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Specification - Appendices Standard Sections - 000 Index and Changes Standard Sections - 100 Series - General Standard Sections - 200 Series - Formation Standard Sections - 300 Series - Flexible Pavements Standard Sections - 400 Series - Asphalt and Surface Treatments Standard Sections - 500 Series - Concrete Pavement Contract specifications Standard documents used in VicRoads road and bridge construction, maintenance and related contracts can be accessed through this page. General Conditions of Contract -current and recent releases of VicRoads General Conditions of Contract listed by name and revision number Contract specifications. Standard specification sections for VicRoads contracts. Technical publications A to Z. An A-Z list of VicRoads technical publications and manuals. Safe System Engineering. Documents relating to the practical application of Safe System principles to the planning, design and operation of the road network

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Standard Drawing 1821 - Mass Concrete Endwall - Pipe Culverts 600 to 900 Dia. [PDF 91 Kb] Standard Drawing 1831 - Mass Concrete Endwall - Box Culverts 225 to 450 High [PDF 95 Kb] Standard Drawing 1841 - Mass Concrete Endwall - Types 1, 2 & 3 Box Culverts 450 to 900 High [PDF 150 Kb VicRoads uses the Austroads Guides as a key reference, in conjunction with supplementary information, to ensure national consistency and standardisation for all road work. The Austroads Guides to Road Design are available on the Austroads website (External link). VicRoads Supplements (VRS) to the Austroads Guide to Road Design (AGRD) provide. VicRoads Codes of Practice and Bridge Technical Notes are companion documents to the VicRoads Standard Specifications and may or may not be referenced in the Standard Specifications. The Contractor is expected to obtain copies of the Codes of Practice or Bridge Technical Notes to be read in conjunction with the Standard Specifications 701.02 standards Materials, design and construction of underground stormwater drains shall comply with the requirements of relevant Australian Standards including: AS 1646 Elastomeric seals for waterworks purposes AS 1761 Helical lock seam corrugated steel pipe © VicRoads October 2010Section 160 (Page 2 of 23) All Hold Points in the relevant sections of the VicRoads Standard Specification for Roadworks and Bridgeworks shall be included as Hold Points in the Contractor's specification and quality plan. 160.A6 CONTROL OF NON-CONFORMING PRODUC

supply and application of thermoplastic or cold-applied plastic material and glass beads, and pliant polymer tape for new installations of pavement markings. 722.A02 STANDARDS The dimensions of the pavement markings shall conform to the following standards: VicRoads' Traffic Engineering Manual, Volume 2 Document Details. Publication Name. 407 Hot Mix Asphalt. Version Number. Publication Date. 12/04/2014. Last Reviewed Date. 12/04/2014. Document Type

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  1. Further to the requirements for RM414 - Culvert and Pit Repair all repairs shall be carried out in accordance with VicRoads drawings and standard specifications. (f) RM416 Kerb and Channel. Further to the requirements for RM416 - Kerb and Channel in Table 750.H011, sections of kerb and channel where water is not able to flow freely shall be.
  2. Please visit www.vicroads.vic.gov.au keeping victorians connected VEHICLE STANDARDS INFORMATION NOVEMBER 2009 Bull Bars 1 Introduction Regulation 257 of the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009 requires all modifications to a vehicle to either have specific approval from VicRoads or to be carried out in accordance with guidelines published.
  3. (Reference: VicRoads Standard Specifications 160.A4) 2.2 Insurances Provide documentary evidence, to the Superintendent, of the existence of a Public Liability Insurance Policy indemnifying Council against any claim for damage which may be sustained by the public due to the works
  4. Requirements for anti-graffiti protection of concrete are specified in Section 685 of the VicRoads Standard Specification for Roadworks and Bridgeworks. 686.02 STANDARDS Australian Standards (AS) and additional test methods (ASTM and BS) referred to in this section are listed in Standard Section 175. 686.03 DEFINITION
  5. Type C material zones at lower levels of high embankments in accordance with Section 205 of the Specification. • Permeable Fill material - self draining material, typically sand or aggregate. Formation: The horizontal and vertical extent of the surf ace of the formed earthworks. The completed formation includes capping
  6. • the VicRoads Manual of Standard Drawings for Road Signs; • Australian Standard AS 1742 Manual of uniform traffic control devices and AS1743 Road Signs - Specifications. Cantilever sign structures and sign gantries are outside of the scope of this document

We have developed the following new State Growth Specifications - Standard Sections (based on VicRoads Standard Sections). The new Tasmania specifications will apply to all construction contracts advertised for tender after 1 August 2016. Standard Sections - 100 Series - General Standard Sections - 200 Series - Formatio activated slag or other pozzolanic material supplied in accordance with this specification. Unless otherwise specified in other Standard Sections or elsewhere, the surface level of the stabilised layer at stabilised pavement material in accordance with VicRoads Code of Practice 500.16 and referenced VicRoads Tes comply with VicRoads standard specification Section 306 - construction of cementitiously treated sub-base pavement. 6. All concrete shall be in accordance with VicRoads standards section 503 - Construction of concrete base pavement courses. 7. Joints between wearing (for deep strength asphalt), base, sub-base and sub-grade shall be offset fro VicRoads' standard contract document, Section 680, outlines the requirements for: èSupply of materials, installation, workmanship and testing of bonded anchors installed in concrete. èThe design of bonded anchors shall comply with the VicRoads Bridge Technical Note BTN006 Code of Practice, Bonded Anchors conforms to VicRoads specification 801, 812 & 815. Composition includes: Rock fragments produced by the crushing and screening of basic igneous source rock which conforms to the requirements of Section 801 (Source Rock for the Production of Crushed Rock and Aggregates) of the VicRoads Standard Specifications for Roadworks and Bridgeworks

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VicRoads aims to achieve a high standard of environmental performance through a strong organisational commitment to the protection of the environment, supported by a systematic approach and a process of continual improvement. VicRoads has legal obligations to manage the road network consistent with State and Australia The standard VicRoads contract specification(s) includes the requirement for the construction contractor(s) to prepare a documented project EM Strategy and CEMPs for the Project. The contract specification would also require the construction contractor(s) to comply with relevant requirement 614.02 STANDARDS (a) Australian Standards Australian Standards are referenced in an abbreviated form (e.g. AS 3610). AS 1366 Rigid cellular plastics sheets for thermal insulation -Rigid cellular polystyrene - Moulded (RC/PS - M) AS/NZS 1594 Hot-rolled steel flat products . AS 2271 Plywood and Blockboard for Exterior Us

2.2 Reporting drivers to VicRoads (Vic) or mylicence (SA) 3 3. The applicable vision standard 5 4. Vision standards for driving 6 4.1 Visual acuity 6 4.2 Visual fields 7 4.3 Monocular drivers 8 4.4 Colour vision 8 4.5 Progressive conditions 8 5. Key resources 9 6. Contact information Motorhome Modification and Certification Considerations For heavy vehicles in NHVR jurisdictions, please refer to Vehicle Standards Guide 5 (VSG5)

Australian Standard for Supplementary cementitious materials for use with Portland and blended cement - GGBFS as listed in Section 175 is a pozzolan produced by fine grinding of slag produced as a by product from the smelting of iron ore Reporting Requirements: Considerations and Information. Driver's licence standards in Victoria are set out and managed by VicRoads, a statutory State government authority.All state-based driver's licence authorities, including VicRoads, endorse and use visual and other standards for assessing fitness to drive set out by AustRoads, the association of Australian and New Zealand road transport. For example, a tray that is outside the standard specifications or dimensions is fitted (which must still comply with manufacturers' body builder guides). As a VicRoads agent a certified dealer signs the declaration that any vehicle they register meets the standards for registration, including modified vehicles The Transport and Main Roads Specifications are grouped into five categories. Each specification suite may consist of a Technical Specification (MRTS) and/or a Specification (Measurement) (MRS), with Annexures as required. The Sixth Edition of the Specifications Manual was released in July 2017 The following is Yarra Trams' current reference list of standards for Infrastructure and Operational Control and Management Systems as well as other relevant compliance documents. Railway applications - Fixed installations - D.C. switchgear - Measurement, control and protection devices for specific use in D.C. traction systems - Application guide

Vehicle standards bulletin 1, version 5 has been released. Heavy Vehicle Regulation On 10 February 2014 the Heavy Vehicle National Law, covering all heavy vehicles over 4.5 tonnes, commenced in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, SA and the ACT Relevant standards. Works are to be constructed and delivered for handover in accordance with the following standards (unless otherwise agreed): Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM) VicRoads Section 703 - General Concrete Paving. AS1379- Specification and Supply of Concrete. AS 2876 - Concrete Kerbs and Channel (Gutters) AS3600- Concrete. Ensure compliance of contractors with agreed contract specifications and quality standards which may impact durability and Provide specialist advice regard construction and maintenance of structures. Review design packages in relation to Australian Standards, VicRoads standards and guidelines, industry best practice Standards and specifications for drainage, water quality and waterway works to be built by developers as part of your conditions of development. Unless we specify otherwise, you are responsible for all aspects of the works' design and for justifying any variation from our requirements. For information about other drains, contact the relevant.

> VicRoads Technical Bulletin No. 40 > (July 2010). Code of Practice RC 500.22 : Code of Practice for Selection & Design of Pavements & Surfacings (RC 500.22). > (Current). Standard Specifications for Roadworks & Bridgeworks. (VicRoads Standard Specifications). > VicRoads Manual of Codes of Practice. > VicRoads Manual of Testing The Transport and Main Roads surveying standards manual sets the policy and framework for engineering surveying for new and upgraded roads for the department. Part 1 - General information (PDF, 252 KB) Part 2 - Geomatic survey types (PDF, 1.58 MB) Schedule 1 - Codes, linestyles and examples (PDF, 6.16 MB) The following Technical Note provides. This is Victorian road network that has been assessed for Performance Base Standards (PBS) Level 2B Heavy Vehicles. Note: This is a mapped network only - Not approved..

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infrastructurethat VicRoads is associated with (such as pedestrian footpaths, overpasses, refuges etc.) is outside the scope of the Disability Standards enacted under the DDA, in that the Disability (Access to Premises Buildings) Standards- Traffic Engineering Manual - VicRoads Traffic Engineering Manual . Volume 3 - Additional Networ We can supply and install compliant guardrails for road building and civil works. Our expert team will coordinate delivery and installation to ensure there are no delays on site. Our road and industrial guardrail solutions include: The ET2000 Plus range of end terminals for the beginning of guardrails on highways and motorways. The Ezy-Guard. Dandy Premix Concrete has multiple sites with VicRoads Approval for supply of many VicRoads Approved Concrete Mix Designs. In doing so, Dandy Premix has demonstrated their capability to meet and exceed relevant Australian Standards and in addition VicRoads specification: Section 610 for Structural Concrete

VicRoads uses a form that we can complete. There is a section for A Plus Optometry, as your optometrist, to complete to ensure the eye test has been conducted and documented. There are also commercial standards that vary from private drivers, for those who fall under that category Assessing Fitness to Drive, a joint publication of Austroads and the National Transport Commission (NTC), details the medical standards for driver licensing for use by health professionals and driver licensing authorities. The standards are approved by Commonwealth, state and territory transport ministers


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Type A1 - 20 milllimetre VicRoads Class 2 crushed rock. Type A2 - 20 milllimetre VicRoads Class 3 crushed rock. Type A3 - 20 milllimetre Non Descript crushed rock. Type A5 - A Grade sand. A Grade sand must be in accordance with the specification for sand and rock VicRoads Country Street Directory Grids. This data shows the map reference grids from the latest edition of the VicRoads Country Street Directory. Grids are provided for all three scales: 1:25K town maps (red), 1:100K... VicRoads. HTML To fulfil its responsibilities under this Act, VicRoads engages Civil maintenance contractors to undertake Road and Roadside maintenance activities on behalf of VicRoads, in accordance with contractual arrangements and guidance set out in the Contract Standard Specifications 750 (Road) and 752 (Roadside) maintenance contracts

Motorcycle Licensed Vehicle Tester: this course applies the standards relevant to the inspection of Motorcycles for roadworthiness, using all of the relevant VicRoads Standards and Regulations, and a full understanding of the liabilities and responsibilities for an authorised examiner when inspecting a Motorcycle, and issuing a Certificate of. VicRoads. 22 hrs ·. Thinking of pimping your ride? We've updated our vehicle standards safety information, so your updates meet our safety standards. Check them out here: https://go.vic.gov.au/9lV4Fk. 2828. 26 Comments 11 Shares

Place VicRoads barcode here Club permit application OFFICE USE ONLY (Please tick off each of the requirements received and sign at the bottom) Vehicle standards requirements checklist: Vehicle Year of Manufacture On/before 31-12-1948 On/after 01-01-1949 Street Rods Mobile plant/tractors Trailers Vehicle eligibility an VicRoads-Compliant Products for Road Infrastructure. SVC stocks a wide range of products and accessories for drainage, kerbing and subsurface applications as specified in the VicRoads standard drawings for roadworks.Our precast concrete products demonstrate full compliance with VicRoads' regulatory requirements and are manufactured to high standards of quality, ensuring great product.

required Drink and Drug Driver Behaviour Change Program data to VicRoads in accordance with the requirements as set out in the Business Procedures Manual. The Approved Provider, when using the myVicRoads partner portal, must adhere to the myVicRoads terms and conditions - . The approved provider must ensure that all access to VicRoads systems is securely maintained demonstrated by signed memoranda of understanding; formalised written agreements and/or evidence of existing working relationships. Approved providers must comply with alcohol and drug sector standards, such as those issued by the Department of Health and Human Services. See the alcohol and other drug standards at: www2.health.vic.gov.au. VicRoads Club Permit Scheme - Ferrari Club Australia (Victoria) Authorised officers. Marc Airo Farulla 0413 510 828. New Applications. In addition to the required Vic Roads paperwork you will need to enter your details in the form on this page including providing photos of your vehicle and a copy of your current Ferrari Club membership card Approved standard form contracts. Contracting requirements (Direction and Instruction 7.1) requires contracts to be in a form approved by the Secretary to the Department of Treasury and Finance.Collectively, these contracts are referred to as the Victorian Public Construction Contracts.. The following Victorian Public Construction Contracts have been approved by the Secretary to the Department.

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  1. Vehicle Standards Guide 5 (VSG-5) Converting a vehicle into a motorhome Revised March 2019 This guide provides advice about the heavy vehicle safety standard requirements that will need to be considered when converting a vehicle into a motorhome that will have a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) greater than 4.5 tonnes
  2. Standards for departments to use when collecting, managing, sharing and releasing address data. Address data standards. pdf 94.04 KB. Address data standards. docx 130.73 KB
  3. A A A. Publications in the Vehicle Standards Bulletin (VSB) series provide information on the design, manufacture, sale, modification, maintenance, import and repair of road vehicles for industry and other clients. The term 'road vehicles' includes both motor vehicles and trailers. The series is an important way for the Vehicle Safety.
  4. 'Standard Drawings' means Hunter Water Corporation drawings. 'Standard Technical Specification' (STS) is a reference to any of Hunter Water's Standard Technical Specifications, as implied by the text. Headings are for the convenience of the reader and shall not be used in the interpretation of this STS
  5. standards, principles and practice process apply, but are delivered proportionate to the risk. 'Active and alert risk management' is the term applied to the approach indicated when managing those who pose a risk of serious harm

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The CitiPower/Powercor Technical Standards and Works Practices website (Contractor Portal) has been developed for the use of approved CitiPower/Powercor contractors, recognised Option 2 contractors and partner groups, such as councils, government departments, specialty companies, etc Design Standards for Urban Infrastructure 6.3.2 Granular materials Refer to the Guide to the Structural Design of Road Pavements for the design properties of granular pavement materials. Granular pavements are sub-layered in accordance with the Guide to the Structural Design of Road Pavements, unless a granular layer is specified as a working platform A simple, coordinated transport network for Victoria. Our transport future. The Department of Transport plans, builds and operates an integrated, sustainable and safe transport system for Australia's fastest-growing state Transport standards include standards produced and published by the AMB under its remit to set standards for NSW transport assets for the asset life cycle as well as standards produced by TfNSW divisions and its agents that have responsibility for managing different phases of the asset life cycle or specific transport modes

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4 Table 2. Checklist for evaluating street and parking standards (adapted from CWP Codes and Ordinances Worksheet and MAPC LID Checklist*) STREETS 1. w th 1.1. Is the minimum pavement width for low traffic residential roads (<500 average daily trips) between 18-22 ft The Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (VASS) is a framework governed by VicRoads to ensure that modified, imported and individually constructed vehicles meet engineering and safety standards for registration A relevant standard is any of the following: Australian Standard AS E35.1-1970 Seat Belt Assemblies for Motor Vehicles. Australian Standard AS 2596-1983 Seat Belt Assemblies for Motor Vehicles. Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 4/00 - Seatbelts) 2006. The standard for seatbelt installation into a personally imported vehicle are outlined. This meant that any reference to VicRoads in road management standards and other technical information must be construed as a reference to Head, Transport for Victoria. In March of 2021, the Victorian Government made an in-principle decision to progress a joint venture model for VicRoads registration, licensing and custom plates The Austroads Guide to Road Design is intended to provide designers with a framework that promotes efficiency in design and construction, economy, and both consistency and safety for road users.. The guide moves away from rigid design limits as the basis for achieving these goals, and promotes the concept of 'context-sensitive design'

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The Vehicle Safety Standards Branch administers the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 (the Act), develops and implements safety standards and reforms. The Branch undertakes compliance and safety investigation activities, which are fit for purpose, risk based and deliver both safety and environmental outcomes consistent with international approaches HVR High Productivity Freight Vehicle (HPFV) A-Double 36.5m Reference Vehicle 4. Victoria's gazetted roads for High Productivity Freight Vehicle (HPFV) A-doubles up to 36.5 metre operating at weights between 68.5 to 85.5 tonnes with a tandem-axle dolly... VicRoads. HTML

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3.3 Medical standards for licensing. Open/Close. 3.3.1 Diabetes treated by glucose-lowering agents other than insulin - private drivers. 3.3.2 Recommendation and review of conditional licences for commercial vehicle drivers. 4. Hearing loss and deafness. Open/Close. 4.1 Relevance to the driving task. Open/Close company standards - Edit WorkSpaceSetup.cfg to point to your company name CFG • WorkSpaces - RMS Design, Vicroads Design & MRWA Design - Road authority specific standards • WorkSets - Create new for each new project - Can include project specific standards Councils Standard Drawings. Tell more about your product, collection... Learn more. VicRoads Standards Drawings. Tell more about your product, collection... Learn more. Recently viewed. Delivery. Next Day Standard Products. Customer support. info@accesscoversaustralia.com.au. Pick up Available Title: PBS_LEVEL_2A_NETWORK Author: VicRoads Comments: This is the road network that has been assessed for Performance Base Standards (PBS) Level 2A Heavy Vehicles. The roads accessibility has been divided into 3 categories: Approved, Approved - Conditions Apply, and Restricted 131 17. CONSTRUCTION FRAMEWORK 17.1 INTRODUCTION Part D of this manual provides the context within which the construction process is implemented. 17.2 CONSTRUCTION OF WORKS- PLANNING FRAMEWORK The Subdivision Act 1988 (Clause 17) requires that works shall not be commenced until

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City of Greater GeelonG landsCape standards Manual 3 8. PATHWAYS 23 8.1 Gravel Paths 23 8.2 Concrete Paths 24 8.3 Pavement Areas 24 9. IRRIGATION SYSTEMS 25 9.1 Standards 25 9.2 Installation 25 9.3 Acceptance Tests 25 9.4 Maintenance and Warranty 26 9.5 Handover 26 10. MISCELLANEOUS WORKS 2 Standards Australia General Conditions of Contract for Design and Construct AS 4300-1995 used with Victorian Public Sector - Annexure Part B Special Conditions of Contract for use in association with Australian Standard General conditions of contract for design and construct AS 4300-1995 (April 2021) (note 2 applies) Using Vicroads Enquiry Tracking System (ETS) to provide traffic engineering advice for various stakeholders Using Austroads, Australian Standards (AS1742) and Vicroads (TEM Vol 1-3) Supplements for traffic engineering investigations Using RCIS (Crash Stats) database for monitoring of historical accident data to develop potentia VicRoads Principal Network Standards & Policy Engineer - Policy & Programs. 2010 - 2013 VicRoads Network Strategy Coordinator- Planning West. 2005 - 2010 VicRoads Senior Strategic Planning Engineer- Regional Strategies Team. 2004 - 2005 VicRoads Senior Traffic and Transport Engineer - Central Team. 2004 (July - Sept) Athens 2004. Only buy a restraint that meets the Australian Standard. A sticker will show it meets the AS/NZS 1754 standard. It's illegal to use overseas models or restraints meeting the 2000 or older standards. Check the year of manufacture and don't buy a restraint that's more than 10 years old

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Austroads publications and guides. Create an account or log-in to access guidance on the design, construction, maintenance and operation of road network infrastructure and reports detailing our leading-edge research. Read detailed case studies about connected and automated vehicle and low emission vehicle trials in Australia and New Zealand The proposed joint venture with VicRoads will be the first to use a private partner to manage vehicle registration and licensing. Mr Pallas said the government was looking for a private player to.

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  1. Performance Based Standards (PBS) In-principle approval from VicRoads, it is deemed as consent for subsequent permit applications. PBS in-principle support letter For approved PBS in-principle applications, VicRoads will issue an 'In-principle' letter of approval outlining the following: • RM Consent Request & Case number
  2. standards have developed within VicRoads. They have resulted in some inconsistent processes across the organisation, and have contributed to an environment where business and economic concerns fit in uneasily with regulatory issues and customer concerns
  3. • VicRoads Road Design Note 06-04 Accepted Safety Barrier Products. • VicRoads Road Design Note 06-08 The Use of Guard Fence. • VicRoads Standard Drawing SD2001 - Kerb types • VicRoads Standard Drawing SD3573 - Guidance on the verge and permissible slopes • VicRoads Standard Section 204 - Earthwork
  4. Date, old to new. Date, new to old. View. 600mm VicRoads Cable Pit. Sale price $140.00. Add to cart. Quick view. 750mm VicRoads Cable Pit. Sale price $245.00
  5. VicRoads Supplement to Austroads Guide to Road Design Part 4A VicRoads Supplement to the Austroads Guide to Road Design Part 4A Signalised Unsignalise
  6. AM2760_Stainless Steel Specification (PDF) AM2761_Vehicle Access Standard (PDF) AM2762_Management of Technical Standards (PDF) AM2775_WaterShed Data Collection Details (DOCX) AM2776.3 Air Treatment Unit Specification and Commissioning (PDF) AM2780_Sewage Pump Station PLC, RTU and SCADA Specification (PDF
  7. g at Alexandra Parade. install raised pedestrian priority crossings at selected intersecting roads along.
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  1. Beca. Nov 2016 - Jul 20192 years 9 months. Melbourne, Australia. Civil engineer specialising in road design. Tasks include: - Design of intersections and roundabouts. - Design of traffic treatments, to reduce the number and severity of road crashes. - Road safety barrier design to Austroads and VicRoads standards
  2. Contact the Vehicle Standards and Compliance group on (03) 9854 2517 for advice if you feel that you're eligible for this option. If the director resigns, then the replacement director needs to also have completed the training. › Course Detail: www.vicroads.vic.gov.au Go now. › Get more: Courses
  3. Relevant industry experience in Infrastructure Drafting / Design with an emphasis on modelling and design documentation of bridges and civil structures in Australia, specifically to VicRoads and PTV standards within a consulting business or government agency; About the rol
  4. ing
  5. Standards for the Quality and Finish of Concrete
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