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The screenshots for A:TLA were moved from Piandao.org and are now hosted on Google Drive. If you tape the icon to the left of each title, you'll be able to download the folder's contents. The Korra ones will be there eventually. Official Artwork for Avatar: the Last Airbender The Spirit World (Winter Solstice, Part 1) 792 screens. 108. Avatar Roku (Winter Solstice, Part 2) 704 screens. 109. The Waterbending Scroll. 957 screens. 110 I'd tell you why Master Piandao is the most iconic character ever conceived in the entire history of storytelling, but then I'd have to kill you Avatar Spirit, an Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra fan community. Biography :: Piandao :: AvatarSpirit.net Menu ASN Home Avatar: The Last Airbender The Legend of Korra The Show World of Avatar Characters Episode Guide Reviews Transcripts Crew Voice Actors Media Screenshots Audio Clips Merchandise Books DVD & Blu-Ray Soundtrac Avatar: the Last Airbender. Download. DVD Extras & Features. Download. Show Openings. Download. Specials & Animatics. No files in this folder. Sign in to add files to this folder. Google apps. Main men

Screencap from Episode 12 of Season 2 of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Source: Keys: avatar: the last airbender, the serpent's pass, screencaps, episode 12, season 2, 2x12, screenshots, screenshot Submitted Anonymously 7 years ag Summary: Korra enters the spirit world and struggles with the Avatar's relationship with the spirits. [Screenshots kindly provided by plushu, from piandao.org] Episode details | Reviews (0) | HD Screenshots (2531) 211 - Night of a Thousand Stars. Summary: Bolin saves the day when President Raiko is attacked Avatar Spirit, an Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra fan community. You can find all the Avatar TV and DVD screenshots in the Screenshots page of atla.avatarspirit.net. They were kindly provided to us by plushu of piandao.org. TLOK Book 3 screenshots are re-hosted with permission from cap-that.com

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  1. Piandao spins around and tries to slice Sokka's foot. Cut to Sokka's feet as he jumps away. Wide shot of entrance to the bridge as Sokka jumps to the other rail of the bridge. Piandao stabs at Sokka again, but Sokka jumps off the rail and rolls to the side. Piandao strikes again, but Sokka rolls under the blade
  2. Avatar The Last Airbender: 10 Non-Benders That Would Give Aang A Good Fight. 6 Piandao. The greatest swordsman in the entire legacy of the Fire Nation, Piando's reputation comes from his 100% success rate in combat, as well as singlehandedly routing a massive platoon of soldiers. His attacks are rapid without losing a fraction of his.
  3. It's episodes like this that sometimes make me hate Avatar. *The Goodfellas screenshot is from this blog post, which gives more insight into the power of its opening scene. The blog is called And So it Begins, and is worth checking out by all cinema lovers. All screenshots courtesy of piandao.org
  4. 9 Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005-2008) Diversity, Power, Screenshot of Sokka and Piandao . Opposite of Sokka is Azula, as she is gifted too much power and abuses it. She is a princess of the Fire Nation, and a gifted firebender with her signature blue flames. She is introduced later in the series and acts as a foil to her older and less.

The Hardest Avatar: The Last Airbender Quiz You'll Ever Take. Nickelodeon is home to more than a few childhood-defining shows that viewers will never forget. Among them is Avatar: The Last. In the Fire Nation, Sokka decides to learn sword fighting from Master Piandao but pretends to be from a colony in order to avoid getting rejected outright. The teacher took great pride in his student's accomplishments, claiming that his cleverness and ingenuity far surpassed his technical skill, which was essential in the process of becoming a. Azula (Avatar) Piandao (Avatar) Fat (Avatar) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Zuko (Avatar)-centric; The Agni Kai Ended Differently; Slow Burn; Zuko is an Awkward Turtleduck; Hurt Zuko (Avatar) Other Additional Tags to Be Added; Iroh (Avatar) is a Good Uncle; Implied/Referenced Child Abuse; Summar (Thanks to Piandao.org for the pilot screenshot.) (Thanks to Kakuchi.net [now closed] for the Naruto screenshot.) Avatar energy light beam redux in ep. 3x21. Click the pic above for the full-sized screenshot In the first Avatar episode, The Boy in the Iceberg, Katara breaks open the iceberg that Aang is in, and it cracks open and releases. 302 - Rebirth Summary: Korra, Tenzin and Team Avatar search for new Airbenders in an effort to recruit them and rebuild the Air Nation. Meanwhile, a band of sinister criminals are organizing to hunt down the Avatar themselves. [Screenshots kindly provided by plushu, from piandao.org] Episode details | Reviews (0) | HD Screenshots (3225

Mai/Zuko (Avatar) (15) Jeong Jeong/Piandao (Avatar) (13) The Gaang & Zuko (Avatar) (9) Azula & Zuko (Avatar) (8) Piandao & Zuko (Avatar) (8) Include Additional Tags Angst (21) Alternate Universe (19) Romance (17) Zuko is an Awkward Turtleduck (17) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (15) Fluff (13) Alternate Universe - Modern Setting (13 Avatar: The Last Airbender contains a secret group that transcends the boundaries of the four nations - the Order of the White Lotus - and here's every member. Although several characters hint at the organization's existence throughout seasons 1 and 2, the White Lotus does not truly unveil itself until it is time to defeat Fire Lord Ozai Book 1: Air -- 1080p JPEG Screenshots: 12/24/12 -- 2,113 Screenshots From Part 2, The Avatar And the Fire Lord, and the series finale are a dying breed, relics of an earlier time, who's only purpose now is to babysit Roku's temple and feed the Fire Lord information about the Avatar, or advise the Fire Lord in spiritual matters (and guard. Oct 24, 2018 - Explore Ray Conklin's board Kyoshi Warrior Project on Pinterest. See more ideas about kyoshi warrior, warrior, avatar kyoshi Avatar: The Last Airbender is a wonderful showcase of characters that had their rudimentary arcs throughout the series and showed memorable moments that resonate to fans.This hit Nickelodeon series is not just a hero's journey of airbender Aang reclaiming his destiny as his generation's avatar, but also a coming-of-age passage of his best friends, his adversaries and his allies

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[i.d.: three screenshots from sokka's master overlaid with screenshots of a tumblr post. the first image is of piandao facing right and writing. overlaid is an anonymous tumblr ask that reads are you a philosopher. the second image is of sokka kneeling with a demoralized look on his face. overlaid is an answer to the ask from @targuzzler-deactivated20180224 that reads boy im. Nov 8, 2015 - Explore Bella's board Kyoshi Warrior Costume on Pinterest. See more ideas about kyoshi warrior, warrior costume, warrior All screenshots courtesy of piandao.org. January 29, 2012 | Categories: It was the first anime to be released in the United States, and therefore, at least partially the reason Avatar: the Last Airbender even exists. All screenshots courtesy of piandao.org. January 26,.

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Download Piandao.org An Avatar: The Last Airbender & The Legend Of Korra Desktop Background Desktop Background from the above display resolutions for Popular, Fullscreen, Widescreen, Mobile, Android, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, iPo 1 How Piandao joined the Tourney 2 How to unlock 3 Character Select Screen Animation 3.1 When highlighted 3.2 After the announcer calls his name 4 Special Attacks 4.1 Meteor Blade (Neutral) 4.2 Meteor Blade: Kai (Side) 4.3 Bladed Kick (Up) 4.4 Meteor Blade: Hisatsu (Down) 4.5 Meteor Blade: Haoh (Hyper Smash) 4.6 Meteor Blade: Hikouzan (Final Smash) 5 Victory Animations 6 On-Screen Appearance 6.

Avatar: The Last Airbender was created written by Michale Dane DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. It was directed by Lauren MacMullan, Dave Filoni and many others under Nickelodeon Animation Studios and aired on Nickelodeon starting February 21, 2005 and ended July 19, 2008 28.02.2019 - Entdecke die Pinnwand Kyoshi Warrior von TheCostumeGeek. Dieser Pinnwand folgen 102 Nutzer auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu avatar, avatar cosplay, avatar herr der elemente r/TheLastAirbender. This is the subreddit for fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, the comics, the upcoming Netflix live action ATLA series, novels, games, and all other Avatar content. 880k. Fans

How do you get the pics off of avatar that aren't in the episode screenshots? There are a ton that I could get, but I can't figure out how you save the one particular scene you want to keep. Example: In episode 2, book 1 where Zuko gets hit in the head with the boomerang, if you pause it at just the right time, you catch a really funny face. And this isn't just seen with Bolin and Mako, but throughout the avatar series as a whole, master Piandao is the son of two firebenders but he was born a non-bender, the parents of Sokka and Katara, and Toph are non-benders but Toph and Katara ended up being benders, Aang and Katara's eldest child Bumi was born a non-bender while his.

5. The White Lotus Connection. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that not only did Piandao know Sokka was water tribe all along, he also is part of the mysterious White Lotus Society that we saw Iroh was a part of way back in episode 2.11, 'The Desert.' We still don't get many details about the society, but if a fire nation nobleman is willing to train a water tribe kid in. ATLA 'Screen Comix' Volume 1 Cover Revealed, Releases May 25th. This is the first in a new series of books which will adapt ATLA episodes into comic form, with volume one covering the first six chapters (Boy in The Iceberg, The Avatar Returns, The Southern Air Temple, Warriors of Kyoshi, The King of Omashu, and Imprisoned) Piandao could write a book about sneaking, if he was so inclined. But Piandao's mission was to bring Kirai back to safety, so that her sister Suki would help Prince Zuko capture the Avatar and fulfill the terms of his banishment. Kirai finally moved, pushing a nervous smile on her face. Well, that- that was great. Just like I planned

Jun 29, 2019 - Explore Ozzie Phifer's board Kyoshi warrior Suki Cosplay on Pinterest. See more ideas about kyoshi warrior, avatar the last airbender, avatar cosplay Amon solos the entirety of the white lotus by himself You see, no one has a counter to blood bending. The only known counters to it is to have the Avatar state or to simply be a better water or bloodbender than the person attacking you as demonstr.. Avatar: The Last Airbender is a series that fans love to watch over and over, and in these re-watches, they often discover small details, Easter eggs, and even foreshadowing moments that they missed at first. While the series might not be as packed full of these examples as some other popular properties, such as the MCU, there are some interesting moments of foreshadowing to be found

Piandao's sword was pointed at Sokka, the group then jumped from the balcony to run to Sokka's aid, but Piandao withdrew his sword and complemented his student Excellent work Sokka. Piandao's butler came to him with his sheath and a napkin to wipe the dirt off his face. I think I'm a little too old to be fighting the avatar The White Lotus. Master Paku, a water bender, King Bumi, an earth bender, General Iroh, a fire bender, Jeong-Jeong, a fire bender and Master Piandao, a non-bender who specializes in sword fighting [ID: a screenshot from avatar: the last airbender and a drawing for the screenshot. it is of sokka and yue, in which sokka is holding yue's hand against his chest as he listens to her speak. in the drawing they are against a lavender background with a white circle like the moon behind them and white flakes falling in front of them like snow enter the bison's mouth 19, she/her, queer| atla content|loving and appreciating Zuko 24/7 |avatar + textpost|original content|hot leaf meta|talented fanartists |fear the lemurs |the DILFcourse|the babes are asking |fic recs|the crocverse|hot_leaf_juice on a03 |fic rec blog is @nothing-more-than-atla-fic-rec Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the best cartoons we've ever seen, thanks in large part to its incredible combat scenes. With elemental bending styles inspired by various cultures and martial arts forms, it's tailor-made for stunning action sequences. These are the best of the best. 10. Sokka vs. Master Piandao. Video (skip to 19:40

52. Piandao 53. Pipsqueak 54. Player Aang 55. Player Katara 56. Player Sokka 57. Player Toph 58. Player Zuko 59. Ran and Shaw 60. Roku 61. Rough Rhinos 62. Smellerbee 63. Sokka 64. Southern Raiders 65. Sozin 66. Suki 67. Teo 68. Toph 69. Ty Lee 70. Ursa 71. Wan Shi Tong 72. The Warden 73. Xu 74. Yangchen 75. Yon Rha 76. Yue 77. Zei 78. Zhang. Avatar Wiki Incredibly detailed resource for every inch of the Avatar universe. AvatarSpirit.net Fansite Giant; has news, screenshots, info, and much more. Dongbu Feng Fansite Giant; has news, info, podcasts, and more. Piandao.org Gorgeous screenshot and media/graphics gallery. The Avatar Portal Has Avatar news, info, episodes, fanwork, forum. Name of the blind earth bender, The only member of Team Avatar with two living parents, Name of Zuko's sister, Where Sokka and Katara are from, The King of Omashu is who, Who Sokka falls in love with, This bender learns to bend blood, Name of Katara and Sokka's mother, How Zuko got his sca What marketing strategies does Avatarspirit use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Avatarspirit

What a sight for sore eyes. [piandao.org] Iroh leads Korra out of the woods and into another valley where his new tea shop is located and some spirits are sitting around celebrating the marriage of a conjoined frog spirit with the names May and Jim. Iroh offers Korra spirit cake and tea made with Avatar Wan's teapot, which still holds the taste of light in it due to the time Raava spent in. About This Quiz. With the world in turmoil, Aang and his friends set out to change the course of history. Take this quiz and see if you can recall the events from the epic journey of this young Avatar! Read More. Scroll to Start Quiz

The group turn and look up to see Piandao, Jeong Jeong, Pakku, and Bumi. The camera zooms in on Piandao before panning to left to focus on Jeong Jeong, before panning again to Pakku, and finally to Bumi. Bumi Well, look who's here! [Starts laughing and snorting.] Cut to Team Avatar looking confused, except for Katara and Sokka, who are both. Because the creators made statements along with Netflix confirming the common excuse of creative differences. The creators wanted a bigger budget. This one is the least surprising, since its a common request for any show-runner. Filmmakers alway..

The Shirshu would've been able to find the Avatar. The problem with that is, while Aang was on a Lion Turtle, he was still somewhere in the world. Theoretically, the Shirshu would've been able to find the Avatar somewhere on the ocean. That said, it made for an excellent development and led to the team finding Iroh instead The animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and its live-action film adaptation, The Last Airbender, feature an extensive cast of characters created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino. The following is a list of minor recurring characters who appear in the franchise. The following list contains characters that have made at least three appearances within the franchise.

we describe avatar the last airbender images, and you should too. if you have an image in need of description, or one that's already been described, send it our way. faq [icon and header ids: icon is a screenshot of toph from avatar. she is wearing a red and gold sleeveless outfit and wristguards, and a thick gold headband. She is grimacing and. added by xDark_Angelx. By me! And if you want, you can add more of what fans say in the comments for me when I THINK about doing a part two, because this was fun. XD. video. avatar: the last airbender. sh*t people say. random Katara doesn't seem to mind that Aang is wearing a speedo, and even Suki only wears a swimsuit once she joins the group in the Fire Nation. It's safe to assume the Water Tribes see no difference between swimwear and underwear. likes. mousaikaiwitz-pooja. Jan 17, 2021

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Jeong Jeong's eyes seem to be the same color as Mai's, though, so clearly not every firebender MUST have gold eyes. Besides, if a firebender is born to two gray-eyed parents, he will have gray eyes as well (gray being a shade of blue, which is recessive). StopStealingMy7Up Sep 1, 2013. It seems like Firebending ability does lend itself to gold. Avatar: The Last Airbender 2 by Michael Dante DiMartino (1 star ratings). Avatar: The Last Airbender (-) Season 3. The Awakening. S3, Ep1. 21 Sep. The Awakening. (1,). 0 . The Avatar and the Fire Lord. Fire promises to be the most exciting season yet! Aang wakes up from his battle with Azula to discover that Ba Sing Se has fallen and the world thinks he's dead

Many consider Avatar: The Last Airbender one of the greatest cartoons of all time.While its successor, The Legend of Korra, wasn't given the same amount of love, the two stories have created a rich universe that fans are all too eager to explore. Most people know the story of the boy, Aang, who became the Avatar and was frozen in a block of ice for several years Katarais afictional characterinNickelodeon'sanimated television seriesAvatar: The Last AirbenderandThe Legend of Korra. The character, created byMichael Dante DiMartinoandBryan Konietzko, is voiced byMae Whitmanin the original series andEva Marie Saintin the sequel series. Katara is a fourteen-year-old waterbender (i.e., she has the ability totelekineticallycontrol water and ice); at the. High-quality Sokka Greeting Cards designed and sold by artists. Get up to 35% off. Shop unique cards for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Congratulations, and more Iroh (also known as The Dragon of the West, and most commonly referred to as Uncle) is a character in Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender.The character was voiced by the late Mako Iwamatsu in the first and second seasons, but after Mako's death of esophageal cancer, Iroh was voiced by Greg Baldwin in the third season and The Legend of Korra.The short story The Tale of Iroh, in episode.

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Book 2 Chapter 5: Avatar Day. Reason 1# Avatar Day is the go-to episode for laughs: THE INCREDIBLE JAMES WONG IS A GUEST STAR!!!!!He is a comedic god and he breathes major Chi-Fu vibes (Mulan) into Mayor Tong, the hilarious, ignorant mini-villain of the episode.Reason 2# Avatar Day is the go-to episode for laughs: The town of Chin is undoubtedly the worst place Team Avatar has visited Redrawing screenshots from every episode until I die, day 2: S1E2 The Avatar Returns 1yr ⋅ phiru_senpai. In Sokka's Master Master Piandao knew that Aang was the Avatar from the start, because of Aang using 1mo ⋅ 9IceBurger6 The Cultures of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Dissecting the real life cultures that make up the show. I think it would be funny if Piandao were like the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter but for weapons. IDK what it is about those replies in particular but the screenshots of daeva92 and picaresquerogue 's comments look like garbage on any. Pairing/Character: Only Katara Theme(s):1,8,11,25,41,51 # of icons in post: 6 # of icons completed total: 6 Credits: Piandao.org ( Collapse

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  1. Piandao was, like most of the young men of Nar, conscripted to serve in the army. With his skills in swordsmanship and unwavering discipline, he rose through the ranks. In time, he drew the attention of Crown Prince Iroh through his accomplishments. Prince Iroh invited Piandao to tea, where Piandao intrigued him by not being a complete sycophant
  2. PS: Piandao should be Pakku in Book 3, place 10, too lazy to change atm. PS 2: Never, ever search up Katara Tentacles to find the pic of Katara with the water octopu
  3. [Screenshots from Piandao.org] Posted on Wednesday, January 29 2014. Tagged with: Iruka's Top 30 Favorite Moments from LoK Book 2 Darkness Falls Tenzin Jinora Kya Bumi The Fog of Lost Souls Zhao the Conquero
  4. Sjabloon:Neutral Organization Infobox Team Avatar is the name used to refer to Aang and whoever is accompanying him at any given time. This was usually Katara, Sokka and later Toph, but Zuko and Suki eventually became important members. The Team's constituency varies little throughout the series until the Invasion of the Fire Nation, where a much larger number of people begin to join and leave.
  5. 25.11.2019 - Erkunde Anika Erbes Pinnwand Suki - Avatar auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu avatar, avatar cosplay, cosplay
  6. Creator: hearmerory Series Begun: 2020-09-12 Series Updated: 2021-02-13 Description: A collection of instances in a modern AU of Zuko's shitty childhood, featuring Ozai's dislike of his son's autism and sexuality
  7. Avatar does seem to have some huge tech progression though, recalling what the Fire Nation did and now the Earth Empire. OP, how are the worlds joined. Is avatar world separated by an ocean, is there a land connection? This really does affect the impact of the Colossus and a lot of the observed tech

Piandao has reorganized the White Lotus into a paramilitary organization, offering membership even to people who don't share the group's philosophy, and takes a much more proactive stance on events. For instance, Piandao assigns June to track the Gaang and protect them from Zhao (Zuko was never banished in this AU) All screenshots in this post are courtesy of Piandao.org [Two images of Ty Lee standing on her hands. In the first, she has a small frown. In the next, she is wearing her trademark smile. Her expression has otherwise not changed] One of the ways in which Avatar: the Last Airbender really shines is in its realistic and sympathetic portrayels.

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It's Piandao, Jeong Jeong, Pakku, and Bumi. Uhgg, Pakku is now part of the family, and why does he hug Katara and still treat Sokka badly. I'm probably the only one who's complained about this, but I just never did like how easily he was accepted, then or now, after everything happened in the Northern Water Tribe by Avatar: The Last Airbender Source: piandao.org (this was the credit given by the tumblr user who posted it The largest anime website based in the UK! Anime Motivation has official partners like Nutaku, Crunchyroll and Good Smile Company and more. Motivational anime content. Quotes. Life Lessons. Helpful resources. And recommendations for fans of anime and Japanese culture. The Mission is to make a difference in the anime community

8. Sokka vs. Piandao. Season 3, Episode 4 Sokka's Master: This is the episode where Sokka doubted his fighting abilities because he's not a bender like the rest of Team Avatar. Keeping up his disguise as a member of the Fire Nation, Sokka sought out a master to teach him how to use a sword The animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and its live-action film adaptation, The Last Airbender, feature an extensive cast of characters created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino. The following is a list of minor recurring characters who appear in the franchise. Template:AlphanumericTOC 1 List of minor characters 1.1 A 1.2 B 1.3 C 1.4 E 1.5 F 1.6 G 1.7 H 1.8 J 1. SMART Industrial Supplies. Customer Satisfaction Oriented. Menu Home; About Us; Contact; Products. VALVES; GAS ANALYZERS (Detectors Avatar: Element Warriors is a beat 'em up game collaborated between Koei-Tecmo and Nickolodeon. The game focuses on Book One to Three in the Avatar - The Last Airbender TV series and the comics. It also features a story on how Ozai rose to power, and an original story that takes place after the TV series. 1 Characters 1.1 Non-playables 2 Voice Cast 2.1 Japanese 2.2 English 3 Differences from.

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Aang choice #2. Now age 13. 3. Izaac Wang. Actor | Raya and the Last Dragon. Izaac Wang was born on October 22, 2007 in Minnesota, USA as Izaac Lushan Wang. He is an actor, known for Raya and the Last Dragon (2021), Good Boys (2019) and Infinity Train (2019). Aang choice #3. Now age 12 Television Quiz / Avatar Matching Quiz Random Television Quiz Can you name the teacher that goes with the student? by lmn101 Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Forced Order Wrong Answers Support Sporcle..

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For the most part, I have linked the photographic evidence instead of including it in the post because that would have made it even longer. So thanks to piandao.org for having such an awesome gallery of screenshots! May I present. *drumroll* Play-by-play Kataang throughout Book 1 of Avatar: The Last Airbender! The Boy in the Iceberg. What. Please note this post is somewhat long and image heavy. All screenshots in this post are courtesy of Piandao.org. Keep reading. Good points. While her parents' emotional abuse of Mai is evident, I don't think there's been much thought on their relationship with Tom Tom other than the assumption that everything is fine there Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an Airbender named Aang. And although his Airbending skills are great, he still has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone Jet is an anti-heroic character from the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender.He was the teenage leader of a group of refugee Earth Kingdom children who called themselves the Freedom Fighters. When Jet was only eight years old, he witnessed his parents' deaths at the hands of the Fire Nation soldiers known as the Rough Rhinos

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Directed by Giancarlo Volpe. With Zach Tyler, Mae Whitman, Jack De Sena, Michaela Jill Murphy. After deciding he's the least valuable member of the team, Sokka seeks an apprenticeship with a sword-master. The rest of the gang tries to adjust to being without him. The imprisoned Iroh may not be as beaten as he seems I was about to study some chemistry or draw my own OCs today but then, boom, I found out that Piandao/Jeong Jeong ship exists and I'm a weak, weak man 2,390 notes Feb 22nd, 2021 Open in ap

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Avatar Kyoshi (the Avatar before the Avatar before Aang): more-or-less the only scene she gets, showing us just how powerful a fully realised Avatar is. In the space of a few seconds, she humiliates the tyrant she is fighting, splits off part of the mainland, and uses airbending to blow it out to sea, creating Kyoshi Island Fire Bending probably means everything to Fire Nation Royalty and Nobility, even Piandao [probably noble] parents abandon him for being a non bending because it would be a disgrace. Ozai was probably going to disown Zuko for being a non-bender that was born on a Winter Solstice and Premature He sat on his bed and hung his face in his hands. Katara sat next to him and put her arm over his shoulder. I have good news, too. I found Piandao and he seemed like he could find one of those old submarines easy enough. Good, he said, picking his head up. I need to go see Azula. We'll go in the morning, said Katara. No, just me While being in the Avatar State, Wan has full control of all the four elements. Trivia. Wan was the very first Avatar. A firebender. Etymology: Wan means one in Chinese. This is fitting since he is the first Avatar. Wan learned the elements roughly in the order of the seasons, and subsequent Avatars learned the elements in this order as a.

Ozai (Avatar: The Last Airbender) was nominated for deletion. The discussion was closed on 16 September 2010 with a consensus to merge.Its contents were merged into List of Avatar: The Last Airbender characters.The original page is now a redirect to this page. For the contribution history and old versions of the redirected article, please see its history; for its talk page, see here In Avatar: The Lost Adventures, it was revealed that he studied under Master Piandao, his uncle's colleague and Sokka's master sword fighting instructor. Zuko has also demonstrated an ability in stealth and unarmed combat, as when able to infiltrate a Fire Nation fortress, the Northern Water Tribe's city, and the Dai Li's base in the Earth. His name has two origins, the first being the Chinese sword of the same name (referencing the Sky blade part of the mob's original name), and the second being Master Piandao from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Master Piandao was a swordsman from the Fire Nation, and Azzere uses fire abilities in the wild. The name was a perfect fit 1 Book 1 2 Book 2 3 Book 3 4 Avatar Extras 5 Comics 6 Unsorted Sokka cements his role as the party's Deadpan Snarker with this exchange from the first episode: Zuko gets a lot of Hypocritical Humor in the series. In the Great Divide when Appa and Momo are fighting over the melon. In particularly Momo's reaction when Aang gave him the smaller piece. Hey! The best part is the real history of. It's been a few pages since we've had a gaming joke, so I offer one here. Unless it seems there is no other choice, the general attitude is that you don't split up the party. Least of all in anyway that seems permanent. Also, the reason for the gap was I was considering switching to screenshots from piandao.org. I may have to someday, as AvatarSpirit.net does not have the complete series in. See what Blaze Asher (blazeasher201) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas