grubs GT Ice Cream GT Poppers GT Popper bodie The Fish Handling Glove is perfect for anglers. It resists taking on fish odours, but is machine washable for easy cleaning. To use, simply slip it on and tighten the Velcro wrist strap. Use any time you're landing, unhooking, releasing, filleting or simply handling your catch. 2 in stock. Fish Handling Glove quantity

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The super fabric they developed has been adapted for use by Lindy into a very handy glove that you will want to have with you in the boat while fishing and again, back on shore when you are filleting your catch. Use the Lindy Fish Handling Glove when unhooking, filleting, and removing fish from live wells Gloves: Rubberized gloves help protect the slime coat of the fish and improve your grip so you don't drop the fish as well. They can also offer some protection from sharp dorsal spines or gill plates. Long-handled Pliers: The simplest of release tools, a pair of needle-nosed pliers, either bent at the end or straight, is probably the most common tool found in an angler's tackle box Anglers must carry adequate means to unhook fish without harming them, i.e. long nosed forceps, unhooking mat, thick gloves, etc. A minimum knotless landing net with arms of at least 36 inches, or a round frame of at least 30 inches must be used when fishing for pike. All nets must have a maximum mesh size of 15mm Hooked in Two Fingers - Bobberhead Bob Decides to Learn How to Hold a Northern Pike properly. Well Bobberhead Bob had an adventurous day fishing. Managed to catch several Northern Pike, mostly small guys. He was having a lot of fun casting a lazy ike over the rapidly emerging weeds [ Get a firm grip of the fish's gill plate area and lift it so its head is vertical, and use a jaw spreader to open the mouth. From there you can use pliers to unhook the fish, but hold on tight! The last thing we want to happen is the fish escaping your grasp and swimming away with the jaw spreader in its mouth still

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A pair of unhooking gloves; Several adjustable wire traces ; Leger weights and floats; Some baits - Mackerel and Sprats. A camera (just in case) After arriving at our first swim we set up our rods, using 15lb BS line, a 1.5oz lead to hold bottom and an adjustable wire trace. At the crucial end I used half a Mackerel on one rod and a sprat on. Went out fishing today and caught a fairly big pike. I used a jerkbait with two 3-hooks and hooked the pike pretty badly. I had a hard time Injuries from unhooking pike. Inexperienced anglers should be supervised by those with experience. Wear a glove if not confident. Not least in the methods of handling, unhooking and safe return of the fish once caught.The PAC works continually for the benefit of all pike and pike anglers, we seek only to further the opportunities for.

Big blues and flatheads are often best held for pics with one hand gripping the jaw or slid under the gill cover, and this is much easier on the hands with a Fish Handling Glove. For muskies, northern pike and several species of saltwater fish, Fish Handling Gloves are all about protection from slashing teeth, big hooks and various sharp edges. 1. Pull a hook straight out of a fish's lip. If the hook is caught along the edge of your catch's mouth, you can slide it out. Try not to tear the fish's lip when you pull the hook out. Take your time, and pull the hook out the same way it went in. [7] X Expert Source Michael Reynolds Once a pike is landed place it on an unhooking mat, or an area of soft grass - never on a rough surface. keeping them well away from any hooks. You might like to wear a suitable glove on the hand you do this with. Lift the pike's head carefully and its mouth will usually open. Maintain this hold while you use a pair of 10-1 Joined Nov 18, 2014. ·. 2,351 Posts. Discussion Starter • #1 • Oct 11, 2015. I am not really feeling the sea fishing at the minute and am thinking about having a go at pike fishing. The problem is I have zero experience of course fishing. So I have watched a bit of youtube and had a browse on a couple of forums and, hopefully, ordered all. Unhooking a pike calls for different methods. Lay the fish on an unhooking mat kneel astride the fish with the tail between your legs. This helps prevent the fish thrashing around. A glove on your left hand if right handed is advisable until you become proficient in unhooking pike. Carefully slide a finger under the gills and as you gently lift.

Product Details. Release that trophy with no harm to the fish—or yourself. Wear Musky Armor Musky Gloves when handling your fish, to protect against gouging teeth and those razor-sharp gill plates that always seem to slice up your hands when Esox decides to thrash. Made of a fine microfiber material, Musky Gloves enable a firm grip on the. Try and get the Pike on its back as this seems to calm them down, in fact they can go as quiet as a mouse, and on to an unhooking mat ready for surgery. Then if you are using a glove place it on your unnatural hand (i.e. the one you don't write with ) and get ready with the forceps

Pike/spinning Rods Tools and Unhooking Accessories Pike Tackle Drop shot fishing Lures & Spinners Pike baits Pike reels landing nets slings and unhooking mats Predator tackle boxes Predator lines. Clothing. Preston innovations clothing Fox clothing ESP Clothing Korum clothing Drennan Clothing Hats, Gloves and Socks Fishing Waders Polarised. Pike are an impressive breed of fish to look at due to their large size. In order to take a photo or record the measurements of a pike, you will need to hold it securely. If your pike is larger than about 2 kilograms (4.4 lb), use the gill cavity grip to hold it. If your pike is smaller than about 2 kilograms (4.4 lb), grip it around the neck Forceps and long nose pliers are used to unhook the Pike. Side cutters to cut the hooks or trace wire when there is no other option. Landing net and unhooking mat. I use a 36 inch landing net that has a spreader block. The arms of the net are not fixed, they pull out of the spreader block making it much easier to move and weigh the fish once. Course Carp Pike Cod fishing Unhooking Mat A41. £4.99. Add to Cart. Dead Bait Rig For Pike. £1.00. Add to Cart. PREDITOR UNHOOKING PIKE FISH FILLETING BUTCHERS FILLET GLOVE SEA BOAT FISHING. £5.99. Add to Cart. STD Bait Elastic (200m) £1.40. Add to Cart

Fishing gloves: If you're not wearing them, eventually there will be blood in the boat-and it will likely be yours. There's a reason we lovingly refer to pike as toothy critters. Double-sided hook sharpeners: The hooks on pike lures take a beating as they smash into weeds, rocks, wood and bony pike maws. Sharpening them regularly will mean. BFT Fastach Tungsten Jika Sinker from £6.99. BFT Flexhead Pike - Screwin Jig, Pike - Small M from £3.99. BFT Folding Scissors £4.99. BFT Folding Telescopic Landing Nets Temporarily out of stock. BFT Long Nose Pliers 28cm - curved with strap Temporarily out of stock. BFT Medium Landing Net Temporarily out of stock Browse items of tackle for pike angling. Rods, reels, lures, traces, scales and more Trying to find the best pike fishing clothing to protect you whilst pike fishing? At NETS we supply a fantastic array of pike fishing clothing including balaclavas, gloves and socks for amateurs and professionals alike With a range of pike fishing clothes from Ron Thompson, Savage Gear and Sundridge NETS can help. Buy clothing for pike fishing online today from North East Tackle Supplie

Pike Unhooking Mats. Home » Pike Luggage » Pike Unhooking Mats. REFINE BY. Price. Filter. Price: £10 — £60. Brand. Any Brand axia Korum Snapper Savage Gear. Apply Social links. Savage Gear | CVR 16997579 | Denmar Unhooking mats and cradles are key to good fish care, since unhooking is where the fish is most likely to sustain damage. We stock cradles and mats from all the top lure fishing brands, and can offer them with free UK shipping if your order totals £39.99 or more

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If a northern pike bites you, remain calm and use a combination of a jaw spreader, long-nose pliers, and an unhooking mat to loosen its grip before removing your hand. Ensure that you keep a first-aid kit on hand when fishing for northern pike, as an injury like this will require cleanup afterward The Rage gloves give a totally secure hold so fish are released when you want, not when they want! The gloves are ideal when fishing for catfi sh or bass and also for landing pike and zander with a grip behind the gill cover. They are also very popular as casting gloves. Available in four sizes Finding where the predatory fish are on the river is the first task and the most important thing to achieve success in lure fishing for predators. Some stretches will appear almost devoid of fish, whereas others will result in a fish almost every cast. I have in the last week or so over just two short sessions on the Warwickshire Avon had 22. This will disorient the fish, making it easier to unhook. Grip the fish over the top of the gill plates, remembering not to squeeze too hard, and remove the hook. Tiger muskie more than 30 inches long should be given time to calm down. Anglers may wish to wear leather or rubber gloves, but shouldn't rely on a thin, surgical gloves Drennan Specimen Unhooking Mat The Specimen Unhooking Mat is an innovative design that at the pull of a cord turns a flat mat into a walled cradle. The mats are generously padded, with a soft, wipe clean contact surface and toughouter material, the same as used on the Specialist Luggage Range. They feature reinforc