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Superworms (Zophobas Morio) are also known as king worm, morio worm or simply Zophoba. Superworms are great for feeding birds, amphibians and reptiles. Available in 100ct, 250ct, 500ct, 1000ct, 2000ct, 3000ct and 4000 ct Frass is the fine powdery material phytophagous (plant-eating) insects pass as waste after digesting plant parts.It causes plants to excrete chitinase due to high chitin levels, it is a natural bloom stimulant, and has high nutrient levels. Frass is known to have abundantamoeba, beneficial bacteria, and fungi content

  1. g by Entomo Farms, the largest insect growers in North.
  2. Ryley Howells is raising funds for Superworm Frass: The Organic Fertilizer of The Future on Kickstarter! Frass Valley happily recycles and distributes Frass to improve the lives of plants and the people who love them
  3. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 4 lbs Insect Frass - Dry, Ready to Use at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products
  4. Insect Frass makes great fertilizer. Our company produces Superworms, mealworms on 100% Human grade table grains and vegetables from our farm. We grow potatoes, carrots, cucumbers and zucchini just for our worms
  5. The Critter Depot offers Free Shipping on All Crickets and Superworms. We guarantee Live Delivery, and Grow Our Feeders in Clean Environments. Browse Our Blog to Learn Proper Care for Bearded Dragons, and Leopard Geckos So you Can See Why The Critter Depot is The Best Place to Buy Crickets and Superworms Online
  6. Critters and Crawlers is a division of NexGen Food Farms Inc., producing quality live insects for the pet and animal market and organic insect frass fertilizer for all your plants, flowers and garden vegetables. From our farm in Calgary, we grow top quality banded crickets, mealworms and superworms for your reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds.

For making a mix for potted plants: Plan on adding one cup of insect frass per cubic foot of potting soil. Then, add a sprinkling on top of the soil every few weeks for added benefits. For an insect frass tea extract: Add a ½ cup of insect frass into a gallon of dechlorinated water and use it to drench the roots of your plants within two hours. Sale price - Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. Superworms. Superworms. Regular price $16.00 - $94.00 Sale price - Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. and Superworms. Ovipost Ships the Best Feeder insects in Florida! Insect Farm in Florida selling Live Crickets, Discoid Roaches, and Superworms. Ovipost Ships the.

Raising superworms is as easy as that! Superworm frass (droppings) are small round pellets. When you notice there is about %90 frass, you should go ahead and clean it out. The easiest way to clean it out is to get a screen and sift the worms out of the substrate. Once they are all out of the old substrate, fill the container with wheat bran, be. Frass is a fancy name for insect poop. Our frass is a combination of mealworm, superworm and cricket poo that I raise. Their diet consist of oats, whole and cracked and different vegtables. Our frass is sifted through a fine sifter to remove any left over food and oat shell peices. Insect frass causes plants to secrete chitinase

Superworm castings, also known as frass, come from - as the name suggests - Superworms' poop. Superworms are the larvae of the Darkling Beetle, which originates from Central and South America. These worms are farmed worldwide and used as live food for a large range of animals and pets including reptiles (dragons and lizards love. We are offering a Superworm sale Through 8-29! Get 1000 small, medium or large superworms delivered to your door, via priority shipping for just $23.99. That's it! Broadcast Super Worm Poop at a rate of 5 lbs of insect frass per 100 Sq. feet of lawn. For New lawns: Apply 5 Lbs. of Super Worm Poop per 100 sq. ft. of lawn. Work the Super.

Worm Life Live Large 100 Gut-Loaded Superworms (2 inches) This is the perfect size. I immediately bring them indoors, unbox & remove the frass (worm poo) from the container. Look for any who are failing shedding & assist if need be. Turn the container upside down on something that allows air to circulate under the lid - not flat on a table.. We are the largest insect farm in the world, buy live fresh feeders at wholesale prices direct from the farm. We ship Monday through Friday packing your order to reach you alive delivered fresh to your doorstep Popular products. 1lb Red Wigglers/European Nightcrawlers Mix $ 44.95 1Lb Red Wiggler Worms $ 49.95 $ 48.95 1 lb European Nightcrawlers $ 42.95 $ 39.95. ORIGINAL PHOENIX WORMS ® Black Soldier Fly Larvae. The Superior Calcium-Rich Feeder. 150 per cup SM 100 per cup Med/LG. For live delivery guarantee: if your temps are below 45 or above 85° the Hold for Pickup button must be checked above!. Phoenix Worms® are a fantastic way to get more calcium into your reptile's diet Superworm poop is called frass. It comes in the form of small, dry, odorless granules, and looks similar to bread yeast. When you notice an abundance of frass in the container, add more bedding so the superworms have enough to eat. Tip for gardeners: Superworm frass makes an excellent fertilizer. See here for more info. 3

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  1. Superworm Frass and Molasses Superworm Frass Blend (superworm frass, alfalfa, molasses) SUPER DEAL $1 off bring your own gallon container. $12 for 5 gallons -- bring your own bucket with a cover or lid. (It is helpful to order in advance to make sure it is available.) FRESHLY BREWED * We let our tea brew for 24 to 48 hours
  2. Once you stat to see baby superworms, sift the eggs, superworms, and bedding into the last bottom bin. It is very important that you keep all the frass and bedding in that last bin, because there is probably hundreds of eggs in there that you do not see still waiting to hatch. Make sure to add fresh bedding to the last bin and beetle bin
  3. How to Use Insect Frass in Gardens. The frass will come dried in most cases. This powder is easy to mix into a watering can at a rate of 1 teaspoon (5 g.) per gallon (4 L.) of water. As a root drench, you can make a frass tea with ½ cup (2 L.) per gallon (4 L.). In vegetable or perennial beds, you can dig in the nutrients
  4. The ultimate delight for hunters. High-quality, sanitary, and young. Much larger than regular mealworms. Nutritious, fat, and very lively. Great for hunters. One of the most nutritious live feeder worms available. Great for healthy hydration. Great as fishing bait, or as a special, high-fat treat for your reptiles. Organically-grown, hand-picked
  5. Eventually, the frass and shed skin can largely replace the powdered grain. Be sure to check the composition of the bedding frequently (the frass is finer than the grain) and add more food as needed. Hydration. Superworms depend on fruit and vegetables for their hydration. The most common items provided are carrots and potato
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Frass is a unique fertilizer that is sustainable and a natural food for plants. Simply put, it's insect manure! Insect manure is collected, sifted and packaged with no additives or fillers. It is naturally dry, with a low odour and easy to handle. Crawlers' Organic Frass is the product of cricket, mealworm and superworm farming by Critters and. Superworms for sale for your reptiles, amphibians, and other pets. We have affordable prices for buying superworms in bulk. Delivered right to your door! Superworms are one of the largest feeder insects that you can order to keep your pet's diet full and healthy. Gut-loaded superworms can offer nutritional value for a wide variety of animals.

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  1. The adult stage of the Superworm, this harmless beetle is docile and makes an excellent model for insect anatomy with its 3 distinct body regions. Larva is 2 to 4 long and does not readily pupate. The pupa can take 3 to 4 weeks to develop into an adult. Beetles and larvae are easy to care for - sim..
  2. From Superworms or Roaches (select type). 100% Organic Frass (insect excreta/waste/castings)
  3. Mid Missouri. So, I got an order of Frass ready today and there's a mixed up in the quantity. So, now, ignore the recycling back here. I'll drop that off tomorrow. 250 pounds of Frass ready. $2 a pound. Fifty-pound bags. Take one. Take em all. Let me know
  4. Insect frass, or poop, is well-known to be one of the best things to give your plants. Chitin fortifies a plant from the inside out, causing an auto-immune response that signals a plant to produce natural toxins which fend off its natural enemies like pests and fungal pathogens
  5. Frass Valley Superworm Frass. When plants detect an abundance of Frass in their environment, they assume that they are being eaten by insects and literally grow for their lives. And Superworm Frass contains the highest Chitin levels of any farmed insect! Ours tops the charts at 16.9%!!
  6. 1/100 - Sift Flour Sized Frass. 1/70 - Sift Small Sized Frass. 1/50 - Sift Common Sized Frass. 1/30 - Catch Mini Mealworms (Too Small to Sale or Use) 1/12 - Catch Small Sized Mealworms and the smaller sizes fall through. 1/20 - Catch Medium Sized Mealworms and the smaller sizes fall throug
  7. Superworm Frass Compost and Potting Soil 8351 (2-2-2), 16% Chitin. As if darkling beetle didn't already sound like the nightmare invention of a fantasy novelist, the manufacturers of this.

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*Super worms SALE! 100 for $7- Reg. $10- ($14.69 after tax at Petsmart) *Regular Meal worms 100 for $4.00 *Giant Meal worms 100 for $8.00 *Crickets 50 size Large for $5.00 *Small-Med size Hornworms $1.50 each. *Large size Hornworms $2.00 each Live Mealworms are the highest quality insects that reptiles and birds love to feed on. Fluker Farms offers large and medium mealworms in bulk from 250 to 5,000 per box The first drawer, designated as the beetle drawer, has several holes drilled into the bottom in a circular fashion, leaving a small lip. This allows for the eggs and newly hatched larvae to fall through to the second drawer, designated as the mealworm drawer, so that they won't be eaten by the beetles. I don't have any beetles yet, as I. About Five Points Cricket Farm. Welcome to Five Points Cricket Farm's Web Store. If you're visiting our store for the first time, welcome. We hope you find everything you'll need to satisfy the live prey insect needs of your at-home exotic pets, wild bird population and even an occasional tasty treat for your free range egg layers Superworms grow slowly and it can take 5 months or longer (depending on the temperature you keep them at) to become large enough to start the morphing process. Pupation is an essential process and the only way to obtain beetles for breeding. I keep all stages of superworms at a temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit

Mealworm frass. R 20. Mealworm frass is a naturally occurring product, produced from the excrement and exoskeleton of our mealworms. Mealworm frass naturally contains chitin which triggers a immune responses in plant cell walls making the plant stronger and able to help fight off disease, fungal issues and damage from pest.1kg mealworm/insect. While the NPK of mealworm frass can vary depending on their diet, it is typically around 5-2-2. Frass also contains copper, zinc, and other beneficial micronutrients for plants. To use mealworm frass as a fertilizer, sprinkle it as a top dressing or mix it in with the soil when potting plants Mealworms -5 Lbs- 100% Non-GMO Dried Mealworms - Large Meal Worms - Bulk Mealworms -High Protein Treats- Perfect Mealworm for Chickens, Ducks, Turtles, Blue Birds, Lizards - Bag of Mealworms 5 LBS. 4.8 out of 5 stars. 2,383. $35.95

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  1. Frass makes the world go 'round, in some important ways. Insects take the world's waste, digest it, and poop out something useful. Scientists discovered a link between the rainforest canopy and the forest floor. It was insect poop. Millions of insects inhabit the treetops, munching away on leaves and other plant parts
  2. Mealworm Castings 5lb Bag. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. ( 1 customer review) 100% of buyers said they were satisfied. $ 10.00. Sunshine State Worms castings are purely organic and beneficial to add in the soil, with high nutrients, often containing 5-11 times more primary nutrients than ordinary garden soil
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  4. Removing the frass is a bit more involved, and you will need some sieves with different sized holes. It's best shown in these YouTube videos - HERE and HERE. Mealworm poo is great for your garden and very concentrated so use it sparingly Otherwise compost it, bring it to your local food swap, sell it on Gumtree (seriously) or throw it away
  5. g endeavour and requires regular attention and care
  6. Neglecting cleaning for too long can lead to an accumulation of frass and food particles. This can contribute to mold, bacterial, and/or fungal growth. This in turn can result in colony stress. Colony stress may lead to growth problems, breeding problems, and even death. There is a chance superworms and beetles, because they are so large.

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FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil Out of stock. Roots Organics Roots Organics Green Fields from $20.59. Roots Organics Roots Organics Formula 707 3 CF $39.99. Black Gold Black Gold Organic Potting Soil $22.99. Royal Gold Royal Gold Coco Fiber Out of stock. Royal Gold Royal Gold Kings Mix Out of stock. Royal Gold Basement Mix $25.99 EarthPro-A is a blend of natural, full-spectrum minerals and vitamins designed to be used at almost every feed and for all species. EarthPro-A is one of our 'flagship' products and represents a revolution in the correct feeding for exotic pets. We believe that all of the secrets of great captive care are hidden in the wild animal Raising Superworms: Superworms (Zophobas morio) also called King Mealworms, King Worms or Megaworms, are used for feeding reptiles, birds, and for bait. Apparently they have less of an exoskeleton than mealworms. It is more difficult to breed superworms, but it can be done Dubia Roaches For Sale. What it all comes down to is creating a happy and healthy life for your pets and ours. We know how much you love your Dragon and we want to make it easy to show how much you care. Feeding your Dragon live Dubia Roaches makes mealtime an experience they'll be looking forward to each day

Mealworm Care Sheet. Mealworms ( Tenebrio molitor) are the larvae of mealworm beetles. Like most holometabolic insects, they have four stages of life: egg, larva, pupa and adult. Mealworms have one purpose, to eat and grow until they have enough energy stored in their bodies to transform into a pupa and, eventually, a beetle Bedding materials - the materials that you place inside the worm bin can also be consumed by your red wigglers. You can also add pre-soaked peat moss and newspaper shreds (cardboard for some), some soil (avoid the sandy or clayey ones), and coconut coir. Garden wastes - these can be in the form of dried grass clippings and some fallen leaves

Regular price $22.50 Sale price $0.00 Unit price / per Quantity. Add to Cart Superworms make me happy, and so does this T-Shirt! Superworms make me happy, and so does this T-Shirt! Insect Frass. From $10.0 Medium Superworms (Cupped) from $ 3.00 Small Superworms (Cupped) from $ 3.00 Sale. Medium Hornworms (Cupped) Regular price $ 5.95 from $ 5.00 Sold Out Dubia Frass (Fertilizer) from $ 3.00 Waxworms. from $ 5.00 Sold Out Giant Mealworms (Cupped) from $ 1.80 Large Mealworms (Cupped) from $ 3.00. Mealworm Beetles container of 100. $ 10.00. Our young mealworm beetles will lay about 500 eggs each and live for up to six months. Keep them in wheat bran with potato fries for moisture. Change the wheat bran every 10 days and keep in a tray and over 70 degrees. It will take about 4 weeks before you can see the baby mealworms with your naked eyes MAX A MEALIES Mealworm Farm Breeding Kits. View all. LIVE Mealworms. View all. LIVE Darkling Beetles. View all. Organic Mealworm Frass. View all. Mealworm Bedding- Milled Wheat Regular price. R 36.00. Tax included. Superworms (Zoophobas Mario) Feed for reptiles, wild and aviary birds, aquarium and pond fish, monkeys, pigs and poultry. These fat juicy worms have a long tub life and come in high quality feed. They are great value for money. Superworms are relatively easy to keep

Dubia Roaches come in a variety of sizes, have a long life span, and are excellent nutritional value for your pet. Since you are here, you probably agree that Dubia Roaches are an amazing feeder insect. Now you just need an amazing place to buy them! We have many sizes of Dubia Roaches For Sale On Sale. Insect Flight now $35.00 - 12% off was $40.00. Insect Flight. Size $35.00 $40.00 Qty. Large Dubia Roaches From $12.00. Large Dubia Roaches. Count. $12.00. Qty. Compost-Grade Black Soldier Fly Larvae From. Printed from Sargent Welch Website User: [Anonymous] Date: 07-28-2021 Time: 19:3 Re: Dermestid Beetles and superworms. by mommacude » Thu May 26, 2016 11:43 am. CooperDragon wrote: The superworm beetles like to climb so you'll want a ventilated cover on their bin. Found that out the hard way and chased them around the basement after an escape. Otherwise they don't seem to need much care

On average it takes approximately 10-12 weeks (3-4 months) for a mealworm to go from egg to adult size. The beetle stage will go for another 8-12 weeks (2-3 months). All figures assume climate control at 25-28 degrees and relative humidity at 50-60%. At cooler temperatures the time durations will be much longer (ie double or more) Sale of other edible insects; The Level of Competition in the Industry. The mealworm farm is one that is quite easy to run as it does not require too much capital and space to start-up. This has caused many farmers who are looking to make their own protein feed to do so without having to buy, thereby making it difficult for those that intend to. Live Superworms, Specials and Set-ups - ((Willseyville, NY) ) Dark Brown eggs for Hatching 2 Delaware laying hens - ((supsucker woods area) ) Insect Castings (Superworm Frass/Manure) - ((Willseyville, NY) ) Landpride FDR 1660 Grooming Mower - ((Newfield) ) Planter with Ram for sale - ((Ithaca) ) Chicks Rare Colors. Giant Chinchilla mix. Appearance and Size. Adult Size 1.5 - 2.4cm. Characterized by its flat, wide body, P. Laevis is almost completely orange with the legs having a white hue. The exoskeleton is smooth, some individuals can have a darker dorsal ridge, that can change depending on diet. Like all Laevis Isopods, P. Laevis Orange are known for being one of the.

Purchase about 50 to 100 superworms. This is a good starting number for beginning your own superworm colony. You can purchase live superworm larvae online or from a pet supply store in your area. If you purchase superworms online, check to make sure that the worms you are buying are shipped live Contact us, for questions, problems, concerns, or feedback. We're always here to help you to raise healthy pets with our wide assortment of feed and worms Superworm Frass: MOFGA: Frass Valley: 8353: Vermont Compost Plus® MOFGA: Vermont Compost: 8356: Coast of Maine Quoddy Blend™ Organic Lobster Compost: OMRI: Coast of Maine: 8359: Coast of Maine Penobscot Blend™ Compost & Peat: MOFGA: Coast of Maine: 8362: Rainbow Valley Compost: MOFGA: Rainbow Valley Farm: 8363: GreenTree Growers' Blend. Studies show that germination and seedling growth is improved by planting in worm castings. In short, worm castings are the super food of garden plants. Worms, as scientists are discovering, can also remove heavy metals and other toxins from soil. This can be especially useful in the reclamation of landfills and other contaminated sites

On Sale! Quality Dubia roaches, fast and easy ordering, same-day shipping, free shipping on Dubia roach orders over $45, Live Arrival Guarantee, our Complete Satisfaction Guarantee, and more. Shop Now! What Our Customers Say: This is the best place to buy Dubia roaches. They ship fast, roaches always look great, and my reptiles go CRAZY for them Located in Citra, FL, Wonder Worm Woman is an insect farmer specializing in premium live, food-grade, organic mealworms for people, pets and the planet

Buy Dwarf Purple Isopods for use in Bioactive Terrariums and as Supplemental feeders for reptiles. A perfect all-around isopod for dart frog terrariums. Dwarf Purple Isopods for sale can be used in a variety of ways. Saving you time cleaning and money on feeder insects Worm Hit Fertiliser is an organic, biological fertiliser made from worm castings that contain beneficial soil micro-organisms. Suited to a range of agricultural uses including broadacre, horticulture, viticulture and the home garden market. Available in Bricks, 20kg Bags, 500kg and 1 Tonne Bulk Bags | Worm Hit Fertiliser Australi

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Frass: Is your mantid passing it's food? Some feeders can slow down the metabolism, for example superworm,waxworm. Others speed it up, for example flies. Some mantid need the roughage of flies to correctly pass food. A blockage of the anus or digestive system will result in death Find superworm ads. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds Advantages of Multifunctional Tenebrio molitor screening machine/ Mealworms Separator /Mealworm machine: 1. Fully automatic,just need one person to operate whole procedures; 2.All-in-one machine,gather functions of sieve dung,dead worm,blow dead skin,separate big/small worm; 3. The stronger the vitality, the cleaner the screening,separation.

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Unlike with superworms, mealworm beetle larvae do not need to be separated in order to reproduce. Sale price from $3.00 Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. Mealworm Frass Fertilizer. Mealworm Frass Fertilizer. Regular price $15.00 Sale price $15.00 Regular price. Unit price / per . Sale Sold out. Mealworms in Bulk. 1,000 and more Mealworms, freeze dried meal worm treat for many animals, rat, hedgehog, glider, parrot, mouse, squirrel and lizard their bug of choice. AdorkablePets. 5 out of 5 stars. (3,364) $4.99 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites China Mealworm & Machinery/Tools For Breeding catalog of Professional Meal Worm Super Worm Adult Beetles Sorting Machine, High Efficiency Meal Worms Farm Necessary Breeding Sorting Machine provided by China manufacturer - Shenzhen Subit Technology Co., Ltd., page4

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Red Runner Care and Info. Blatta lateralis, or Shelfordella lateralis, the Turkestan Cockroach [1], also known as the red runner, [2] rusty red cockroach, [3] or Red Lat is a small sized species of cockroach which grows to about 1inch in length. These roaches have been raising in popularity for that last few year as feeders for a variety of. Keeping Mealworms Alive Long-Term << Back to All Mealworm Help & Education or Shop Mealworms. WHAT YOU NEED: Storage Container - a large, shallow, smooth sided container that is about the size of a shoe box or larger. Mealworms thrive in a large container because providing more space will help dissipate heat and prevent overheating, which improves survival rate

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Insect frass for your garden, plants, and yard . Show Map Live Superworms For Sale - Free Shipping. Regular price. Size. Pick a Size Large (1.5 - 2 inches) Medium (1 - 1.5 inches) Small (1 inch) Extra Small (less than 1 inch) Quantity. Pick a Quantity 250 Superworms 500 Superworms 1000 Superworms 2000 Superworms Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor. Baby roaches feed off of frass, so it's important to let small amounts of frass accumulate in the bin. Only clean the bin when dead roaches have begun to accumulate of if the bin if producing a bad smell. Roaches ordinarily don't smell, so if you notice a smell from the bin it's time for a cleaning Mealworm colonies do not typically smell like anything other than their bedding, but if neglected, the dead worm and frass buildup can create a bothersome and persistent odor. Once a month or so, sift out the frass (waste that can be used in gardens) and old bedding, wash and dry the container, add new bedding and replace the insects

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Sieve the frass from a batch of mealworms then place the mixed sizes onto a 10 mesh wire sieve. The ones that fall through are classified as mini's and the ones that do not fall through are mostly regular size. The larger ones can be fed out and the mini's can be replaced into a fresh box to grow or can be fed to the birds that prefer. We failed at our first attempt with mealworms so we bought 5,000 mealies and 1,000 darkling beetles through eBay (from max-a-mealies). So I had to surprise. About product and suppliers: Do you own a pet and want to show unparalleled care towards your constant friend and companion? Simply reach out for the all-nutritious and high-quality insects dried products at Alibaba.com and care for your pet in the most appealing way. Big deals, attractive prices, and superior quality are what make these insects dried all the way worth more of your money

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Frass (or mealworm waste) is a great fertilizer for your garden so be sure to save it for that purpose. You'll need to be sure to keep rotating your drawers every 2-3 weeks to keep up an optimum laying schedule. That is all there is to raising and maintaining mealworms The business expanded greatly under David's leadership to now offer an extensive insect lineup including mealworms, superworms, SoldierWorms™, and hissing cockroaches, as well as an innovative line of reptile and pet care products available at national retail outlets and local pet stores across the country. In 2017, David and his team began. That dust is known as frass, and is actually a mixture of darkling beetle and mealworm poop and tiny fragments of leftover substrate. This video will show you an easy way to separate out your beetles and worms from the frass. Be sure to keep the frass in a ventilated container for a little while with a piece of carrot to allow any eggs or worms. In such a case, you need to sift them to get rid of all the frass keeping their larvae, pupae, eggs, and adult beetle as well as some of the unconsumed old substrate. Do this about times a year. The easiest way to sift frass is to buy a set of stackable Sifting Pans, such as the 5-Piece Set of Patented Stackable Sifting Pans. Take 1/2″ , 1/4. Superworms, which are different than mealworms, live in wood as larvae. There are many species for sale which are not for beginners. Many of these scorpions are from the family Buthidae, which have tiny claws. Sensitivity can build to these hairs, although they're not as bad as cockroach frass

The best foods for worms come from plants. This includes grains, fruits, vegetables, and beans. Plant matter is filled with nutrients and vitamins that worms need. Their excrement, called humus, contains digested nutrients and earth-friendly bacteria. Humus makes an ideal fertilizer for growing new plants. Worms do not have teeth Food- grade 304 stainless steel mealworm super worms separating machineMachine Introduction:Outer size:L 1500* H 800* W..About China Mealworms Pick up Machine for Sieve Large Medium Small Worms Pupa Frass Worm SSkin FOB price, Payment, OEM information, wholesale Other Agricultural Machinery from china companies factories on topchinasupplier.com Yeah once the frass is built up a bit on the bottom they will live there and help take care of bodies and food scraps and keep the waste and smell down quite a bit. You don't want to feed those off, but they make good cleaner crew, eventually turning in to beetles